Undefeatable – Ch503

Chapter 503 – Blood Shadow

All here!

Luo Tian already had the Titan race’s blood.

He was only missing the other three!

The problem he had left was how to reach the Sky Palace Divine race’s location.

Before Luo Tian had a chance to ask, Wu Xiao said: “I already found the location for the Sky Palace Divine race – they’re at the summit of Sky Mountain.”



Luo Tian couldn’t hold back and started laughing in excitement.

Around this time…

The dragon egg inside him started moving and looked like it was excited as well.

This was related to whether it could hatch or not, so how can it not be excited?

It has been waiting for a long time already and all it wanted was to hatch. It was feeling helpless because it was missing one single thing, and that was the dragon’s soul. With that item, it could immediately hatch out.

As for Luo Tian…

Apart from gaining the Dragon’s Bead to open the ancient battlefield and hatching the dragon egg, there was only one every important reason.

The super SSS-rank quest!

Just thinking of the rewards made him start drooling. This was a reward of a single level, which meant giving him a few hundred million experience points for free. There was also the Sky Dragon’s Divine Sword thrown in! This was basically the music for awesomeness to the extreme!

In an instant…

Luo Tian’s gaze landed right at the black-robed elder. He coldly grinned and said: “You want to see Devil Sovereign Xingtian, right?”

“That’s right!”

“I want to see who dares to impersonate our devil sect’s battle god.”

“No matter who it is, you can forget about escaping death today!”

The black-robed elder had an unyielding tone of voice. He came with orders that even if Luo Tian was truly the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian, he still had to die. The reason was that the current devil sect no longer had a position or status of Sovereign Xingtian. A person that died tens of thousands of years ago no longer needs to appear again!

This was the assassination order he received!

Wu Xiao’s expression sank as he said: “Fourth Elder, he really is the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian so there’s no need to suspect him. If you anger the sovereign, your ending will not be a pretty sight.”

Wu Xiao was one of Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s fanatical admirers.

It was due to this that inside the Dark Abyss Caves, he had no hesitation and directly kneeled down when he saw Luo Tian transform into Sovereign Xingtian. He never doubted Luo Tian because he didn’t have a reason to.

The black-robed elder coldly sneered and said with disdain: “Devil Sovereign Xingtian? Is it necessary for a character that has died tens of thousands of years ago to appear now? So what if he appears again? Just based on his current strength, what can he bring to our devil sect?”

“Wu Xiao!”

“I originally planned on leaving you with your life, but I didn’t expect you to stay so stubborn and unrepentant. It’s fine as well since you and your Sovereign Xingtian can die together.”

As his voice faded…

The three surviving assassins shifted their stance and were ready to move.

Wu Xiao’s expression changed as he shouted: “You guys dare to act so rashly in front of Sovereign Xingtian?! It looks like you guys are tired of living!”

Just when they were about to take action…

Luo Tian blocked Wu Xiao and said: “It looks like their goal in coming here isn’t to determine whether I am the reincarnation of Xingtian or not, they just want to directly kill me. Your devil sect’s leader seems to not want me to exist, most likely afraid that I would affect his or her position.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I had once thought that even if the immortal sects don’t wish to keep me here, at least the devil sect will have a place for me to establish myself. Now, it looks like no major force will tolerate my presence.”

“That’s fine too; works out great!”

“Then there’s no need for me to hesitate and hold back.”

“As long as they are not my friends, they will be my enemy – they will all have to die!”

In an instant…

Luo Tian roared out: “Become A Devil!”


His body transformed into a physique with explosive power. The aura of a monarch instantly suppressed the surrounding area, and the ten-kilometer radius around him was enshrouded with his killing intent!


The Sky Splitting Divine Axe with a weight of 100,000 jins appeared in his hands.

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a curve as an arrogant smile appeared on his face. “Did you see through everything now?”


A flash appeared in Wu Xiao’s eyes as he became extremely agitated. Even though this was already the second time he witnessed Luo Tian transform into Devil Sovereign Xingtian, he still wasn’t able to hide the enthusiasm he felt inside his heart. He was so excited that he couldn’t speak and almost kneeled down to worship him.

Compared to last time, the devil sovereign’s fleshly body was much stronger now.

And his aura was much more oppressive.

A monarch’s domineering aura was fully displayed!

During this period, Luo Tian gained various powers from the Titan God. His upgraded fleshly body greatly assisted Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s fleshly body, so his devil physique was much stronger than before.

The black-robed elder’s face sank. He was feeling extreme confusion while his expression was ugly to behold. “It’s, it’s, it’s really Sovereign Xingtian?”

“Now you know the truth?”

“Apologies, but…”

“It’s too late now.”

Luo Tian’s figure started moving. His hands were holding onto the Sky Splitting Divine Axe as he took a step forward.


The ground shook and split apart.

The three devil sect assassins were dumbstruck from the shaking.

The black-robed elder clenched his teeth and said unwillingly: “So what if you’re really the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian? Your current cultivation is only at the Profound Venerate 4th rank. Do you really think this little bit of strength can change anything? Quit dreaming!”

“You are nothing but trash!”

“Why are you guys staring like retards? Cripple him for me!”

The three devil sect assassins glanced at each other. They forced out the distracting thoughts in their minds and utilized their strongest abilities. The three of them turned illusory and kept changing their positions. They hid their auras before charging at Luo Tian at lightning speed!

Devil flames surged into the sky!

Killing intent! A tyrannical aura was slowly permeating the surrounding area.

Luo Tian started breathing lightly before his blood-red pupils suddenly turned serious. The true powers of Devil Sovereign Xingtian then exploded forth from his powerful body. With a single hand, he held onto the handle of the Sky Splitting Divine Axe and shouted: “Sweeping through all enemies!”


A fiery flame appeared with the release of his powers!

The flame exploded onto the Sky Splitting Divine Axe, making it look like a huge burning axe. The axe then swept out horizontally in a 360-degree motion!




Wherever the axe went past, even the air seemed to have been slaughtered by it.

Those three devil sect assassins didn’t even leave behind any ashes as they were instantly killed. The void of space that was split apart by the divine axe had devoured their remains! They had disappeared from this world forever!




Three system alert tones sounded off.


“So mighty!”

“Sovereign Xingtian, the only battle god of the devil sect in these tens of thousands of years. This kind of power would make anyone’s blood boil.” Wu Xiao’s eyes revealed his fanatical look while feeling incomparably excited.

The black-robed elder was dumbstruck by this.

Luo Tian’s strength had exceeded his calculations!


The aura released from Luo Tian’s body made him extremely scared.

He didn’t bother thinking further.

The black-robed elder shouted: “Blood Shadow!” His figure turned illusory and several blood-red colored shadows appeared.

Wu Xiao’s expression changed and immediately advised: “Sovereign Xingtian, he’s using our devil sect’s secret skill Blood Shadow! He’s trying to escape!”


“Did I agree to it?”

“I didn’t agree to it so it doesn’t matter if you escape to hell because everything will be useless.” A frenzy amount of energy surged into Luo Tian’s arms. While holding onto the axe’s handle, he raised it up into the air. Without waiting for the blood shadows to fully appear, he chopped down and shouted: “Explode for me!”

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