Undefeatable – Ch505

Chapter 505 – Rainbow Lotus

It wasn’t just Venerable Hun Yuan.

Hidden in the void was a pair of eyes as well.

Inner cores!

The cultivation treasure of immortal sects!

From outer sect disciples to Sect Leaders, they all wanted this item desperately. After gaining Luo Tian’s offering of these pure inner cores, Venerable Hun Yuan’s cultivation underwent an increase in just half a month. Based on his current cultivation realm, any increase was considered a great breakthrough.

He found out Luo Tian was leaving!

So, he immediately rushed over. His speed was practically the fastest speed he had ever used in his entire life!

Venerable Hun Yuan smiled and said: “Luo Tian, where are you going off to?”

Luo Tian also smiled in response. He glanced at Venerable Hun Yuan and then looked up at the sky. Without hiding his intentions, he replied: “In order to help you guys refine more inner cores, I need to search for much more ingredients.”

Venerable Hun Yuan’s eyes glared at Luo Tian and said: “You’re not going to run away, right?”

He was very scared Luo Tian would run.

Running away meant losing a large pile of inner cores.

This will be considered a huge loss for him.

Venerable Hun Yuan smiled and continued saying: “I think you won’t dare to run away. Han Hua, Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and the others are still at Mount Hua Immortal Sect. If you happen to run away, who knows when an accident might suddenly befall them?”

“Luo Tian, do you know what accidents are?”

“Having a few outer sect disciples accidentally die is a rather normal occurrence.

“It might be nothing to you if they die, but Heavenly Sword City, the Great Tang Dynasty, your brothers there… heh heh…”

Speaking up to this point…

Venerable Hun Yuan started chuckling coldly.

A threat?!

This was absolutely an open threat!

It was the same as last time and this pissed Luo Tian off like crazy! But this time, Luo Tian didn’t show any signs of anger as he suppressed the flames inside his heart. He replied with a faint smile: “Don’t worry, even if you tried to drive me away, I still wouldn’t leave.”


What a joke! Would this daddy leave when I haven’t played you, bosses, to death?

Also at this time…

That pair of eyes sent out a sound transmission and said with disdain: “The young phoenix Li Xue’er… Luo Tian, you should know what you can and cannot do, right?”

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes and then loudly yelled at the sky: “Don’t worry Prime Elder, I won’t be running away! Even if I break both my legs, I will still find a way to crawl back to Mount Hua Immortal Sect! You don’t understand how much I love you! I love you to the point of going crazy!”


Luo Tian started laughing without restraint.

Venerable Hun Yuan’s expression changed into one of slight fear. He then said to himself: “Sure enough, it’s the Prime Elder.”

Luo Tian walked into the teleportation array and said: “Grand Elder, I’m going out to find ingredients to help you guys refine inner cores. Can you take care of the matter of activating the teleportation array for me?”

Venerable Hun Yuan looked at the administrator of the teleportation array and said: “Activate the teleportation array for him.”

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Heaven Opening City!”

Right after that…

A bright light flashed, and Luo Tian instantly disappeared.

Behind Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s main hall, inside a small courtyard belonging to the Sect Leader.

Venerable Hun Yuan made a slight bow and said: “Sect Leader, your guess was correct. Prime Elder is letting Luo Tian do whatever he wants because of the inner cores.”

Venerable Yun Ji was holding onto two inner cores. On the surface of the pure inner cores was a faint hidden pulse of immortal force. This immortal force was extremely dense and could make anyone lose their minds over. After thinking for a few seconds, he looked up at the sky and said to himself: “That old man must’ve gotten even more, right?”


“Just wait!”

“You guys just wait and see!”

“This daddy will fatten each of you up first. The fatter you guys are, the greater my returns will be. Once the time is ripe, this daddy will then viciously slaughter you all!” Luo Tian clenched his fists on and off several times.

His nails were embedded into his palms and fresh blood was dripping down.


Pain that struck right at the heart!

But this pain couldn’t block the rage inside Luo Tian’s heart. This was a rage that shot up tens of thousands of meters high!

Being oppressed by Venerable Hun Yuan and the Prime Elder made him extremely pissed off. He did experience a faint regret for what he had done to Heaven’s Boundary, but now there wasn’t even a bit of regret left. “Since you guys have pissed me off, then this daddy will piss off your entire family!”


White light exploded.

Luo Tian appeared on the teleportation array of Heaven Opening City.

The environment in Heaven Opening City and Dark North City was very similar.

They were both large cities that had signed an alliance with the immortal sects.

The difference with Dark North City was that Luo Tian’s appearance here did not result in having long spears poking at his neck. This time, he came down the teleportation platform in a very relaxed manner. What made him surprised was…

There were several teleportation nodes of other immortal sects on the platform.

It was very obvious that…

Apart from him, there were other immortal sect disciples here as well!


“Did you hear?”

The Rainbow Lotus in the depths of Sky Mountain will be born soon. This is a supreme treasure birthed by heaven and earth, a spiritual treasure born from the divine veins of Sky Mountain! Whoever manages to get it will have their cultivation increase significantly. I also heard that consuming the Rainbow Lotus will allow one to instantly breakthrough. If one uses it to concoct an immortal pill, one can increase their longevity by a thousand years!”

“Didn’t you hear?”

“Have you not noticed that experts have been gathering at Heaven Opening City lately? Even those immortal sects have been alerted. Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Starsea Immortal Sect have sent people here. Apart from immortal sects, there are also some experts that have hidden themselves for many years. Look over there – that’s right, it’s that beggar with dirty tattered clothing. He was never here at Heaven Opening City in the past so he is definitely new here. Pretending to be a beggar to get news? Who knows if he’s actually an expert at the Profound Saint realm?”

“I think so too.”

“Take a look at that youth over there.”

“Graceful eyebrows and elegant looks; the aura coming from him seems to be quite extraordinary. He could be a disciple from an immortal sect, right?”


“Cheh~. One look at the clothes he’s wearing and I can tell he’s a country bumpkin pretending to look important. Not to mention immortal sect disciples, he can’t even be a third-rate expert with his looks. Based on my opinion, his cultivation hasn’t even reached the Profound Spirit realm yet.”

“So, should our target be him?”

“Heh heh… it’ll be him.”


Luo Tian entered a restaurant. He greeted a waiter, ordered some dishes, and started eating.

This half a day, he had heard many news about the Rainbow Lotus. He believed all these immortal sect disciples definitely came here for it. As for him, his interest in the Rainbow Lotus wasn’t that great.

His target was mainly on going to the location of the Sky Palace Divine race.

“Waiter, how far is this place from Sky Mountain?”

“Customer, one look and I can tell you came here for the Rainbow Lotus, right? My advice to you is to give up and don’t risk your life going there. That item isn’t something that people like you or I can obtain. The City Lord has already grouped up with several large immortal sects to form the strongest team. The Rainbow Lotus is practically their’s already so you should just save your strength for other things,” said the waiter with a smile.


Luo Tian smiled bitterly and changed his question, “Waiter, do you know about the Sky Palace Divine race?”

The store waiter looked at Luo Tian in shock before saying with a smile: “Who here in Heaven Opening City doesn’t know about the Sky Palace Divine race? They are part of our legend.”


Luo Tian couldn’t help but become stunned.

Around this time…

Three large burly guys sat down at Luo Tian’s table. They had a cold disdainful smile as they said: “Kid, do you have any valuables on you?”


“This is a robbery!”

“What the f*ck…?”

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