Undefeatable – Ch54

Chapter 54 – Shocking The Entire Audience

“Too despicable!”

“This Lava Lizard is practically a 5th rank demonic beast. The Violet organization actually dares to do something like this? Despicable!”

“The Lava Lizard makes an appearance and is already in a berserk status, so that’s obviously signs that it’s been drugged. I’m afraid this is something man made.”

“Elder brother, you’re saying it’s Luo Jianshan?”

“Highly possible!”

“That f*cker, this Luo Jianshan is too sinister. If things continue like this, it’s definitely dangerous to little brother Luo.”

Song Yanqun angrily voiced the unfairness of the situation.

Song Yannan had a trace of anger on his face as well. When looking at the injured Luo Tian in the arena, he felt a bit sorry for him as he mumbled: “Sixteen years old and already at the Profound Master 3rd rank. I believe within a thousand years of history, no one in the Jade Mountain City is able to accomplish what he has. It’s too bad… too bad this is where he will fall. Sigh… If he was born in my Song family, I believe that we would be able to dominate the entire Jade Mountain City given a few more years!”

No matter how strong someone is at the Profound Master 3rd rank is, there’s no way they are an opponent for a 5th rank demonic beast.

Luo Tian’s attack couldn’t even penetrate past the huge lizard’s defense and had been bounced back flying by its aura. After smashing into the arena’s wall, he was now seriously injured.

The strength disparity was too much; Luo Tian wasn’t its opponent at all!

There was no suspense since the start of the match.

“Hahaha… that piece of trash Luo Tian is about to die.”

“Back then he was beaten by a beggar to the point of looking like a dog eating shit. Now in just one move, the Lava Lizard managed to cripple him. A useless crap is indeed still a useless crap, there’s no way he’ll be able to turn over a new leaf in this lifetime!”

“I knew it, he cheated in the hunting contest to get first place. Or else how could it be possible for a trash like him to kill so many demonic beasts by himself?”

“After harming so many fellow Luo family brethrens, he should’ve known something like this would happen to him one day.”

“Just go die!”

Many people on the spectator’s stand were jeering and scolding him. Voices of ridicule, disdain, and contemptuous remarks were coming at an endless pace.

Their reason for coming here today was to watch Luo Tian get abused. They wanted to see the biggest joke of Jade Mountain City make a fool of himself.

Upon seeing Luo Tian seriously injured, their smiles were similar to celebrating the New Year.


Luo Tian shook his head and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He leaned up against the wall to slowly stand back up before staring with narrowed eyes.

“Bang, bang, bang~…”

Each step left a footprint and each step shook the grounds. The entire battle arena was basically shaking violently.

The Lava Lizard was simply too powerful.


Luo Tian exhaled once again. Upon raising his head to look at his surroundings, all he heard were voices of contempt, disdain, and ridicule. The raging flame inside him started to rise up inside his body.

He was really sick of this!

This sickness and rage and had him basically turn him into a maniac.

“You guys love talking shit?”

“You guys think insulting this daddy is so much fun?”

“Fine, I will enlighten you scoundrels with this daddy’s power!”

Luo Tian was extremely irritated. If he could, he would’ve gone to the stands already and beat the audience to the point where their own mother’s wouldn’t recognize them.

His arms sank down to his lower body.

His arms started shaking and the profound energy started rippling out of his body.

He then clenched his fists.


An energy wave visible by the naked eye exploded out from him. The aura around his body suddenly changed as a huge killing intent surged out into the surrounding.

The Lava Lizard’s speed didn’t slow down as it continued coming closer, the flames on its body possessed power that can incinerate anything.

“Fatty Lei!”

Luo Tian roared out before continuing: “Release your full power!”

“Hahaha…” Feng Lei laughed as his face was filled with excitement. He stomped down once with a “bang” before bursting off directly for the rear of the Lava Lizard.

Also at this time…

Luo Tian clenched his fists and once again, got into a stance like a battle axe. He then leapt into the air with his arms raised above his head as if he was about to split the heavens apart.

“That same move again? Did his brains short circuit or something?”

“He’s simply courting death.”

“That’s good too. Being smashed by the Lava Lizard a second time and he’ll be meeting Yama, the King of Hell. Then we’ll be earning a huge amount, hahaha…”

“That’s right. Since he’s going to die anyway, it’s the same if he dies now or later!”

“Damn trash, quickly go die.”



Feng Lei had grabbed the tail behind the Lava Lizard. His arms bulged out and the veins on it looked like centipedes covering it.

A ferocious looking beast image appeared on his bald head giving off a starry like red light.

His power surged!

Feng Lei roared into the sky as his legs dug into the ground. “Stop for me!”

A roar that shook the heavens! Feng Lei’s body exploded with a matchless power that did not match up with his Profound Pupil 6th rank. The current him was like a ferocious beast displaying his domineering arrogance!

The Lava Lizard was abruptly pulled to a stop by Feng Lei!

Shock, complete and utter shock!

The entire audience was stunned from the shock that Feng Lei gave them.

At the same time…

While in the air, Luo Tian showed a ferocious sneer as he surveyed the situation and roared: “Level 1 Berserk!”

His profound energy decreased!


A loud humming noise came from his body.

In an instant…

His strength doubled, his speed doubled, and his aura doubled. Basically all his attributes had doubled at this moment.


Under the effects of Berserk, his power raged through his body and his arms almost couldn’t handle it. Steam started rising out of Luo Tian’s body, visible to the naked eye.

In that instant, several experts at the Profound Master realm changed their expressions.

“What kind of martial skill would allow him to double his power in an instant?”

“This martial skill is too strong.”

“When did the Luo family possess such a martial skill?”

“Hahaha… little brother Luo is definitely not simple.”

Inside a luxury room.

The facial expression of Luo Jianshan and Zhou Tairan both changed. Especially obvious was Zhou Tairan’s face as he glanced at Luo Jianshan.

“Patriarch Luo, I never imagined your Luo family who have such a powerful martial skill.”

“That’s not a martial skill of the Luo family!”


“Patriarch Zhou, that kid Luo Tian must have had some sort of miraculous encounter during the hunting contest. Otherwise there’s no way he would be able to kill your little brother Zhou Hengran. But so what if he cultivated a powerful martial skill? Does he really think he is the Lava Lizard’s opponent? Even if he’s lucky enough to survive this time, I will still make it that he won’t be able to live to tomorrow!”


Luo Jianshan’s expression changed again as he narrowed his eyes and coldly said: “Luo Tian, you will die today no matter what!”

Inside the middle of the arena.

Double the attributes exploded out.

The Lava Lizard was struggling like crazy as the flame on its body burned even more ferociously. Feng Lei’s hands were slowly being cooked but he didn’t loosen his hold one bit!

Within a flash…

Luo Tian’s pair of fists was like a battle axe that heavily chopped down.


The Lava Lizard’s flame aura was shattered as a pair of heavy fist slammed onto its extremely hard head.


After the loud noise, the Lava Lizard’s head sank down. Its body followed the motion as Luo Tian’s attack had slammed it to the ground causing a cloud of dust to rise up.


Over ten thousand people looked on with big round eyes and even forgot to breathe. Their mouths were agape as they stared at Luo Tian in a dumbfounded manner.

The entire battle arena was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard. Everyone had been shocked by Luo Tian!

What sort of situation is this?

What happened?

What’s going on?

They didn’t know how to react as their brains twisted around unable to accept the fact before their eyes.

It was also this moment when the dust settled, everyone in the battle arena cried out in unison…


The Lava Lizard climbed back onto its feet.

There was a dent on the Lava Lizard’s head as blood started gushing out of that groove. The blood flowed out to its eyes and then to its mouth…

The current look of the Lava Lizard was even more ferocious and more terrifying looking.

Its eyes glared at Luo Tian as two sprays of flames shot out of its nostrils. Luo Tian couldn’t dodge in time and was instantly struck in the chest before his whole body started burning in unbearable pain.

Its huge tail swung out flinging Feng Lei out dozens of meters away. Feng Lei then slammed into the ground like a ragdoll, tumbling a few times before coming to a stop and fainting.


“Blood is an even stronger stimulant than the aphrodisiac we provided. This time the Lava Lizard can truly be said to be in a berserk mode.”

“Luo Tian, let’s see if you’re going to die or not now!”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and angrily cursed out: “F*ck your granny!”

Immediately after…

In his mind, he opened up the System’s skill page. He then selected the skill Berserk and said internally: “Level it up!”

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