Undefeatable – Ch489

Chapter 489 – Directly Killing

Humans can change, so a boss could change too.

Luo Tian looked at Long Wang and could only sigh. “How did it turn out like this?”

“No matter what, he’s still considered an expert at the Profound Saint realm!”

He was a bit heartbroken.

He originally thought Long Wang would be a super boss level mob and didn’t expect him to become like this. Watching him flaunt his prowess on the stage, Luo Tian couldn’t help but sigh on his behalf. Luo Tian could still recall the vivid scene where he was completely suppressed at the Dao Shang Alliance auction house, and the killing intent he had for him had never vanished. Less than a year has passed since that incident and Luo Tian would still occasionally think about killing him.

“Luo Tian!”

“Scram up here! No one can save you today!”

Long Wang continued speaking in a tyrannical manner: “Tang Qingtian gave you a chance to live for another decade. Who would’ve imagined that you’ve become a disciple of an immortal sect now? Since we happen to meet today, then we’ll consider it as fate that your date of death has arrived early. Scram up here and accept your death!”

“That kid looks like he doesn’t dare to.”

“Look at his expression that resembles residual waste. He is definitely scared stiff and has probably pissed his pants already.”

“Hey kid, are you going up?”

“What a coward. Weren’t you just very arrogant? Why don’t you keep acting arrogant now?”

The disciples of Starsea and Imperial God Immortal Sect started loudly mocking Luo Tian.

Long Wang had passed the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s assessment and become an outer sect disciple. He used less than half a year’s time and became an elite disciple of the outer sect. The reason for coming to Heaven’s Boundary to cultivate the abundant immortal force was because he wanted to become an inner sect disciple.

He had a very strong foundation.

Before he joined the Imperial God Immortal Sect, he was already at the Profound Saint realm and a person with a powerful financial supporter behind him. His rise became even faster after entering the Imperial God Immortal Sect. His cultivation wasn’t restricted by his high age and was still able to improve at extremely fast speeds.

When he saw Luo Tian’s expressionless face, his gaze was filled with contempt. When they were back at Heavenly Sword City, he could’ve easily killed Luo Tian. But he had missed that chance then and that made him full of resentment. He has always thought about the death of his little brother.

He was always looking forward to the day he would meet Luo Tian again, and then kill him in the cruelest fashion possible. He would visit Heavenly Sword City afterward and turn the Great Tang Dynasty into a dead country. Finally, he would use the heads of the one hundred million civilians to accompany his little brother’s burial.

The hatred in his heart had been growing constantly all this time. And now that he saw Luo Tian, all that hatred had exploded out at once.

Xu Shan’s brows were locked in a frown. He grabbed Luo Tian and said: “Don’t do it. As long as you don’t get on the competition stage, no one can do anything to you. This is a rule of Heaven’s Boundary, and even the Imperial God Immortal Sect wouldn’t dare to act recklessly.”

“Team Leader, let’s just leave this place!”

“The teleportation array isn’t that far. We should leave this place.”

“Team Leader, let’s go!”

Han Hua and the rest were looking at Luo Tian.

There were more and more Imperial God and Starsea Immortal Sect disciples coming over. If they didn’t leave now, they wouldn’t have a chance to leave anymore.

No matter how strong Luo Tian was, there was no way he could take on this many people.


That Long Wang on the competition stage was at the Profound Saint realm. Even though he wasn’t trained in the orthodox ways of the immortal sects, he had still cultivated for over a hundred years. The power from the Profound Saint realm was a terrifying force to be reckoned with. And there was still an orthodox immortal sect disciple, Hong Yijian, right behind him.

He was the junior brother of Murong Wanjian. He possessed an extreme talent for martial arts and the quality of his innate bloodline was probably quite high up there.

Imperial God Immortal Sect had Hong Yijian, while Starsea Immortal Sect had an even more terrifying existence here known as Liu Zonghai. His cultivation was even stronger than the others. If he came out of his closed-door seclusion and found out Luo Tian was the one that killed the Starsea Envoy, then the matter would become even more troublesome for them to deal with.

At this time…

They had no other choices but to leave this place – the faster the better!

Seeing their anxious looks, Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “You guys are doing well cultivating here, so why should we leave? The ones that need to leave should be them and not us. Isn’t it just competing with each other? There’s no need to be afraid.”

“Garbage like him? I can take on ten of them without any problems!”

Luo Tian wasn’t worried at all.

He suddenly became happy to get up there.

Seeing all those immortal sect disciples acting like they were above everyone, and seeing how they just kept mocking and insulting Mount Hua Immortal Sect and their disciples; Luo Tian had the desire to slap their faces as viciously as possible.

In addition…

Long Wang had to die!

He had made this promise to himself! Long Wang couldn’t wait for the full ten years and neither could he!

He was completely crushed back then.

Fatty, Xuan Yuanyi, Blindman Liu, and An Chunchun were suppressed to the point that they almost died. Luo Tian could still vividly recall this scene, so he couldn’t let this chance go by. Even if Long Wang didn’t challenge him, he would’ve sent Long Wang a challenge himself.

Even if Long Wang doesn’t accept the challenge, he will still have to die.

Using the same words Long Wang said – you will be dying today whether you want to or not!

Immediately after…

Luo Tian broke free from Xu Shan’s grasp. He gently looked at Yun Ling and the others and said: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian leaped into the air and instantly landed on the competition stage. Seeing Long Wang with a smug smile on his face, Luo Tian said with a cold smile: “I didn’t expect you to have joined the Imperial God Immortal Sect. I was planning on going to your Dao Shang Alliance headquarters and f*ck over all eighteen generations of your family.”

“Luo Tian!”

“Give my little brother’s life back to me!”

Long Wang’s expression changed as he immediately used his Nine Dragons Divine Palms.

The level of the Nine Dragons Divine Palms he cultivated up to was different from his little brother. No one could tell how many times stronger it was.

His eyes widened!

Nine incomparably large illusory palm prints appeared right after, smashing towards Luo Tian with a majestic aura!

At this moment…

Long Wang had released all the immortal force he had absorbed at Heaven’s Boundary. This made the power of the Nine Dragons Divine Palms much stronger! He wanted to smash Luo Tian into powder. He wanted to smash Luo Tian’s soul into powder as well so that he couldn’t enter the cycle of reincarnation!

His actions were extremely vicious!

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he coldly sneered. Seeing the nine palm prints heading towards him, he said with a smile: “Nine Dragons Divine Palms, huh? I know it too. But in my eyes, yours isn’t Dragon Divine Palms but Insect Divine Palms.”

The time it takes for a spark to fall off a flint…

Luo Tian activated all his powers.

He didn’t want to waste time either and immediately made a fatal strike.

He wanted absolute suppression!

If he could kill Long Wang with one strike, he wouldn’t bother planning on using a second one.

“Level 6 Berserk!”


Once sixty-four times the base attributes were released, and a hot powerful aura surged out of Luo Tian’s body. His hands started moving and illusory images appeared. His movements were exactly the same as Long Wang. In a blink of an eye, Luo Tian shouted: “I will let you see what the real Nine Dragons Divine Palms looks like!”



As Luo Tian displayed the martial skill, nine crimson red palm prints appeared in the air. The palm prints he manifested were much stronger than the ones Long Wang created. The moment Long Wang showed how shocked he was, Luo Tian shouted: “Die for me!”


Nine palms prints acted like a thunderstrike and quickly smashed towards Long Wang.

A single palm print of Luo Tian managed to shatter all nine of Long Wang’s palm prints.

The remaining eight palm prints basically smashed the shit right out of Long Wang! His entire body had become a mixture of blood and meat! Not only was blood pouring out, but half of Long Wang’s body had also smashed through the stage and into the muddy ground!


“Still not dead?”

Not hearing a system alert meant Long Wang hadn’t died yet.

Luo Tian instantly moved and a fist smashed out toward Long Wang’s head.


The head exploded!

Luo Tian then deliberately stared at the previously arrogant Hong Yijian and shouted: “Who else?!”

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