Undefeatable – Ch420

Chapter 420 – Immortal Body, This Is Too Great

The system gave off an alert tone!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling your fleshly body. You are currently at the Immortal Body level!”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for breaking through to the Immortal Body level. You have gained a reward of 100,000 experience points, 5000 immortal energy…”

“Immortal Body?!”

“Leveling up the fleshly body?”

At this moment, Luo Tian started feeling relief from the pain in his body. It was similar to flowing sand that gradually disappeared. It also felt like some formless energy was devouring all the pain away.

This kind of feeling was really great!

Luo Tian clearly felt that his fleshly body was different from before. Every single pore seemed to be full of power.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian suddenly stood up. His mouth formed a sneer as he said: “You are too weak; is this all the power you’ve got? Can you put a little more strength into it?”

The only criterion to test the power of one’s fleshly body was to endure attacks!

When the Ghostly King attacked twice, Luo Tian’s fleshly body almost couldn’t bear it and was about to split apart.

Now that his fleshly body has become an immortal body, how much stronger did it become?

His immortal body gave Luo Tian a sense that it was very strong. As to how strong? Then he needed to use the Ghost King boss to test it out.

“What’s he doing?”

“What’s going on?”

“His body seems to be a bit different from before. Senior sister, do you know what’s going on? His body looks like it’s been soaked in a strong amount of immortal force. How could it be like this?” Yun Ling asked in confusion.

She originally thought Luo Tian would faint from the pain.

She never expected that not only did he not faint, but he actually crawled up from the ground like he was being resurrected on the spot.

His body also underwent some sort of transformation.

Even though his body looked the same, his body gave off a feeling different from before.

Yun Ling was born with innate divine strength, so her understanding of one’s fleshly body surpassed an ordinary person. She has always been cultivating her body, and her family has always held the belief that strength originates from one’s fleshly body. There was no limit to the potential of one’s body!

Once she saw the transformation on Luo Tian’s body, her heart tightened.

Han Hua had no idea about the details.

Her senses towards the fleshly body were not as clear or as strong as Yun Ling, but there was one thing she was certain of – Luo Tian’s body had somehow become stronger.

Off to the side was Yun Yi, whose brows were locked together. Her eyes then widened before exclaiming: “Big sister, could this be the immortal body mentioned in the legends?!”

“Immortal body?”

Yun Ling’s countenance turned to shock as she mumbled that. She then said: “The description is very close to what father told us. He… could he… really have gained the legendary immortal body? How did this happen? Our Yun family from the southwest has always been chasing after the ultimate fleshly body, yet he manages to breakthrough?”

It was too difficult to describe their current emotions.

They were shocked, surprised, and also not resigned to this.

The Yun family had always been famous in the continent for their strong fleshly bodies.

One of the ancestors of the Yun family once had an immortal body. Using their powerful fleshly body, they were able to fight against the strongest immortal experts and kill them!

Immortal body…

It had to be tempered by immortal energy countless times and then pass through countless bottlenecks in order to breakthrough. It was an extremely difficult task. Only one single ancestor of the Yun family has managed to break through the fleshly body to gain an immortal body. An immortal body was a realm that every member of the Yun family chased after their whole lives.

They never imagined they would see it appear on Luo Tian.

This was too shocking for them!

At this time…

Luo Tian didn’t know he had shocked Yun Ling and Yun Yi because all his thoughts were focused on the Ghostly King. He had a smug expression and a cheap smile as he said: “Come, you ugly thing! Come smash me again so that I can see what abilities you have!”

The Ghostly King became enraged.

Being disdained by a human made its flames of rage surge!

Almost instantly, its mouth spat out a breath of pure immortal energy. Wrapped around the immortal energy was a crystal clear-like bead. The bead was continuously releasing immortal force that started enshrouding around the Ghostly King.


“This thing doesn’t look too bad.” Luo Tian mumbled internally.

Zhao Chen started getting excited while his voice started trembling. “Inner core. The Ghostly King’s inner core. Team Leader, it’s the Ghostly King’s inner core that contains its more pure immortal energy. You need to be careful because it’s enraged now.”

Han Hua’s expression drastically changed. She didn’t say anything useless and cautioned: “Be extra careful!”

She then said to herself: “Sure enough… last time the Ghostly King didn’t have an inner core. I didn’t expect that this time the Ghostly King would have one. Its strength this time has risen by at least several levels because of it. What on earth has happened to the Dark Abyss Cave?”

“Is there really a Flower of Death here?”

“Or is there some powerful creature residing inside?”

Han Hua started having a bad feeling about this place.

The ghostly beasts of Dark Abyss Cave kept getting stronger each time. There was obviously something trying to block them!

If this was the case, then the Dark Abyss Cave was simply too terrifying.

Right after…

Han Hua once again shouted: “Team Leader, you need to be careful!”

Luo Tian nodded seriously. Seeing the bead in front of the Ghostly King, he said excitedly: “That bead is mine.”

The Ghostly King’s eyes turned grim. It glared at Luo Tian before swallowing the bead. At this moment, it released all the immortal force the inner core had given it.

For a brief moment…

Sand and pebbles flew all over the place. Sounds of explosions were heard in the surrounding atmosphere, similar to floating bubbles bursting apart. And space started twisting and distorting.


The Ghostly King used its strength and swung its tail. The meat hammer on the end suddenly changed as steel-like spikes grew out from it. Its tail started swishing around in the darkness and immortal force started increasing.


“This is definitely the precursor to wanting to smash me into meat paste.”

Luo Tian’s expression turned grim. His mind faintly trembled as he lost some confidence. He wasn’t too clear on his immortal body but the steel-spiked bat on the Ghostly King’s tail had a high possibility of taking his life.


Luo Tian swallowed hard and clenched his fists. He then said to himself: “No matter what, I have to test out the strength of my fleshly body!”

Right after…

Luo Tian’s gaze became firm as he roared out: “Come!”

As his voice faded, the Ghostly King’s tail that contained the power to rip space apart came smashing over.

Wherever the tail passed by, space was forcefully shattered and ripped apart!

This kind of power was incredibly terrifying!

Luo Tian clenched his teeth. His heart sank while his legs moved apart into a horse-stance. He then psyched himself up to block it head-on.


A steel bat smashed right onto Luo Tian’s head!

Luo Tian had his eyes closed while his body sank down into the ground. It would be false to say he wasn’t scared. With that thick tail with steel spikes smashing down, most likely even a God would be afraid. It was naturally the same with Luo Tian, even though he was mentally prepared for it.


His body only sank down and it wasn’t as painful as he imagined.

Those steel spikes couldn’t break past his skin at all. It was just the strong impact that caused his body to sink into the ground.

“Oh @#$%!”

“That fleshly body…”

“Awesome! It’s so powerful!”

Luo Tian was scared stupid!

The defensive properties of an immortal body were too exaggerated and had exceeded Luo Tian’s imagination! He was currently imagining Zhang Kuang’s expression on the Life and Death stage where he couldn’t even hurt him.

“It’s really an immortal body!”

“Big sister, is he still human then?”

“Nope, he has become an immortal ancestor.”

“I’ve heard of a saying – immortal ancestor plank (lift your ancestor’s coffin lid up). Are you scolding him?”

“What do you think?”

The four of them glanced at each other and smiled. They then said in unison: “What a pervert!”

“Great!” shouted Luo Tian. His gaze then turned gloomy, “Now it should be my turn, right?!”

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