Undefeatable – Ch425

Chapter 425 – Luo Tian’s Wild Ambition

There was no hesitation!

He directly roared out: “Become a devil!”


Luo Tian’s body transformed. The Blood God’s Armor appeared and his whole body exuded a dense King’s aura.

Devil Sovereign Xingtian!

His whole body was enormous and filled with explosive power. He held onto the Wild Heaven Sovereign’s Axe and looked as domineering as one could get. He looked ridiculously powerful to a complete mess!

Han Hua became dumbstruck!

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were shocked still.

Zhao Chen blanked out.

What was going on?

He can transform? And it was into the fleshly body of Devil Sovereign Xingtian? What other mysterious abilities had Luo Tian not revealed yet? Was this youth, someone not even twenty years old at the Profound Ancestor realm still considered human?

He trained in multiple powerful martial skills.

These were considered nothing.

He also trained in various supportive skills which included: alchemy, forging, engraving arrays, and healing. He was practically a jack of all trades.

Let’s be honest and ask who here can accomplish all of this?

Even if a Profound God Sovereign was reborn, it was impossible for them to know everything. Knowing everything isn’t the main point; the main point is that Luo Tian was extremely proficient and powerful in every occupation. Luo Tian was like a human fog where they couldn’t understand at all.

They couldn’t see through him.

Now he actually transformed into a Devil Sovereign.


They were so shocked that they couldn’t describe their feelings anymore. The only word they could assign to Luo Tian was – awesome!

The black robed elder’s expression changed while his body shuddered. He then started muttering: “Impossible… this is absolutely impossible! Devil Sovereign Xingtian has already died, so it’s impossible for him to appear in the mortal realm again. Who the hell are you?!”

The King’s aura coming from Luo Tian’s Devil Sovereign transformation had stunned the black robed elder. Also at this moment, Luo Tian scolded: “I am your ancestor!”

As his voice faded…

His hands that were holding the 90,000 plus jin Sky Splitting Axe started chopping down.

“Decapitation Strike!”

“Smash for me!”

Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s divine martial skill?!

“Oh heavens!”

“Are you really Devil Sovereign Xingtian?”

“Are you really him?”

The elderly person became agitated.

Extremely agitated. Before Luo Tian’s divine axe descended, the elder had already knelt down and started kowtowing.


“What’s going on?”

Luo Tian mumbled to himself. He tried to pull back on his strike but the momentum was too strong. He wasn’t able to stop it as the strike landed next to the elderly person. A small but extremely deep crack appeared on the ground.

Luo Tian started saying to himself: “This old fogey has definitely mistaken me for someone else. But… I am currently Devil Sovereign Xingtian so it might be someone he recognizes. I might even be his ancestor? If that’s the case… then this is going to be fun.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s voice lowered as he said: “Why are you kneeling before me?”

The oppressive pressure from a King was released as well.

The black robed elder’s voice was shaking and didn’t even have the courage to look at Luo Tian directly. The elder’s body was shaking like he was scared and excited at the same time. He then said with his head lowered: “Sovereign; I am the eighteenth alchemist emissary of King Xing. You are the Sovereign of our devil sect so it’s natural for me to kneel down to you.”


“So it’s truly this.”

Luo Tian was laughing excitedly in his mind. On the outside, his voice maintained its majestic aura before saying: “This Sovereign used a great divine reincarnation skill to achieve rebirth, and has become this super handsome brother. I have already forgotten about all the matters of my previous life. How is the devil sect doing now?”


Impersonate to your best!

Only this will make it cool and suit the identity of Devil Sovereign Xingtian.

What great divine reincarnation skill? Everything was made up by Luo Tian!


The black robed elder was excited to a mess. He really looked like he was staring at his own ancestor as he said: “Devil Sovereign, you actually managed to succeed in cultivating the Great Divine Reincarnation Skill. Our devil sect will prosper and soon rise up again!”


Luo Tian was laughing his ass off internally before saying: “With this Devil Sovereign present, it’s only a matter of time our devil sect will rise up again. I do have a question for you and you have to answer it honestly without any falsehood. Do you understand?”

His tone turned angry.

And the huge ten thousand jin ax in his hands trembled as the aura of a monarch exploded forth.

The elder on the ground started shivering from fear and responded: “Sovereign, please ask away! I will definitely tell you everything I know without holding anything back!”


“Then I’ll ask you – as a devil sect alchemist emissary, why would you be in the territories of Mount Hua Immortal Sect?” Luo Tian really wanted to know why he would appear here and whether all the corpses here belonged to the disciples of Mount Hua.

He was nevertheless a disciple of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Since he had made promises to people, then he naturally had to fulfill them.

The elder looked up and his gaze landed on Han Hua.

Luo Tian immediately said: “They are the friends of this seat, and are all trustworthy. You can go ahead and speak.”

The elder lowered his head and replied: “Understood! There’s a Prime Elder of Mount Hua Immortal Sect that has an agreement with our devil sect Grand Elder. I am just a person sent over by our devil sect and have been here for over thirty years now.”

Talking about this…

The elder’s heart was filled with tears.

After staying in a dark and gloomy environment for thirty years, even a normal person would become abnormal.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy as he said to himself: “So there’s truly some sort of collusion.”

“What’s the name of that Prime Elder of Mount Hua Immortal Sect?”

“What is the agreement between you guys about?”

“Also, what’s going on with the Flower of Death and all the corpses of these Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples?”

The elder didn’t hide anything nor dare to hide anything in front of Devil Sovereign Xingtian. For their devil sect, Devil Sovereign Xingtian was their ancestor, their God. A God that they couldn’t defy! “I don’t know the name of the Prime Elder so we’ll need to ask the Grand Elder. I’m also not clear about their agreement. I’ve been here for thirty-plus years and have only been doing one single thing – refining inner cores. Large amounts of inner cores. This place actually has the most concentrated and densest amount of immortal energy in the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect territory. In other words, if Mount Hua Immortal Sect was an empire, then this place would be the location of its dragon’s vein.”

“Dark Abyss Cave was discovered by that Prime Elder, and the Flower of Death was also discovered by him. He didn’t know how to refine inner cores while our devil sect was the only one capable. In order to refine inner cores, we need the Flower of Death and the corpses of immortal sect disciples.”

“The Flower of Death would absorb the remnant immortal force from the corpses and then undergo refinement into inner cores. The inner core of that Ghostly King your group encountered on the first floor was refined by me.”

“These corpses are delivered here by that Prime Elder. If memory serves me right, these disciple corpses are the ones that have successfully completed the Dark Abyss Cave mission. As for how they managed to complete it… heh heh… there are times I have to go out for a bit. Therefore, it’s natural that they could get some Flower of Death from here.” The elder dryly laughed a few times.

Luo Tian was astonished internally.

If they completed the mission, that meant they would have to die as well?

How terrifying would the strength of a Prime Elder in Mount Hua Immortal Sect be?!


Luo Tian realized he had provoked a terrifying person. He shivered internally and said to himself: “This big tumor actually sold Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s immortal vein to a devil sect, and collaborated in the use of immortal sect disciple corpses to refine inner cores. What a ruthless existence! That Elder is even more ruthless than those from the devil sects!”


At this time, Luo Tian didn’t bother with this and asked: “Can you pass the ability of refining inner cores to me?”

As long as he learned it…

He could directly raise his own forces to a terrifying level!

He wanted to change Mount Hua Immortal Sect!

In order to make changes, one must first control it!

That’s why…

He wanted to control the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect!

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