Undefeatable – Ch49

Chapter 49 – The Shit Eating Youth Has Come Again

Within the Ghostly Mountain Range…

Luo Tian had forgotten about everything and just kept killing non-stop. He was killing like mad and like a demon.

In order to continue living…

In order for Luo Jianshan to lose face…

For Feng Lei, for Li Xue’er, for all the Luo family disciples that were on his side, and in order to kill the last boss, Luo Tian desperately strived to become stronger.

One human and three iron monsters were in the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range, running around like crazy in a raging arrogant and rampant manner.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Thunderous Wind Beast. You have gained 350 experience points, 35 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the blood essence of the Thunderous Wind Beast, Ten Thousand Beast Bloodline value +1.”


“Congratulations to player…”


The System alerts were like a machine that didn’t stop sounding off. The constant ringing was irritating to the ears but it made Luo Tian extremely excited.

His experience bar was soaring, his profound energy was increasing, his willpower was continuously being enhanced, and he kept on get more blood essence for the Ten Thousand Beast bloodline.

It was a bloody killing field for Luo Tian who struggled to level up.

One day…

Two days…

Three days…

There was no sense of day or night as he killed. He never rested so his entire body was beyond exhausted. Luo Tian didn’t dare to stop and used every single second to level up. Every single experience point was important and every point of profound energy could determine whether he lives or die. Because of this, he kept on killing on a path of insanity…

A 4th rank demonic beast was a peerless existence.

In order to survive, he had to become much stronger.

After the 4th rank demonic beast would be Luo Jianshan!

The last boss, this time he had to f*ck him up!


Luo Tian’s slightly hoarse voice roared out. The blood that covered his whole body like a suit of armor gave off a chilled light as it reflected off the sun. This light was similar to a light of death that shone out of hell.

Hearing this command from Luo Tian, the three iron monsters – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron all rushed into the tide of demonic beasts like mighty Generals.

“Level up… level up…”

“I have to quickly level up!”


Time flew by and it was already 8 days later. The day after was when Luo Tian was to fight with a 4th rank demonic beast in the battle arena.

As it neared the evening, the setting sun was like a globe of blood. Jade Mountain City looked like it was shrouded in blood from the red sun’s glare, causing some people to feel a tinge of nervousness.

The betting station at the battle arena.

“I bet 100 taels of silver that Luo Tian loses.”

“I bet 30 taels of silver that Luo Tian won’t survive for more than a minute.”

“I bet 70 taels of silver…”

“That kid Luo Tian is definitely going to die and we’re going to make a heap of money. We should really be thanking him, hahaha…”

“His dantian was crippled and his cultivation wasted. Even if his dantian was miraculously restored, his cultivation still wouldn’t be that high. Daring to fight a 4th rank demonic beast? He practically has one foot in the grave already.”

“Haha… did you hear? Eight days ago, that trash Luo Tian went to train in the Ghostly Mountain Range and still hasn’t returned. Could he have been eaten by a demonic beast?”

“Who cares? We will still win the bet if he doesn’t appear. Dying earlier or dying later makes no difference; it’s still the same outcome.”


The gambling stakes was started by Jade Mountain City’s battle arena.

There was a huge hype about Luo Tian challenging a 4th rank demonic beast at the battle arena, so it was natural everyone in the Jade Mountain City knew. There were even some people that came from larger cities over a thousand miles away who had come to spectate and wager some bets.

The odds were 1:10.

Luo Tian was the 1 and the 4th rank demonic beast was the 10. These odds were basically one sided and within the past half a month, there was less than 10 taels of silver on Luo Tian winning.

This happened to be the people who had accidentally put their money on him and it couldn’t be refunded.

The battle arena was something where pretty much every city would have one. It was designed for human entertainment, gambling, and was a lucrative money making machine. All these battle arenas were controlled by a mysterious organization. The power they possessed was huge, and no one has ever known where their headquarters were or who their boss was.

At this time…

Inside a luxury room within the battle arena.

Several senior management personnel showed cold sweat on their foreheads.

“The bets on the demonic beast are increasing like crazy and will soon break the million mark. If this continues, we’ll have to pay out all the income we’ve gained this year.”

“General Manger Li, should we slip the demonic beast a little something? I know of a drug that can continuously lower the strength of a demonic beast. That way, we can…”

“Shut up, our Violet organization never cheats. If you dare to mention this again, immediately get the f*ck out!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The several senior management maintained their silence not daring to make a single sound.

Li Gui clasped his hands behind his back and looked out of the room at the blood red sky. His brows formed a slight frown as he softly said to himself: “Third young miss, what on earth are you up to? Do you really think that kid can beat a 4th rank demonic beast? This is absolutely impossible.”

“Our Violet organization has never made a losing transaction. This time I’m afraid…”

Li Gui sighed in his heart.


The sound of rapid knocking was heard in the luxury room. Without waiting for someone from the inside to open it, a man drenched in sweat burst through the door.

The people inside the room all frowned, and just when someone was about to curse out, the man was the first to speak up: “General… General Manager Li, so… someone has placed a bet of ten xuan stones.”


“Who is capable of such a lavish move in this little Jade Mountain City?”

“Even if the four major families combined their net worth, they still wouldn’t be able to come up with ten xuan stones. Who on earth could it be?”

“We’re screwed; our losses are going to become even worse.”

The faces on these people darkened further since the profits of the battle arena were directly related to their bonus. They couldn’t understand why this fight was publicized with such fanfare that it even spread beyond a thousand miles from here. Even the royal capital Heavenly Sword City knew about it.

What was this all about?

Nobody here knew, not even Li Gui. He was merely here to execute the orders from up top.

Li Gui frowned even more and asked: “Did you get a clear look at who it was?”

The man shook his head, “No, that person was dressed in an all black cloak so I couldn’t see the face. The only thing that I’m sure of is that the person was a woman.”

“A woman?”

“Hearing her voice, it’s more likely that she was a young girl.”

“A young girl?”

The man then thought of something and continued: “She placed her bets on Luo Tian.”

“Luo Tian? Ten xuan stones? Hahaha….”

“The Gods are looking after us! This time we’re going to gain a huge profit.”

“That girl is practically our savior.”

For the time being, there were sounds of laughter inside the luxury room. Li Gui’s heart also loosened up as a faint smile appeared on his face.

The Luo family.

Within Luo Tian’s simple horse stable courtyard.

Li Xue’er came out of her room in a white dress that was particularly beautiful with the blood red sun as the backdrop.

She sat down on a stone bench in the yard while drumming her cheeks. Li Xue’er was staring at the yard’s entrance and would from time to time mutter: “Big brother Luo Tian, how come you still haven’t returned? Xue’er misses you…”

On the stone steps of the courtyard entrance, Feng Lei sat there motionless like a security guard with a bland look.

The deadline is almost up!

Since Luo Tian still hasn’t appeared, the two of them started to worry.

“It can’t go on like this!”

“This one will go out to look for the boss!” Feng Lei immediately stood up with determination and was about to rush out.

Seeing Feng Lei’s sudden change, Li Xue’er ran after him and said: “I’ll go too.”

Before the two were even able to leave the horse stables, they were surrounded by a group of people led by the Second Elder’s son – Luo Chen!

“You two better not think about even taking a step out of this place.”

Luo Chen blocked Feng Lei and Li Xue’er’s path and coldly sneered, “That piece of damn trash Luo Tian probably died in the Ghostly Mountain Range, that’s why he still hasn’t returned. Another reason is that maybe he has already left you two here and escaped on his own, or else he should be back by now.”

“My boss will never die!” Feng Lei angrily retorted.

Li Xue’er also anxiously interjected: “Big brother Luo Tian will never leave us here and escape on his own, humph!”

“If he really hasn’t run away, I’ll eat that pile of shit on the ground.” Luo Chen pointed at a lump of horse manure near his foot.

“What the f*ck?!”

“I’ve seen perverted people before but never to this perverseness. He actually became addicted to eating shit!”

A silhouette started drawing near as a voice was heard in the darkening skies. The person had a sneer on his face and was exuding an endless domineering aura.

Feng Lei scratched his head with a goofy grin on his face.

Li Xue’er also smiled; her dimples appeared making her look extremely cute.

Luo Chen was dumbfounded. The surrounding Luo family elite disciples were also dumbfounded.

Luo Tian appeared before them as he seriously glanced at Feng Lei. Their eyes met but no words were needed between brothers. He then used his index finger to gently pat Li Xue’er’s nose, “Little girl, did you miss me?”

“En! Missed you a lot.” Li Xue’er obediently nodded while tears almost came out of her eyes.

Seeing her adorable look, Luo Tian wanted to pull her in for an embrace. He really really wanted to but in the end, he endured against the desire.

Seeing that those two were safe and sound, his heart was relieved. Luo Tian then turned towards Luo Chen and grinned, “Fatty Lei, what are you waiting for? Deliver the shit!”

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