Undefeatable – Ch515

Chapter 515 – Little Xie’s Life Hanging By A Thread

“Watch out!” Luo Tian shouted in alarm.

Also at this time…

Qin San was only staring at Luo Tian. He grabbed onto Qin Changtian and shot away at astounding speeds.

Luo Tian’s expression sank.

Qin San’s cultivation…

“Damn it!”

“Stop messing around!”

Luo Tian’s gaze tightened as he said to himself: “How could the Head Steward of Sunset City’s Qin family not have any cultivation? He had been pretending all along. I’m really… sigh~… looks like I can’t so easily believe in what people say in this world.”

Qin San was a martial artist.

And his cultivation wasn’t that low, around the peak of the Profound Venerate realm.

He had never revealed this.

Even when inside Sunset City’s Qin family, he never revealed it. Not many people knew he was a high ranking martial artist. When they were still at Heaven Opening City, Ji Ao viciously whipped at him twice and he could’ve dodge, but he didn’t move away.

Such a deep and calculative mind was indeed rather scary.

Qin San shot out while carrying Qin Changtian. He took another leap and had already disappeared into the darkness.

Little Xie was somewhat stunned.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he asked: “Little Xie, do you trust me?”

There was a faint frown on Little Xie’s forehead before he slightly nodded.

His background was kind of mysterious and Luo Tian couldn’t figure it out. The only thing he knew was this youth wasn’t simple and they were out of options. Qin San didn’t trust him anymore and the Dark Forest was filled with assassins. He wasn’t worried about anything except for Qin Changtian suffering injuries. Just a minor scrape and the system might consider him failing his quest! Who was he going to reason with when 200 million experience points suddenly get deducted?

Luo Tian was really worried!

He was really worried something bad might happen to Qin Changtian!

If 200 million experience points was deducted from him, he would instantly drop a level! This…

“No way!”

Luo Tian’s heart shook. He then looked at Little Xie and said: “Steward Qin is wary of me and no longer trusts me. There’s no use if I try to explain myself and I’m also too lazy to explain myself. I am different from other immortal sect disciples. Little Xie, can you help me protect them? Just leave this area for me to take care of.”


“None of you should dream of escaping!”

Several dark figures shot out from the darkness.

Their chest was sewn with Heaven Opening Manor’s standard seal. Every one of them were professionally trained assassins!

Luo Tian coldly sneered and said: “You guys came rather quickly!”

He then spoke to the side: “Quickly leave and go protect Qin San and Qin Changtian.”

Little Xie seriously looked at Luo Tian before his figure turned illusory and disappeared without a trace.

Two of the assassins instantly chased after him with a shout, “Let’s see where you can run to!”

The instant they rushed off, Luo Tian’s figure moved and blocked their path. He revealed his grim reaper’s smile and said: “Your opponent is me.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s fist was already in motion for an attack!



One punch for each of them, instantly sending them flying.



Instant kill!

“Courting death!”

The other assassins surrounded Luo Tian. They condensed their powers and exploded forth with a powerful energy. Their powers connected with each other and created an energy net that sealed off all directions of retreat for Luo Tian. The net didn’t look very strong but it contained a powerful killing intent.

This was the killing intent these assassins had cultivated for many years.


This kind of killing intent might be useful to others, but for Luo Tian who cultivated the grim reaper’s path of slaughter, it was absolutely useless against him.

“Killing intent?!”


Luo Tian sneered in disdain. His gaze changed and a phantom image of a figure holding a scythe appeared behind him. The figure was wearing a long black robe, and this was naturally the phantom image of the grim reaper. A grim reaper condensed from killing intent! The moment the large killing intent was about to wrap Luo Tian up…

The phantom grim reaper started moving.

Its large scythe made a swipe like it was cutting a watermelon!

Also at this time…

Luo Tian’s pair of hands started moving as well. In the midst of the darkness, sixty-four illusory palms appeared as he shouted: “Sixty-four palms, Divine Fantasy Palms! Go die for me!”




Every one of the sixty-four palms contained a god-like power as it was struck out with all of Luo Tian’s strength!

Every strike was an instant kill!

Powerful to a complete mess!

These six remaining assassins instantly lost their lives. They had no ability to resist at all!

These assassins were just the first batch and the weakest ones inside the Dark Forest. Soon, there will definitely be assassins at a much stronger caliber. Luo Tian didn’t dare to stay in place any longer since he didn’t know if there were any assassins that went past this area.

Qin San’s strength wasn’t enough to protect Qin Changtian!

“My little ancestor!”

Luo Tian’s figure started moving as he released his fastest speed to chase after them.




“They’re right up front! Faster! Faster!”

“Avenge Third Young Master! They dare to touch Heaven Opening Manor’s Third Young Master?! Even if these guys have a hundred lives, it’s still not enough deaths for payback!”

There was killing intent everywhere inside the Dark Forest.

Those high ranking demonic beasts were crouching on the ground not daring to move. They were completely restrained by the killing intent permeating through the air!




These assassins were like flying fishes skimming through the water, all chasing towards Qin San and the others like crazy.

Aside from these assassins…

There was another powerful force participating.

Disciples of the four great immortal sects!

They were hiding their auras and their speeds surpassed the assassins from Heaven Opening Manor. When they determined Qin San’s location, their immortal force exploded forth. Just like a sharp arrow, they shuttled through the air and arrived in less than 15 minutes.

They found Qin San’s trace!

“It’s those two!”

“Master said that we have to capture them alive.”

“Don’t worry; those two won’t be able to escape from us. And those idiots from Heaven Opening Manor wanted to compete with us?”

“Why don’t those bumpkins take a good look at who we are?!”

“Heh heh…”

The four great immortal sects were acting complacent.

They increased their speeds.

“Qin San, let’s see where else you can run to!”

A huge hand crushed down from the sky. At this instant, an evil energy directly blocked this huge hand.


Little Xie descended and said: “You two, quickly run!”


“A little hairless boy like you wishes to block our way?”

“You’re courting death!”

A disciple from the Imperial God Immortal Sect activated his powerful immortal force. His speed was fast and his power extremely violent. “Mountain Splitting Palms, go die for me!”

Both palms moved in unison.

A power capable of splitting mountains exploded forth from both his palms!

Little Xie’s gaze tightened and used his speed as his advantage. Before that person could connect with the attack, he already charged over.

In the world of martial arts, only speed couldn’t be broken past!


His speed was fast but he didn’t expect that the moment the Imperial God Immortal Sect disciple made his move, the eldest disciples of Starsea Immortal Sect, Myriad Sword Immortal Sect, and Shocking Cloud Immortal Sect launched a sneak attack on him.


Four attacks simultaneously landed on Little Xie’s body.


Little Xie’s face became pale white. He never imagined that disciples of immortal sects would be this despicable!

The four of them revealed a ferocious smile and the one in lead said with coldly: “Trashy thing, go die for me!”

A sword started moving and was piercing towards the center of Little Xie’s brows.

At this instant, a figure descended…

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