Undefeatable – Ch471

Chapter 471 – The Third Bloodline


Extreme rage!

Still acting arrogant before his death? Luo Tian didn’t give him a chance to keep going on with his arrogant speech.

He was too lazy to listen to his nonsense.

With the Azure Dragon’s suppression, a single heavy punch smashed Lei Zhen to his death.

“Give me a big explosion!”

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Lei Zhen. You have gained 1,000,000 experience points, 100,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining 13 inner cores.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Regeneration skill. Will you be cultivating it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Divine Fantasy Palms. Will you be cultivating it?”

A series of alerts exploded out.

When Luo Tian heard the part about the Regeneration skill, he couldn’t hear anything else after that. He directly opened up his system interface and made a thought: “Cultivate the Regeneration Skill!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for learning the new martial skill – Regeneration!”

Immediately after…

The Martial Skills list had a new entry and Luo Tian immediately opened it up to look.

Martial Skill: Regeneration

Grade: Divine (Secret skill)

Proficiency: 0/10000

Cooldown: 60 minutes

Consumption: 10,000 immortal energy

Luo Tian became dumbstruck when he saw this information. Whether it was proficiency, the cooldown period, or the consumption; how much immortal energy would he have to waste just to train in it? How can he level it up at this rate?

At 10,000 proficiency and 10,000 immortal energy… what the hell is that about?!

Luo Tian complained before looking at the skill description.

Skill Description: This martial skill is a secret skill from the immortal sects and possesses the ability of regeneration. Apart from some important organs, anything else can be regenerated. When cultivated to the last great perfection stage, users can activate the rebirth ability once. Note: It can only be used once. It can only be used on others and cannot be used on one’s self!


“A rebirth skill?”

“Isn’t this basically having two lives? Shit, why can’t I cast it on myself? System, you’ve got to be kidding this daddy! If I can’t cast it on myself, what kind of defective rebirth skill is that?!” Luo Tian immediately became just like a ball that was deflating.

It was natural that he couldn’t cast the skill on himself.

The reason was that the Rebirth Skill was to be used on dead people and was useless on someone alive.

If he was dead, then how was he supposed to use energy to cast it?

Apart from this, the Rebirth Skill that can only be used once was a bit screwed up. No matter what, we’re talking about the great perfection stage of a secret skill. How can anyone accept that they could only use it once?

There was nothing he could do even if he couldn’t accept it.

Generally speaking, the Regeneration skill was very powerful. He didn’t have to worry if he ever had an arm or leg chopped off in the future.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian thought of a very important question. It was a question that immediately popped up the moment Lei Zhen used his Regeneration skill. Could the Regeneration skill heal the sequelae of using Sharingan?

Right after…

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate and cast the Regeneration skill.

Luo Tian started aching when 10,000 immortal force points instantly disappeared!

When the Regeneration skill covered his body, the injuries on him instantly healed. The speed was several times faster than this Healing Art, but Luo Tian didn’t care too much about it. He was paying attention to his internal pain and wondering if 20% of his health would recover.


A humming sound came from within.

The pain gradually lessened.

Luo Tian started laughing like a blossoming flower. “Hahaha… it’s useful! It really worked! Mommy, there’s no need to worry about Sharingan over-drafting my life anymore! Hahaha… except… It appears that the Regeneration skill cannot completely heal the pain left by Sharingan.”


Only half the pain was healed.

In other words, the Regeneration skill could only heal the backlash of Sharingan, once!

Luo Tian was still ecstatic even though this was the case.

The cooldown was one hour so that meant one day, he could use it twenty-four times. He no longer had to worry about the pain from the use of Sharingan now.

It wasn’t possible for his eyes to go blind now!


“It’s a pity that this guy isn’t a big boss-level character. It would be much more awesome if he was one that would give a system reward.” Luo Tian sighed before his gaze turned gloomy. He then roared out: “All the beasts from the Ghost Merman Sect better scram out here for me!”

There was a pause for a few seconds.

No one came out from the main hall.

Luo Tian was too lazy to speak nonsense anymore. The Azure Dragon around him surged into the air and gave forth the boundless might of a dragon. A crazy power of suppression then cascaded to every inch of the Ghost Merman Sect territory.







“Undefeated value +1”

“Undefeated value +1”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Profound Venerate 2nd rank!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for reaching 2000 points of Undefeated points. Will you be exchanging it for a bloodline?”

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate as he directly killed every disciple inside the Ghost Merman Sect!

He didn’t want too many people to know that he had fused with the Azure Dragon bloodline. Especially the members of the Ghost Merman Sect since they will definitely leak this information out. Just like what Lei Zhen said before his death – once his Azure Dragon bloodline is revealed, there will be definitely countless experts wanting to kill him.

No one wanted Mount Hua Immortal Sect to rise up.

A single person with an innate bloodline of the Azure Dragon can easily make an immortal sect become stronger and their status higher.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect was currently in a dire situation. If those immortal sects found out about Luo Tian’s Azure Dragon bloodline, they will definitely send out assassins to take care of him.

Those people they send out will absolutely be top experts.

Luo Tian wasn’t afraid; he just didn’t have time to deal with them. He only wanted to level up as quickly as possible. Lei Zhen’s words had given him a lot of pressure, mostly due to Murong Wanjian. In less than two years, he had to surpass that guy!

“Exchange for the White Tiger’s bloodline!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the White Tiger’s bloodline. Will you be fusing with it?”


Luo Tian didn’t choose to fuse with the White Tiger’s bloodline but he was still saying to himself in joy: “I’ve gained the third bloodline now so out of the four divine beasts, I’m only missing Xuanwu Black Tortoise one. By the time I fuse all four bloodlines of the four divine beasts, I can absolutely suppress Murong Wanjian’s true dragon bloodline.”

Just the power of the Azure Dragon’s bloodline made Luo Tian ecstatic.

One can already somewhat imagine what kind of powers would result when all four divine beast bloodlines were merged together!

This was a power that could reach an unimaginable realm!

Murong Wanjian, just wait patiently for this daddy!

Luo Tian’s gaze turned serious.

Also at this time…

The power of an Azure Dragon instantly pulled back and charged inside Luo Tian’s body.

Luo Tian’s body suddenly toppled over as he almost couldn’t stand properly. His face was pale white and his breath weak to the point of being unable to speak. Only when he cast several Healing Art on himself did his complexion improve slightly. But the pain from his fleshly body was still quite severe.

His body couldn’t support the power explosion from the Azure Dragon’s bloodline.

His current cultivation wasn’t strong enough, so he naturally wasn’t able to fully control the Azure Dragon’s bloodline.


A power that couldn’t be controlled meant it was extremely strong, and this made Luo Tian even more excited.


One step at a time, a girl came out from a corner of the main square. She was just like a goddess from the heavens as a holy aura surrounded her. This kind of aura was very similar to the one around An Chunchun, but at the same time it was different as well.

Luo Tian was secretly happy as he said: “The quest has been completed, so I wonder what attribute would 100,000 favorability points affect? I really can’t wait!”

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