Undefeatable – Ch51

Chapter 51 – Something Happened To Li Xue’er

Deep into the night, the stars dotted the sky making the courtyard not too dark.

Inside a room, the sound of snoring could be heard.

Luo Tian was in a deep, deep slumber. He hadn’t slept in eight days so of course he was dead tired.


A slight energy fluctuation appeared in the middle of his courtyard. This caused the eyes of the sleeping Luo Tian to suddenly tremble. Hit by a flash of alertness, he immediately sat up.

He sent out his senses and his lips curved into a smile. Luo Tian put on some overalls and walked out of his room

“It’s true!”

“You’ve already entered the Profound Master realm!”

“At first I didn’t believe it but now I have to. You are truly too impressive.” A dark shadow stood there motionless with a cold look. His tone clearly showed his unconstrained anger, hatred, and killing intent.

Luo Tian didn’t get close and stayed a safe distance away. He lightly smiled, “You didn’t merely come here to confirm that I broke through to the Profound Master realm right?”

The thick killing intent released by Luo Jianshan caused Luo Tian to be a bit surprised.

Was this released because of Luo Chen? Impossible!

Because Luo Tian had been too arrogant these past few days? Also impossible!

Releasing killing intent because Luo Xiaoshan hadn’t returned yet? Also impossible.

This killing intent was so thick that one would only release when they had a death feud. That’s why Luo Tian came to the conclusion that it should be for his son Luo Lin. Only killing another’s son would incite such strong killing intent.

“From the looks of things, it appears Luo Jianshan has finally found out.” Luo Tian’s mind was only a bit surprised so his facial expression didn’t show any noticeable changes.

It was clear that Luo Jianshan wasn’t going to make a move against him yet by just standing there. At least it wasn’t right now because his name was still a golden color!

“Let’s get straight to the point.”

“You will die tomorrow.” Luo Jianshan said frankly.

Luo Tian’s eyebrows quivered, “Oh?”

Luo Jianshan continued: “You don’t have to die…”

Luo Tian asked: “What’s the condition?”

Luo Jianshan’s lips slightly curved into a confidant smile, “Take out the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core, cripple your own cultivation, and I will allow you live the rest of your life peacefully.”


Luo Tian made two “oh’s” before asking a bit excitedly: “You’re not going to avenge your son? You’re not going to avenge your little brother Luo Xiaoshan? You’re not going to avenge your trusted subordinate Luo Ming?”

“Luo Tian…!”

Luo Jianshan roared out as his aura turned into a biting cold feeling. His rage soared up and the killing intent permeated the entire courtyard.

Powerful – Luo Jianshan’s strength was truly powerful.

Luo Tian was hiddenly shocked but still faintly smiled as he said to himself: “It can’t be the last boss if he weren’t powerful!”


Luo Jianshan heavily exhaled before saying: “They have already died. Living people must keep living so that’s why I can let it go.”

Luo Tian was very surprised as he never imagined Luo Jianshan would be so easy going.

Of course…

Luo Tian wouldn’t believe him.

He wasn’t an idiot. Cripple his own cultivation and once again become a trash that people could pick on?

Luo Tian was truly wondering if Luo Jianshan had been dropped on the head when he was a baby or was struck by lightning. How could he even say such words?


He finally found out why Luo Jianshan had continuously held back instead of taking him out – the demon core!

The Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core!

Luo Tian realized he never laid hands on the demon core. Thinking to the scene in the past, he faintly smiled. “Looks like Fatty Lei went up six levels continuously because of the demon core.”

The energy of demon cores was truly powerful!

Luo Tian turned around and started walking back to his room while saying: “My apologies. You can let everything go but this daddy cannot. I will see you at the battle arena tomorrow!”

Luo Tian honestly couldn’t let everything go.

When you’re playing a video game and see a boss, can you let it go?

Wouldn’t you want to find ways to kill it?

Why bother playing video games if you see a boss and not kill it? Why play at all?

Luo Tian will never let this go. Ignoring the boss part, just the point that Luo Jianshan had detained Li Xue’er and Feng Lei was already something Luo Tian couldn’t let go.

You dare to move against this daddy’s brother? Courting death!

You dare to bully this daddy’s woman? That’s like courting ultimate death!

Luo Jianshan narrowed his eyes and coldly smiled. He then said in a cold tone: “You will change your mind tomorrow but by then, the conditions won’t be as simple as crippling your own cultivation.”

After saying that, Luo Jianshan walked out of the courtyard. His facial expression looked much calmer and his actions much more leisurely compared to when he first came.

“Hey boss, what did Luo Jianshan talk to you about?” Once Luo Jianshan left, Feng Lei came out of his room and yawned while scratching his bald head.

Luo Tian smiled, “Nothing much, quickly go back to sleep.”


Luo Tian remembered something and casually asked: “Hey fatty, do you have the Furious Thunder Bull’s demon core?”


“Boss, while this one was absorbing the blood essence, a crystal like stone was sucked in as well. This one didn’t know what it was, so it’s called a demon core? Right now it’s within my body but this one doesn’t know how to take it out.” Feng Lei answered in serious manner.

Luo Tian smiled, “Don’t worry about it then, go back to sleep!”

Dawn, the sky started to light up.

Luo Jianshan stood in his courtyard looking up at the faintly bright skies without moving.

A while later…

A black shadow landed.

A person with a similar age to Luo Jianshan stood in the courtyard. His eyes had a defined look to it while he gave off a strong Profound Master’s aura.

Zhou family’s Patriarch, Zhou Tairan!

At the peak Profound Master 8th rank, his strength was also extremely powerful.

Zhou Tairan glanced up into the sky as well but found it boring. “Brother Luo, I had someone put the drug you gave me into the food source of the Lava Lizard. Can you tell me what the drug’s for now?”

Luo Jianshan faintly smiled and stopped looking at the sky. “Aphrodisiac. Just a little bit and it will cause a virgin to go out of control.”

“An aphrodisiac?!”

A sudden thought hit Zhou Tairan as he recalled the bucketful of aphrodisiac. His mind then felt shocked as he incredulously asked: “What would happen to the Lava Lizard if it consumed so much aphrodisiac?”

Luo Jianshan’s smile turned cold and said: “It will change into a 5th rank demonic beast!”

Zhou Tairan’s eyes trembled as he felt shocked from those words!

This Luo Jianshan was too sinister!


The night went by peacefully, but beneath this peace were hidden undercurrents.

Luo Jianshan was secretly planning everything.

This time, not only would he get the demon core, he was going to make Luo Tian suffer complete devastation to the point where his soul would disperse. Luo Tian wouldn’t even be able to enter hell even if he wanted to!

Early morning.

Luo Tian washed up before bringing fatty Lei with him towards the direction of the battle arena.

“Fatty Lei, have you seen that girl?”

“Sister-in-law? I haven’t seen her yet, perhaps she left before us.”

“Oh…” Luo Tian couldn’t help feeling something ominous.


“Little brother Luo, I’ll be cheering for you today. I happened to put my entire life savings on you so don’t let me down.” Song Yanqun laughed as he came up.

At his side, there was a refined looking man who nodded towards Luo Tian with a smile.

Song Yannan, the Song family’s Patriarch.

Luo Tian also politely smiled back but didn’t walk up to greet him.

At this time…

A male who looked like an ordinary civilian ran up to Luo Tian and handed him something. “Someone wanted me to give you this.”

Luo Tian opened it up and his expression immediately changed. His entire body erupted into rage, “Luo Jianshan, f*ck your ancestors!!!”

Something happened to Li Xue’er!

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