Undefeatable – Ch444

Chapter 444 – Their First Contact

Xin Er was conflicted.

Her ability was the power of fate.

This power was something she hadn’t fully grasped yet and her control over it wasn’t very good either. Except, she felt like this time she had a good grasp over it and saw something from the future.

The only person who can save Dark North City was the man inside the dungeon.


The powerful Soul Refining Array was blocking that man.

She came to the main entrance of the dungeon today because she wanted to tell that man how to break through the array. But then she stood in front of the entrance in a conflicted state.

She had tried getting her father to hand her over.

The Dark North King didn’t agree.

The citizens of Dark North City refused as well.

She had no other path to walk down. These past ten plus days, she worked hard in using her ability in trying to change certain things. But there were times when no matter how hard you worked, you still couldn’t change a thing.

The heavens, men, luck, and fate couldn’t be controlled!

“Cough~, cough~!”

Xin Er cleared her throat, and then a clear voice similar to a Yellow-eyed Starling was transmitted over: “I can help you break the array.”

“Who is it?”

“Who’s that speaking?”

Inside the dungeon, Luo Tian who was crazily training his Engraving Array skill looked up. He looked all over before asking: “Who was it that just spoke?”

The voice seems to have come from inside his heart.

Because he was too focused on engraving arrays, Luo Tian’s reaction wasn’t immediate. He swept his gaze around and noticed those old devils were still fighting the landlord and no one had bothered with him.

Luo Tian shook his head and smiled bitterly. “It looks like I’m hearing things.”

“Your sister, I think I’ve gone crazy from leveling my skills for too long. Over ten days of time and I’ve only leveled up once to level 7 Engraving Array. How f*cking long will I have to train for? My quest time limit is only one month, so does that mean it’s impossible for me to complete it?”

This was only of secondary importance.

The most important part was that Luo Tian’s profound energy was insufficient.

His profound energy mainly came from killing monsters and people. If he used it all up and there weren’t any medicinal pills, xuan stones, or demon cores left, there’s no way he can continue cultivating his skill. At that time, he can only wait for his death inside the dungeon.

“It’s me talking to you.”

“I can help you break the array.”

Xin Er’s voice once again penetrated into Luo Tian’s heart.

Luo Tian was startled by this and sent a voice transmission: “Who are you?”

Xin Er didn’t hide her status and replied: “I am Princess Dark North and I can help you break the array. Can you help me in return?”

Luo Tian originally felt powerless. When he thought about how powerful the rebounding effect the Soul Refining Array was, he even had thoughts of committing suicide. Yet at this time, someone was telling him there was a method to break the array. It was similar to someone floating in the ocean and suddenly grasping a piece of life-saving straw. He immediately replied: “I can!”


“Listen to my words carefully,” said Xin Er.

At this moment…

Qiu Tianji and Yang Lin rushed over.

Without giving Xin Er a chance to speak, Qiu Tianji said: “Xin Er, didn’t I tell you to stay in the Divine Tower and not to run around? Why did you come to such a place? I’ve told you already that the man cannot save our Dark North City.”

Yang Lin was the next to say: “Your Highness, that kid is someone with a crippled dantian so it’s impossible for him to save our Dark North City. Not to mention saving us, he hasn’t even seen the members of the Ghost Merman Sect before. He’s not going to live much longer, and those that have been imprisoned in the dungeon aren’t able to come out. Even if his strength hasn’t been sealed up, he can forget about coming out. The Soul Refining Array’s powers are capable of destroying everything.”


“Uncle Yang; he really can do it. I have seen it!” Xin Er anxiously said.

Yang Lin didn’t believe her and said: “Your Highness, I know your abilities are special but a person’s fate is controlled by their own hands. Every choice they make can cause changes so there’s no way others can master it.”

“Even if you can see a glimpse of the future, it was something you saw in the past. Every single day can cause changes to it.”

“Your Highness, it will be safer for you to stay in the Divine Tower. Tomorrow is our last day; I will definitely do my best to protect Dark North City. I will definitely not allow you to fall into the hands of those beasts.”

“Go, let’s go back.”

Xin Er didn’t move. When she looked at her father and Yang Ling, her tears were about to gush out.

Seeing how she wasn’t moving, Qiu Tianji said sternly: “Take the Princess back.”

Two guards came up and said: “Princess, you should head back now and don’t make His Majesty worry. You don’t know but when you disappeared for an hour, we almost flipped the entire Dark North City upside down to look for you.”

Xin Er’s tears finally dripped down. She started crying in a heartbreaking manner while saying: “Father, Uncle Yang; you both will die. Please just hand me over, nothing will happen to me. I’m begging you both!”

While saying that…

She directly kneeled on the ground.

Qiu Tianji froze from shock.

Yang Lin froze and couldn’t react.

After several seconds…

Qiu Tianji’s brows tightened as he shouted at the two guards: “Why are you two still standing there in shock? Hurry up and bring the Princess back!”

“Yes! (Yes!)”

Xin Er was wailing now.

Half a month ago, she suddenly started seeing a lot of things she hadn’t seen before. The powerful ability inside her seemed to have taken root and started to sprout.

She saw Yang Lin being killed.

Her father’s head was chopped off from the neck.

Seeing those two images, her heart felt like ten thousand steel needles were piercing through her. The pain was indescribable!

“Old Yang, do you think that man can really save Dark North City?”

Entrance to the dungeon.

Qiu Tianji had a calm look on his face. When he looked at the entrance of the dungeon, he had an urge to open up the door.

Yang Lin smiled bitterly and replied: “No matter how strong his abilities are, how can someone with a crippled dantian save our Dark North City? Besides, his cultivation is only at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank. This kind of strength can’t even deal with the outer disciples of the Ghost Merman Sect, so how can he help?”

“Moreover, he has been imprisoned in the dungeon already. Even if we open the dungeon’s door, he cannot come out. You should know about the powers of the Soul Refining Array. Even those old devils can forget about taking half a step out.”

Qiu Tianji chuckled bitterly before sighing.

Immediately after…

Qiu Tianji said with a smile: “One can enter the Soul Refining Dungeon but cannot exit. It is actually the safest place in the entire Dark North City.”

Thinking of this point…

Qiu Tianji’s eyes narrowed as he gave Yang Lin a side glance.

Yang Lin saw the glance and immediately understood what Qiu Tianji was thinking. After thinking for half a second, he nodded in reply.



“What’s going on?”

Luo Tian was standing by the entrance hearing the conversation outside the stone door. He couldn’t help scolding: “This daddy already said that I can save your Dark North City! Why aren’t you letting me out yet? What are you guys doing?”

He was very close to knowing the method of breaking the array.

He didn’t expect someone to put an end to it.

Luo Tian was similar to a ball deflating.

The silver-haired elder came over and said: “Sovereign, you can just stay here and blank out in peace. Don’t think of leaving this place anymore. The Soul Refining Array cannot be broken through.”

Luo Tian didn’t look at him as he clenched his fists. His mind was roaring: “This daddy refuses to believe this!”

“Continue training!”

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