Undefeatable – Ch541

Chapter 541 – Braised Angel

(T/N: Golden Shield has been changed to Golden Bell Shield)

Strike while the iron is hot. It was the same with killing people!

The Azure Dragon’s bloodline was activated.

Sharingan’s Illusion was activated.

Those two powers both came with sequelae and will cause huge amounts of injuries later on. He was afraid that if he stopped his momentum, he wouldn’t be able to kill the Dark Angel and there was a chance he would be killed instead. Luo Tian understood he wasn’t alone here.

There was Little Xie and Qin Changtian.

The most important point is that if Luo Tian wanted to enter the place of the Sky Palace Divine race, he had to f*ck this Dark Angel up!

Inside video games, the Dark Angel here was equivalent to those bosses guarding a certain location. You had to kill him in order to proceed to the next area. Of course, Luo Tian understood this place wasn’t a game and was the real world. But since the Dark Angel was blocking the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race, he had to die.

Luo Tian’s voice contained a domineering aura, and the energy coming from his body was spreading out to every nook and cranny of the cave. It was unusually powerful right now!

Three consecutive attacks!

It was a different skill each time, and the three martial skills were extremely powerful.

The instant kill by the Heavenly Flame…

The suppression by the Azure Dragon’s bloodline…

The killing blow assisted by Sharingan’s Illusion…

He has never seen these three martial skills before which made him feel fear. A pair of eyes stared at Luo Tian in gloominess while it thought: “How many divine grade martial skills has this human cultivated? I haven’t seen a single one of his martial skills before and it’s not even written down in the Dragon race’s library. Is he still someone from the human race?”

He was feeling incomparable shock.

The moment Luo Tian came towards him, Karter’s eyes turned ferocious before coldly saying: “Human, you better leave this place if you know what’s good for you. I will give you a chance to live – leave those two behind and you may go in peace.”

Shocked but not afraid.

Luo Tian didn’t see any fear in the Dark Angel’s eyes. He faintly smiled and replied: “Are you going to commit suicide or do I need to personally make a move? You’ve seen my powers. Do you think a two-winged bird person like you is my opponent?”

“Bird person?!”

Karter’s expression changed. This was the first time someone used that description to describe his Angel race. The words bird person made him extremely irritated, so he said: “Kid, you should watch your words.”

“Fine, birdman.”

“Hey birdman, you still haven’t answered me. Are you going to commit suicide or do I need to personally make a move? If I have to take action, the feathers on your body might be plucked clean by me and then your large wings will become barbeque wings. Uh… that’s not right, it should be barbequed birdman wings.” Luo Tian said this while smiling arrogantly.

“Courting death!”

Karter couldn’t endure this insult! The black sword in his hand instantly moved and pierced towards Luo Tian while making the sound of a ghost wailing.

Darkness energy roiled out.

It was like a thick fog charging towards Luo Tian.

The phantom image of the Azure Dragon was still present around Luo Tian. It gave out a roar that directly shattered the darkness energy like it never existed. When the dark energy disappeared, the sword’s true body was revealed for all to see. It was actually a sword forged from skeletal bones!

Various souls were sealed inside the bones.

The souls kept struggling and wailing but couldn’t get out.

It was due to the power of those souls that made the skeletal bone sword so powerful.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed.

Dark energy belonged to an evil power.

What kind of martial skill should he use to suppress this type of evil energy?


Luo Tian directly shouted without further thought: “Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 6! Six Dragons and Elephants, Stomp of the Holy Elephant!”


The Nine Dragons and Elephants was a type of power of the mystical Dragon Elephant. Dragon Elephants were a force that was used to suppress evil. With the power stack on top of Luo Tian’s body, it was able to immediately resist the skeletal bone sword. And Luo Tian’s body suddenly exploded forth with the roar of a dragon and the trumpet of an elephant!

This was the first time this kind of sound was ever heard!

And this was all due to Karter’s skeletal bone sword.

“Another martial skill nearing the divine grade…”

“And it just happens to be a martial skill that suppresses evil.”

Karter’s expression changed and his two black wings instantly shook. He then wailed: “Despicable lowly human, you have now angered me! You shall now be doomed forever! Black Feather Phantom Needles!”

All his black feathers were shaken off.

They all turned into extremely sharp iron needles. The iron needle tips gave off a flash of cold light before shooting towards Luo Tian like rain!

Densely packed!

It was as if he could cover the sun and blot out the sky! No gaps could be seen!

One would turn into a sieve if they were shot by them!

Luo Tian steadied his stance and stood firm. He had no thoughts of retreating and activated his Titan’s Defensive Form.


“The Titan race’s defense isn’t enough to resist my Black Feather Phantom Needles. Go and die for me!” said Karter with a cold smile. He was clear that Luo Tian’s phantom Titan could only protect him from physical attacks and couldn’t resist his Black Feather Phantom Needles. His gaze switched to Qin Changtian and Little Xie before laughing excitedly: “One is the young master of the Dragon race, while the other is the son of a General of the Dragon race. I’m going to make a huge contribution this time, hahaha…”

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

The needles descended like arrows.

Just like what the Dark Angel said, the Titan’s defense was extremely weak against this martial skill. It was so weak that it could be considered negligible.

Luo Tian frowned, “All these black feathers contain darkness energy. If that’s the case…”

“Golden Bell Shield!”

“Level 7, Vast Heaven’s Bell!”


An ear-piercing bell tolling sound was heard. A golden bell covered densely with scriptures that appeared over Luo Tian. The golden bell gave off a pure golden light and completely blocked all the black feathers! Not a single one was able to penetrate through!

It completely restrained it!

Luo Tian had leveled up all the skills he trained in.

Even those weaker martial skills or the ones he barely uses, Luo Tian still leveled them up. He didn’t give up training those nor was he afraid of wasting a bit of profound energy; he treated them all equally and leveled them all.

It was the same with Magic Charm.

The same with the Puppet Technique.

The same with Golden Bell Shield; they were all raised to a very high level.

With the Golden Bell Shield stacked on him, the iron needle feathers had lost their effect.

Karter was dumbstruck.

Luo Tian smiled with excitement.


“Now it should be my turn.” Luo Tian’s gaze brightened as he shouted: “Level 7 Berserk!”


He clenched his hands into fists before lowering them. Red flames started burning around his fists. Seeing the shocked Karter, Luo Tian grinned and said: “You enjoy flying, right? Then this daddy will braise your wings first!”

His fists started moving.

Flames surged into the sky.

Luo Tian walked forward with the protection of the Golden Bell Shield. He then shifted instantly and smashed out with his fists.


The punch accurately landed on the wings that were void of feathers.

The pair of wings turned red!

Luo Tian laughed crazily, “Let’s add some seasoning!”

“Leg whip!”


Luo Tian’s right leg turned crimson red and hot magma started dripping down. He aimed at Karter’s arrogant looking face and kicked upwards, viciously whipping his face.


“Let’s add some cumin!”

He lowered his fists, and all the power inside him pulled back before being transferred to his fists. He accurately aimed for the Dark Angel’s abdominal area and smashed forth. “Braised Angel, complete!”


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