Undefeatable – Ch451

Chapter 451 – Encountering A Group Of Tiger Sharks


“Truly despicable!”

“We were actually tricked by that kid!”

“Who would’ve imagined those devil sect experts had their strength sealed. I should’ve tested them back then…”

In the depths of the Dark North Sea.

In the main hall of the Ghost Merman Sect, Ma Sheng’s face was filled with anger.

Inside the main hall, there was also an elderly person wearing attire with a star pattern on it. His gaze was cold as he said: “Sect Leader Ma, it’s not too late in knowing now. Our Grand Elder is very unhappy with you and has given you ten days to capture Princess Dark North. If he gets angry… you should know the consequences.”

Ma Sheng’s expression turned gloomy and immediately replied: “I will definitely capture Princess Dark North. I hope that Mr. Envoy will say some good words on my behalf with the Grand Elder. I am someone his elderly self groomed, so I will help him capture Princess Dark North even if it means I have to die trying.”

The elderly person faintly smiled and said: “That’s more like it.”

Immediately after…

The elderly person flipped his hand and two inner cores appeared on his palm. He circulated his energy and the cores floated over in front of Ma Sheng. “These are the inner cores that Grand Elder has prepared for you. I believe that your cultivation should rise up by a small realm after consuming these two inner cores. By that time, no one in Dark North City will be capable of stopping you.”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you, Grand Elder and Mr. Envoy. I will definitely not let you both down.” Ma Sheng was excited to the extreme. Inner cores were extremely precious items where even immortal sects treated them as such.

Last time, it was a single inner core that allowed him to kill Qiu Tianji who was at the same cultivation realm as him!

The usefulness of inner cores was simply too strong!

Seeing the smug smile on Ma Sheng, the elderly envoy revealed an evil smile. That smile passed by in a flash and no one noticed it. He then said: “Once you complete the mission, there will be many more inner cores waiting for you.”

“I will definitely capture Princess Dark North as soon as possible.”

“The day after tomorrow…”

“No, tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will bring my disciples and kill our way over to Dark North City. This time, we won’t be scared by those devil sect experts and will definitely bring Princess Dark North back,” said Ma Sheng in a hurried manner.

Hearing that he would be rewarded with additional inner cores, he wished he could capture Princess Dark North right this instant!

The elderly envoy smiled faintly and said: “Then I won’t leave for now and wait here for your good news. As for the inner cores you want, I will hold them for the time being. Once you hand Princess Dark North over to me, I will give you the rest of the inner cores.”

“Good, good.”

“Arrange the best accommodations for the Envoy!” Ma Sheng immediately ordered.

“I obey!”

One of the Elders of the Ghost Merman Sect brought the Envoy away.

The other Elders started discussing with each other in the main hall with big smiles on their faces.

“Congratulations Sect Leader.”

“Congratulations Sect Leader. With these inner cores in hand, Sect Leader’s cultivation will rise to a new realm.”

“By that time, you will be the real Dark North King.”

Ma Sheng started smiling in a proud and smug manner before saying: “We will set off for Dark North City tomorrow. This time, we definitely have to capture Princess Dark North. Whoever gets their hands on her first, I will reward them with an inner core. Don’t say that I never give you guys any chances.”

As his voice faded…

The eyes from all the Elders seem to be glowing.

They almost couldn’t hold in their drool!

Inner cores!

They contained the purest form of immortal force. A typical inner core requires thousands to tens of thousands of years before an immortal beast could refine one. Its power was unmatched, and a single inner core could allow a martial artist to quickly make a breakthrough.

Ma Sheng started laughing out loud. His mouth unconsciously curved into an evil smile that disappeared in a flash, just the same as the Envoy previously.


The edge of the Dark North Sea.

Yang Lin said: “Brother Luo, these four people have followed me through thick and thin. They are guards that have encountered thousands of battles and each of them is at the peak of the Profound Ancestor realm. The most important part is that they are people who have cultivated water attributed martial skills. Within the Dark North Sea, they will definitely be able to help you out greatly.”

While saying that…

The four of them cupped their hands and one of them said: “My name is Wang Fu!”

“Wang Lu!”

“Wang Hai!”

“Wang Dong!”

The names of these four were later changed when they became sworn brothers.

Luo Tian was startled by this and said: “General Yang; I feel there’s no need for this. Going to the Ghost Merman Sect is extremely dangerous and it’s hard to say whether I’ll be coming back alive or not. For you to have them follow me, isn’t this practically sending them to their deaths?”

Yang Lin replied with a smile: “Sigh~, I wanted them to follow you exactly because it’s so dangerous. They could at least help you out in times of need.”

Luo Tian smiled once before saying: “It looks like you want them to monitor me, huh? Are you afraid that I will run away or are you afraid I will tell all your secrets to the Ghost Merman Sect? Was this your decision or the Princess’s?”

Yang Lin smiled with embarrassment.


These four people were deliberately placed with Luo Tian.

Even though Princess Dark North strongly opposed it, Yang Lin still proceeded to anyway.

He wasn’t afraid Luo Tian would run away but was actually afraid Luo Tian would take refuge and join the Ghost Merman Sect. Luo Tian knew about the current defenses of Dark North City so if he told the Ghost Merman Sect about it, Dark North City would be defeated in an instant.

The task of these four was very simple.

As long as Luo Tian showed any intentions of joining the Ghost Merman Sect, the four will immediately join hands and kill him together!

Yang Lin then said: “Why would I have them monitor you? This is the first time you’ve come to Dark North City so do you even know how to get to the Ghost Merman Sect? In such a vast sea, how are you going to find the Ghost Merman Sect if you don’t have someone leading the way?”

“Don’t worry.”

“They have all been to the Ghost Merman Sect before. With them around you, you will definitely save a lot of time.”

Luo Tian smiled coldly while looking at the four. He then said: “Do whatever you want then, but I’m going to be frank and honest with you guys. I will not save any of you; your deaths will not have anything to do with me. You guys should be clear on how strong the Ghost Merman Sect is. Going there this time will most likely lead to death than coming back alive. I will not stop you all from sending yourselves to your death but there is one thing you must remember – no one can oppose my decisions!”

“We will naturally not oppose any correct decisions.”

“But if you make any random casual decisions, we will not be listening to it.”

Two of them said blandly.

Yang Lin immediately said: “What are you two saying? Didn’t I tell you guys to listen to whatever brother Luo says?”

The two of them didn’t respond.

Luo Tian was too lazy to speak any further about this topic and ordered: “Enter the sea!”


They were carrying a Water Repelling Bead so it was just like walking on land while they were underwater.


If they took away the Water Repelling Bead, most likely they would instantly explode by the thousand-meter water pressure.

“How long will it take to get to the Ghost Merman Sect from here?” Luo Tian asked.

“The fastest will be five days,” replied Wang Fu. He was the oldest and the boss amongst the four.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed before he grumbled: “Five days… five days… I have to level up five small realms within these five days. I’m afraid this is going to be rather difficult. And I don’t even know if there are any demonic beasts for me to kill under the sea. How am I going to make breakthroughs if there are no demonic beasts?!”

Ma Sheng had a powerful cultivation.

Besides, he might have more inner cores in his possession.

Luo Tian was only at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank right now. So even if he became a devil, he still wasn’t that guy’s opponent. The only way right now was for him to level up!


Wang Dong’s gaze tightened and his expression drastically changed. “Big brother, there’s a large herd of Tiger Sharks up ahead. They’re approaching us at a ferocious pace so we have to avoid them.”

“A herd of Tiger Sharks?”

“How many are there?”

“Several thousands of them.”

“So awesome! Since we can’t avoid it, let’s charge right into them instead!” Luo Tian started smiling excitedly.

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