Undefeatable – Ch439

Chapter 439 – A Dungeon More Dangerous Than A Forbidden Ground

Luo Tian didn’t make a move.

Because he wasn’t a crazy murderer.

While being escorted to the dungeon, he noticed that parts of Dark North City were in ruins. It was very similar to when Devil Monarch Skysoul almost destroyed Heavenly Sword City.

Thinking how he got captured right upon arrival, his heart was at a loss.

“Big brother guard, I previously heard you guys mention the Ghost Merman Sect. What kind of sect are they? With the strength that you guys have, even an immortal sect cannot easily take you guys down, right?” Luo Tian couldn’t help asking. His current mission was to refill his profound energy, search for large amounts of spiritual herbs, and then finally level up.


He needed a precise location to level up.

He was not familiar with the area around Dark North City.

The guard escorting found Luo Tian to be a rather honest individual and didn’t exhibit any resistance. The guard’s voice was a bit depressed as he said: “When the Titan race disappeared, the Ghost Merman Sect used this opportunity to rise up. Their fleshly body’s power has already reached an unimaginable level.”

“They suddenly attacked Dark North City and we were caught off guard.”

“And now they wanted us to hand over Princess Dark North within half a month. Those people of the Ghost Merman Sect are really damnable!”

“Yang Laosan, why are you talking about this with him? He’s just a fraud, and might even be a spy for the Ghost Merman Sect. We should blame those damn immortal sects for building a teleportation station in Dark North City just because they wanted to save some time. If it wasn’t for that, how would our city be so easily defeated?”

“That’s right; it’s all because of that damn teleportation station. If I had the strength, I would definitely destroy it.”


Teleportation arrays were set up everywhere by the immortal sects.

In the beginning, it was promoted as a form of protection for everyone and could stop sneak attacks by the devil sects.

As time went by…

The devil sects hid themselves and haven’t appeared in ages. These teleportation stations slowly became something that would be occasionally used to perform missions by immortal sects. And these teleportation stations only allowed immortal sect members to teleport here and back while the residents of Dark North City were unable to use it.

Luo Tian was quite knowledgeable when it came to teleportation arrays. Hearing the guard’s words, the Ghost Merman Sect must have teleported a group of martial artists, then attacked from both inside and outside. Dark North City was caught unprepared and thus defeated.

He then realized something and asked: “Since the teleportation arrays are setup by immortal sects, how did the Ghost Merman Sect teleport into the city? Could it be that the sect has its own teleportation array?”


“Wait… that’s right! How come we didn’t think of that? The Ghost Merman Sect only rose up recently and shouldn’t have a teleportation array. Even if they do have one, it’s impossible to teleport over unless both teleportation arrays are connected together.”

“Yang Laosan, escort this kid to the dungeon and I will report this to our commander.”

“Go ahead then.”

They didn’t dare to take any chances.

Any new discoveries could change the course of a battle.

There wasn’t much time left for them.

Three days out of the half a month of time had already passed by. Within these ten plus days, they had to understand how the Ghost Merman Sect was able to teleport over.

Luo Tian shouted to the guard hurrying away: “Remember to tell your commander that it was me that raised this question!”

“So what if you raised this question?”

“A kid like you dares to commit fraud and call yourself a Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciple? How can it be possible for you to be an immortal sect disciple?” Yang Laosan said with disdain.

Luo Tian was too lazy to explain the whole situation.

After all…

Mount Hua Immortal Sect didn’t have any special prestige anyways so he was too lazy to use that identity.

While thinking of the teleportation array situation, Luo Tian said to himself: “Two teleportation arrays must be connected with each other for it to work, so something fishy must be going on. If it’s not an immortal sect supporting Ghost Merman Sect secretly, then the Ghost Merman Sect must’ve discovered a hidden teleportation array.”

“The Ghost Merman Sect is demanding Dark North City to hand over Princess Dark North. Did they attack Dark North City just for a woman?”

“It shouldn’t be, right?”

Not long after.

The guards escorted Luo Tian to the dungeon’s main entrance.

The entrance didn’t look majestic nor did it have heavy sentries posted. There were only two youthful-looking guards there. Their cultivation level wasn’t high, and beside them was a semi-sloping stone door.

A real dungeon?!

This was true to its name, a genuine dungeon with underground prison cells.


“You should start praying for the best. Our Dark North City’s dungeon is more dangerous than many places. There are all kinds of people and creatures being held for over ten thousand years. Back then, this was the place where immortal sects imprisoned many devil sect experts. Many devil sect experts have died inside there. As for how many are still alive, that I am not clear on.” Yang Laosan advised Luo Tian while looking at him with pity. He then continued: “Once we take care of the Ghost Merman Sect issue and prove your innocence, I will request Lord Commander to release you.”

Luo Tian’s words were untrustworthy.

But what if it was true?

Dark North City didn’t dare to offend an immortal sect, even if it was the fallen Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

The stone door opened.

A black aura seeped out from the ground.

“Let me out!”

“You despicable lowly humans! There shall be one day that I will kill you all! Keke…”

“Fuuu~… fuuu~… fuuu~…”


Various powerful auras surged out.

These kinds of aura could make anyone tremble in place. But the people of Dark North City were used to it and treated it like normal, so they weren’t afraid now.

As for Luo Tian, these waves of powerful auras made him blank out. He then gave Yang Laosan a side glance and asked: “What kind of things have you guys imprisoned in there? Isn’t this practically sending me to my doom? Before you guys can even take care of the Ghost Merman Sect, I’m afraid my corpse would no longer be around.”

Yang Laosan shouted back: “Go hide in a corner and don’t provoke others. Maybe then your chance of surviving will be a bit higher. And don’t think of breaking through the stone door. Even an immortal sect Elder can forget about breaking it down. Do you know why there are so little guards here even though so many powerful devil fiends are imprisoned here? Because below the stone door is the Soul Refining Array engraved by the gnome race. If you dare try breaking out of here, even your soul will be refined!”


Luo Tian laughed inside and said to himself: “Soul Refining Array? With my current level 6 Engraving Array skill, I should be able to decipher it.”

Immediately after…

Without showing any emotions, Luo Tian stepped past the stone door.

A gust of cold wind blew by.

Bone biting cold. This was really similar to a gust of cold wind with an intense amount of death that could only come from the depths of hell.

“Hong~, clank~!”

The stone door closed, and the whole world seemed to turn into darkness.


Deep in the darkness, a pair of green eyes was glaring at Luo Tian.

A gaze that bore into one’s mind.

Right after that, a ghost-like fire was floating in the darkness. Its position erratic but continued in the direction of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate and shouted: “Level 5 Berserk!”


His enhanced attributes exploded forth. His eyes became serious as the aura from his body was released.


“Big brother Yang, who is that kid?”

“What kind of crime did he commit to be imprisoned inside there? I know that it has been many years since a human has been thrown inside.”

“A kid that likes to deceive and swindle people. We’re currently dealing with a crisis so this was the only option for the Commander. We can only hope that the kid has luck on his side.”

Yang Laosan walked away into the distance.

The two guards watching over the place glanced at each other. One of them smiled bitterly and said: “That kid is doomed!”

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