Undefeatable – Ch543

Chapter 543 – The Dragon Race About To Be Destroyed

A super awesome attribute!

Luo Tian almost pissed himself from fright.

Not because of how powerful the Rainbow Lotus was, but because the system showed a certain sentence!

“Attention: This item can be concocted into Experience Pills – 100 quantity.”

“Experience Pills!”

“One hundred of them!”

“Now this is heaven-defying!” Luo Tian almost orgasmed from excitement. “No wonder rumors say that the Rainbow Lotus can make someone instantly breakthrough. To me, it’s still useless if the Rainbow Lotus allows me to make breakthroughs ten thousand times in a second.”

“What I need are experience points. The Rainbow Lotus is a heaven and earth spiritual treasure that allows one to gain enlightenment to suddenly make a breakthrough in their cultivation. That kind of breakthrough has nothing to do with me because all I need are experience points!”

He can only level up with experience points.

One can say this is what makes Luo Tian powerful, but we can also say it’s a downside.

Of course…

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, or else there’s no way Luo Tian could breakthrough all the way to the Profound Venerate realm in just a short one-year period. This kind of speed is something no one can beat!

The Rainbow Lotus could make a normal martial artist instantly breakthrough.

And since he gained such a thing, the system will definitely modify it to something that uniquely fits him. That’s why he would gain a material to concoct the Experience Pill.

This was also considered a compensation.

“Experience Pills, Experience Pills, but how many experience points will a single pill give?”

“If it was 1 million each pill, then ten of them will be 10 million, and a hundred of them will be 100 million. If each pill was 10 million, then a hundred of them would be 1 billion. If it was 100 million each pill… 10 billion… wouldn’t that be the song that plays before I instantly rise to the Profound God or Profound God Sovereign realm?” All the blood inside Luo Tian was boiling! He wanted to concoct them right away and then instantly swallow all 100 Experience Pills. Instantly leveling 50, 60, 70, or 80 levels would be too awesome!

Of course…

This was Luo Tian indulging in guesses and his own fantasy. How many experience points will a single Experience Pill really give him?

No one can tell.

Even he couldn’t say for sure.

But there is one thing – the video games he played in his previous life, the least amount of Experience Pills he had ever gotten was 3 million points. If we calculated according to this standard, he will gain a total of 300 million experience points and directly rise by one level.

This was quite heaven-defying already.

“Thank you!”

“Luo Tian… no, big brother Luo Tian, thank you again for saving me. The gratitude in my heart cannot be repaid, so here’s the Frost Dragon’s Heart that my father gave me.” Little Xie had an extremely grateful expression on his face and it looked like he didn’t know what else to say to Luo Tian.

He would have died a few times already if it weren’t for Luo Tian’s intervention.

When Luo Tian saw the entrance to the Sky Palace Divine race and didn’t go in but saved him first, that meant Luo Tian was treating him like a brother. His heart was filled with gratitude. He felt like he owed Luo Tian something when he recalled the previous distrust he had towards him.

He raised the Frost Dragon’s Heart with both hands towards Luo Tian.

At this time…

An alert tone sounded off inside Luo Tian’s mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for completing the B-rank quest. You have gained 5000 experience points.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for getting a C grade for completion. You have gained 1000 experience points as a reward.”


“Why is it only a C grade?”

“Lord System, did you make a mistake?” Luo Tian couldn’t understand why he got such a low grade.

He even completed it one day early.

And he also killed Ji Tongtian, the Dark Angel, Yang Jin, and Lu Zhen. Logically, he should have received a perfect grade! How did he get such a low score? Luo Tian couldn’t figure out why this was the case.

He wanted another big lottery draw so he could collect other Heavenly Flames.

Beyond his expectations!

Luo Tian was annoyed.

In fact…

The key to the quest wasn’t based on the time or how many people he killed, but whether Luo Tian did a good job protecting Qin Changtian or not. Luo Tian’s biggest negligence was allowing Lu Zhen to find those two and beat them into such injuries.

This was the reason why the system only gave him a C grade.

Luo Tian placed all his efforts on the time and on killing his enemies.

Looking at the Frost Dragon’s Heart in Little Xie’s hand, Luo Tian would describe it as something like an icy cold crystal. It was glittering and translucent, and looked rather beautiful. Any woman seeing it would be instantly attracted to it, and Luo Tian immediately thought of Li Xue’er.

If this kind of thing was worn around her neck, it would definitely be a beautiful match.

Thinking up to this, Luo Tian didn’t reject it and said to himself: “It will be perfect for the day I snatch the bride. In front of the ten great immortal sects and all the strongest experts in the world, I will ask her hand in marriage with this Frost Dragon’s Heart. Wouldn’t that blind the titanium dog eyes of all those people?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian received it and said with a smile: “Then I won’t be polite.”

Little Xie looked relieved when Luo Tian received the Frost Dragon’s Heart and said: “Thank you! Thank you for accepting the Frost Dragon’s Heart!”

Qin Changtian was giggling on the side, “Big brother Luo Tian, this is a divine artifact big brother Little Xie’s ancestors left behind. We don’t know the specific usage of it but it’s big brother Little Xie’s ancestral clan treasure.”


While holding onto it, Luo Tian felt a cold aura penetrate into his body. He suddenly felt calm and especially clear-headed. He didn’t have any distracting thoughts and felt a peaceful clarity. He then exclaimed to himself: “This is some good stuff!”

He then opened up his system interface to look it up.

Item: Frost Dragon’s Heart

Grade: ? ? ?

Usage: ? ? ?

Description: ? ? ?

They were all question marks without any information. Luo Tian felt this was kind of weird but he clearly knew this Frost Dragon’s Heart was something good. He also had a feeling that when Li Xue’er wears this, she might be able to trigger the attributes to appear.

No matter how thick Luo Tian’s face was, he still had to pretend to reject such a good gift. “Little Xie, I can’t accept such a precious item.”

Qin Changtian said: “Big brother Luo Tian, you should just accept it. The gifts our Dragon race gives out will definitely not be taken back. You’ve done a great favor to our Dragon race by saving me, saving big brother Little Xie, and helping us kill Dark Angel Karter. That guy has guarded the entrance for over three thousand years. It was a good kill!

Since those words were spoken to this length…

No matter how unwilling Luo Tian was, (unwilling to give it back to Little Xie) he lowered his hand and said: “Fine then, I will accept it. Now that the entrance is before us, what plans do you two have? Are you going to go inside or are you two going to leave?”

“I personally must go in.”

“I have a reason that compels me to go in.”

The Sky Dragon’s Bead, the Dragon God’s Soul, and the SSS-rank quest – those are the reasons he had to go no matter what.

Even if they don’t go, Luo Tian had to go by himself.

Qin Changtian heavily exhaled before glancing at Little Xie. Eventually, he replied: “We will go in as well but… Big brother Luo Tian, the Sky Palace Divine race location isn’t as good of a place as you’ve imagined. We don’t want you to get involved in our Dragon race’s war. I hope that you will leave this place or else you’ll have a high chance of dying inside.”

Little Xie’s expression sank before mustering his courage to say: “Big brother Luo Tian, our Dragon race might be destroyed soon…”

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