Undefeatable – Ch487

Chapter 487 – Feels Really Great

“What big guts you have!”

“You actually dared to kill someone in front of so many people!”

“Kid, you will be dying today even if you don’t want to.”

Amidst the crowd…

Tong Youming walked out. He was wearing the uniform of the Starsea Immortal Sect and holding a sharp-looking rainbow-colored sword. He was very good looking and exuded an aura of being superior to others. Following behind him was a disciple of the Myriad Sword Immortal Sect.

When he appeared, the surrounding crowd started clamoring.

It also made them recover from the shock they were experiencing.

This was normal when it came to Tong Youming.

Several Imperial God Immortal Sect disciples also walked out. Their eyes were filled with killing intent as they stared at the deceased Zhou Yao on the ground. The three of them clenched their fists while their eyes turned even fiercer. If their gaze could kill people, Luo Tian would’ve been pierced with hundreds of holes already.

“That’s the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s second eldest senior brother, Wang Daofeng.”

“That’s Starsea Immortal Sect’s Tong Youming. They are both experts at the peak of the Profound Venerate 9th rank. That kid is still only at the Profound Venerate 2nd rank so he’s definitely going to die.”

“He actually dares to jump out here with this tiny bit of strength? He should really take a piss and take a good look at himself. He is nothing but crap, yet dares to act presumptuously in Heaven’s Boundary? Even if an inner sect Elder of Mount Hua Immortal Sect comes here, they will still have to act honestly with their tails behind their legs.”

“Does he really think the current Mount Hua Immortal Sect is the same immortal sect that once dominated this continent?”

“The current Mount Hua Immortal Sect is not even comparable to the normal sects now. Those talented disciples they sent here aren’t even as good as our third-rate Imperial God Immortal Sect disciples. This kind of immortal sect will eventually bite the dust.”

“Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples were killed yet their upper-level members didn’t even fart as a response. My heart truly feels cold on behalf of their disciples.”
Many people were softly discussing this.

While standing on the stage, Luo Tian smiled smugly and said: “You guys killed people of my Mount Hua Immortal Sect and that wasn’t against the rules. When I killed someone, that was against the rules. I really wonder who gave you guys such a sense of superiority? Who gave you guys that kind of courage?”

Tong Youming’s mouth formed a sneer before saying with disdain: “Are Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples considered humans? In my opinion, they aren’t even comparable to dogs!”



The surrounding disciples started laughing loudly.

More and more disciples started gathering around the Heaven’s Boundary competition stage.

Xu Shan’s gaze turned gloomy as he scolded: “Kid, what did you just say?!”

Tong Youming changed the focus of his gaze before pointing at Xu Shan and scolding: “I said that your Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples are not even comparable to dogs in my eyes. Uhh… you are at most an old dog, hahaha…”

The Starsea Immortal Sect disciples started laughing loudly again.

Han Hua was clenching her fists while her body shook from anger.

They have suffered multitudes of verbal abuse these days, yet they endured since they wanted to cultivate here to prove themselves. But the more they endured, the humiliating words from these people got worse and worse. She had reached a point where she couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

Wang Daofeng loudly ridiculed: “Brother Tong, I don’t agree with you calling them dogs.”

Tong Youming asked: “Brother Wang, can you share your wisdom?”

Wang Daofeng looked at the twins Yun Ling and Yun Yi and smiled pervertedly. “I’m not against saying these ones are dogs, but when it comes to these twin flowers, they can be considered two extremely charming dogs. Brother Tong, don’t you also wish to take them and enjoy yourself for a bit?”

“Based on my experience, these two sisters should still be virgins.”

Tong Youming laughed and said: “Brother Wang, you are truly a man of great insight. How about we each get one between the two of us?”

“Sounds good to me!”


The surrounding people started laughing once more.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were so angry that their face turned pale and their bodies shook.

Luo Tian looked at the two girls and said: “There’s a saying in my hometown – Tolerate if you can but when you can’t, go beat up their mothers!”

“Yun Ling, Yun Yi; go!”

“Senior sister Han Hua; go!”

“Viciously slap their faces! If they dare to retaliate and touch you girls, I will make them pay the price!” Luo Tian leaped over and stood next to them.

Yun Ling didn’t hesitate and walked right up to Tong Youming. She then swung her hand out for a slap.

Tong Youming widened his eyes and shouted: “B*tch, looks like you’re tired of living!”

Just when he was about to strike…

Luo Tian shouted internally: “Titan God’s Soul, suppress for me!” A suppressive force from Luo Tian’s body instantly surged into the sky before descending onto Tong Youming.


There was an explosion inside Tong Youming’s body and it was instantly suppressed.
His body couldn’t move a single inch.

Also at this time…

Yun Ling’s slap was about to land when she shouted: “Force of a hundred thousand juns!”


A fierce and vicious slap struck out.

Her long and thin fingers instantly left a palm print on Tong Youming’s face. But this couldn’t relieve Yun Ling’s anger so her left hand started moving this time. “Force of a hundred thousand juns!”




“This is for letting shit come out of your mouth. This is for oppressing our Mount Hua Immortal Sect. This is for acting wildly arrogant. Your appearance looks like a pile of shit and this old lady wants to throw up just from looking at you. How could Starsea Immortal Sect accept a person that looks like a pile of shit?” Yun Ling spoke in a vicious manner.

Her standards for scolding people were quite high!

The series of slaps made Tong Youming’s face turn into a pig’s head.

Yun Ling’s anger still wasn’t reduced so, in the end, she viciously kicked towards Tong Youming’s crotch area. The sound of eggs breaking echoed throughout the surrounding.

Yun Ling’s face turned bright red before she ran back to Luo Tian’s side.

Luo Tian asked with a smile: “Didn’t that feel great?”

Yun Ling giggled and replied: “That felt great, hee hee…”

Luo Tian looked at her reddened hands and asked: “Does your hand hurt?”

Yun Ling replied: “It doesn’t hurt.”

The two were speaking with each other in an ambiguous way that resembled how a couple will talk with each other.

The moment Yun Ling came back, Luo Tian’s Titan God’s Soul power was pulled back.
Tong Youming leaped into the air for a scream while both hands were holding his crotch. He was in so much pain that he was rolling all over the ground. He then scolded: “Who was it?! Who was it that dared to use their oppressive pressure to suppress this daddy?! Step out here for this daddy if you have the guts!”

Titan God’s Soul!

Possesses over ten thousand deceased souls of the Titan race.

Even though Luo Tian was only at the Profound Venerate 2nd rank, he was capable of suppressing anyone below the Profound Saint realm.

Luo Tian swept his gaze before landing it on Wang Daofeng. He then said with a cold smile: “Yun Yi, go and smack him. Give him a vicious slap that’s more fierce than your sister’s. Have these people witness your powers and understand that Starsea Immortal Sect inner disciples aren’t better than anyone. Our Mount Hua Immortal Sect outer sect disciples can easily suppress them. They are weak to the max and no different from a pile of shit, hahaha…”

Yun Yi nodded seriously and charged over in anger.

Previously, Tong Youming wasn’t prepared but this time, Wang Daofeng was.

Before Yun Yi made her move, he already took action.

It was a fatal strike the moment he took action. Eight small knives controlled by his energy had shot out towards the back and front of Yun Yi. No matter if she wanted to go forward or retreat backward, the knives would stab her in the fatal areas.

Luo Tian immediately made his move.

He took one step forward and roared into the air: “Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar!”
Titan God’s Might was released at the same time!

The violent roar directly made the eight small knives around Yun Yi drop to the ground!

At this moment…

Yun Yi’s palm swung out viciously, slapping Wang Daofeng spinning! Yun Yi’s heart was thumping wildly as she turned around and giggled at Luo Tian: “That felt really great!”

Also at this time…

The surrounding air pressure suddenly sank.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed while his mouth formed a sneer. He then muttered: “Here comes an expert!”

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