Undefeatable – Ch463

Chapter 463 – One-Shot Instant Kill

Very shocked!

Luo Tian felt shocked, but everything was still within reason.

He transmigrated with hundreds of online novels.

Amongst the hundreds of novels, there were quite a bit of manga like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc. There were even various fanfictions inside. He was a fan of novels and his hobby included a wide range of them.

So when the system gave him Sharingan as his reward skill, Luo Tian was first shocked, then greatly shocked, and eventually, his blood started boiling.

To be precise…

Sharingan was a powerful eye ability that only appeared in a particular bloodline, and wasn’t really a martial skill.

But the series was also written into light novels and now it was treated as a martial skill, so that’s why Luo Tian was able to gain it.

The process was not the important point.

The important part was the result!

Luo Tian didn’t have the time to figure out which character he had gotten the skill from. The only thing he wanted to do now was to see how strong Sharingan was in this world. If it was really as strong as it was inside Naruto, then this skill would be too awesome!

Martial Skill: Sharingan

Grade: ? ? ? (Unlimited upgrades!)

Consumption: One-tenth of the user’s health

Cooldown: None (Cannot be used more than ten times per day. If used more than ten times, the burden will be increased on the eyes and may result in one going blind!)

Description: Please refer to the novel – Naruto.


“Lord System, what the hell are you doing?!”

“The grade is all question marks and it actually doesn’t consume profound energy but my own health! Using up ten percent of my health just like that? You are completely messing with me!” Luo Tian started raging about as he never imagined activating Sharingan would be like this.

Luo Tian opened up the system interface and looked at his martial skills list.

Martial Skill: Sharingan

Martial Skill Level: Eye skill level 1 (As the skill levels up, one can display higher levels of the martial skill!)

Proficiency: 0/100

Luo Tian furrowed his brows. When he looked at the proficiency and saw it was only 100 points, he couldn’t help say to himself: “Training this skill can’t be that simple, right?”

When he thought about going blind from using it over ten times, Luo Tian started complaining internally again.


He didn’t bother thinking too much further at a time like this. Seeing how Ma Sheng had transformed into a huge ugly looking prehistoric fish, Luo Tian shouted: “Let’s see how strong you are!”


“Eye skill!”

Luo Tian closed his eyes before suddenly opening them.

His eyes turned blood red and a comma-shaped mark appeared in his pupils.

At this moment…

The world in Luo Tian’s eyes was different from before. When his eyes opened, he watched Ma Sheng charge towards him like a ferocious beast. The way Ma Sheng’s profound energy was coursing through his body was clearly seen by Luo Tian. He was also able to find the weakest and most fatal spot on Ma Sheng’s body.

Sharingan was capable of seeing through everything.

But Luo Tian’s eye skill was only at level 1.

Its role was very simple – it could only see his target’s profound energy coursing through the body and maybe some weak point locations.

Just this type of ability was already incomparably powerful!

And this was only the early levels. When he reached the later ones, his Eye of Insight would get Copy, Amaterasu (black flame), Illusions, and even the super powerful Kamui (spatial transfer)! If Luo Tian could, he would immediately start raising his Sharingan levels right now!

With just a glance, he was able to find Ma Sheng’s weaknesses.

This kind of ability was way too awesome!

“Look! Look at his eyes!”

“Why did his eyes become blood red? Is he a devil?”

“So could this kid be a disciple from a devil sect who cultivates some type of evil martial skill?”

Ma Sheng was charging towards Luo Tian with his prehistoric might while shouting: “Damn dog thing! It doesn’t matter who you are because you will be dying today!”

Incomparable rage.

He didn’t undergo his beast transformation even when he fought Qiu Tianji back then.

But when facing against Luo Tian, he was actually forced to use his most powerful move and change into a huge prehistoric fish.

His fleshly body was a hundred times stronger than those of the human race. Even immortal force wouldn’t be able to penetrate his body to injure him.

“Sect Leader actually used his beast transformation.”

“This kid is going to die.”

“After forcing the Sect Leader to such a degree, that kid can consider himself dying a worthy death.”

“His eyes look really strange.”

Those Elders previously inside the main hall had come out and was discussing this at a distance.

They couldn’t figure out what use was there to Luo Tian’s eyes.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved up as he felt extremely excited. He really didn’t know what to do just a few moments ago, but now, every movement and action of Ma Sheng was under his observation. Should he just smash Ma Sheng to death right now?

It was too easy!

Within an instant…

Luo Tian suddenly burst out with speed as he charged forward.

This was a head-on attack!

In the eyes of others, this kind of action was courting one’s own death.

Even an expert at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm may not be able to block Ma Sheng’s current strike.

Yet Luo Tian was charging straight towards it.

Ma Sheng started laughing madly out loud, “Hahaha… damn trash, go die for me!”



Two forces collided with each other.

Luo Tian’s body suddenly sank down while he slashed out with the Seven Star Sword in his hand. The sword pierced right into a small red dot at the base of Ma Sheng’s stomach area!

The sword stabbed in all the way to its hilt, directly piercing Ma Sheng’s central nervous system!


“Impossible! Impossible! How did you find that location?!”

“Who are you?!”

Ma Sheng’s body kept trembling.
And there was extreme fear in his eyes.

Luo Tian fiercely pulled out the Seven Star Sword and jumped back. He then said with a cold smile: “I’m your ancestor!”

Ma Sheng’s body was convulsing as blood gushed out of him like a flood.

His eyes were filled with fear while black colored blood gushed out from his mouth. He looked over at the Elders of the Ghost Merman Sect and said: “S, s, save, save me! Quick, quick, quickly call the Starsea Envoy over to save me, quick…”

Everyone was dumbstruck.

How did it turn out like this?!

No one moved because they were frozen in shock.

Ma Sheng’s fleshly body was the strongest out of the entire Ghost Merman Sect. Luo Tian’s sword stab looked very ordinary, just like he hadn’t used much force. How was it possible for it to pierce into the body like that?

This was too puzzling for them.

They couldn’t figure it out.

At this moment…

Their faces became extremely unsightly looking.

Also at this time…

Luo Tian’s eyes reverted back to its normal look. He felt the blood beneath his chest area churn turbulently, the smell of blood at the back of his throat, and then a burst of blood spray out like an arrow from his mouth.


His face instantly became a bit paler.

Very uncomfortable!

Suddenly losing ten percent of his health felt like someone had just wrung his body dry.

Luo Tian’s health bar wasn’t like his profound energy where it was turned into a set of data. He wasn’t clear on how much ten percent was but the system was naturally very clear on it. Ten percent of his health bar equated to ten percent of his life!

In other words…

Luo Tian would die if he continuously activated the skill ten times in a row!

Sharingan was indeed very strong.

But the consequence of using it was even more terrifying than the Void Piercing Dragon Technique.

Luo Tian’s heart became gloomy as this might be the first time he started to hate the system.

Also at this time…

Ma Sheng’s body gradually became stiff.

The system gave off a crisp and clear alert tone.


Before Luo Tian could enjoy this beautiful moment, those Ghost Merman Sect members suddenly shouted when they saw Luo Tian cough out a mouthful of blood: “Kill him! Avenge our Sect Leader!”

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