Undefeatable – Ch56

Chapter 56 – Let’s Go, Back To The Luo Family To Fight The Boss


At this moment, the entire world seemed to have become quiet.

Luo Tian waited patiently.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Lava Lizard. You have gained 20,000 experience points, 300 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Lava Lizard’s bloodline. Will you be assimilating it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the spine of the Lava Lizard.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Lava Lizard’s ability Magma Fire. Will you be cultivating it?”

“Oh my bloody f*cking hell!!”

A series of alerts sounded off inside Luo Tian’s mind as the items that burst out of the Lava Lizard made him beyond ecstatic. Especially when it came to the Magma Fire, that skill was simply too awesome.

Although he was able to dodge the Lava Lizard’s skill, the move was truly very strong. The fiery aura, the roiling magma, and that super strong devouring capability. If it weren’t for activating the level 2 Berserk, there’s no way Luo Tian would have been able to avoid it.

Level 2 Berserk was four times the attributes, giving him peerless power.

Luo Tian had a feeling that he almost couldn’t handle that power. Most likely this was the limit of his fleshly body for now.

The power that came with a level 2 Berserk was too strong, so his fleshly body of a Profound Master 3rd rank couldn’t handle the explosive power output. Once the four times attributes disappeared, Luo Tian’s body turned to mush like he had overdrawn his life force. His entire body had an uncomfortable feeling that he couldn’t describe in words.

One hundred thousand profound energy points was very precious and quite a lot to Luo Tian. Leveling Berserk was also something he was forced to do.

But if he didn’t raise the level of Berserk, the one lying on the ground right now would be him instead!

At this point in time, everything seems to be worth it. Just the skill Magma Fire had made Luo Tian score a big one. Without any hesitation, he immediately made a thought and chose “yes” in learning the skill.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for learning a new skill – Magma Fire.”

Martial Skill: Magma Fire

Grade: 3

Proficiency: 0/100

Consumption: 100 profound energy

Skill Description: The skill is able to release a magma attack which will increase in power at higher levels. At the last great perfection level, the attack will be similar to lava spewing out from a super volcanic eruption!

“Oh my f*cking god!”

“A super volcanic eruption?”

“Want to destroy the world huh?” Luo Tian was extremely shocked. On planet Earth, he knew that eruption of super volcanoes were capable of wiping out all life on a planet.

If he could step into the void in the future and arrive at a new planet. He would then make a single attack and wipe out all the demonic beasts. His experience bar will definitely…

He didn’t dare to fantasize any further.

Awesome, this was way too motherf*cking awesome.

Luo Tian didn’t dare to think about that scene anymore.



“What the hell fatty, you are truly too fast.” Luo Tian faintly smiled, It was only a few seconds from learning his new skill and Feng Lei had already dove in head first into the Lava Lizard’s body.

He was drinking blood like crazy and the ferocious looking image on his head showed a pair of starving greedy eyes as it absorbed everything as well.


An important thought struck Luo Tian, causing him to remind Feng Lei: “Fatty, make sure you don’t eat the demon core. That thing is still needed to save the girl’s life.”

Feng Lei raised his head with a foolish laugh as blood flowed out of his mouth. “Don’t worry boss, this time I definitely won’t eat the demon core.”

Not long after, Feng Lei dug out a fluorescent like crystal within the mess of flesh and blood.

A demon core!

The Lava Lizard’s demon core.

It was also at this time…

The speechless audience that was shocked by Luo Tian finally burst into a commotion.

“Oh my god, what did I just witness?”

“He, he… he…”

“Mommy, tell me this isn’t real… my money… my money…!”

“Hahaha, this daddy put money on Luo Tian. It’s lucky that I didn’t change it, hahaha. I’m rich!”

“Demon core, it’s a demon core! It’s the Lava Lizard’s demon core…!”

“How is it possible that Luo Tian survived this?” Luo Jianshan’s eyes became grim as he clenched his fists inside his sleeves. But upon seeing the demon core in Feng Lei’s hand, his expression changed to a cold smile.

Beside him, Zhou Tairan had an extremely ugly look on his face where he couldn’t even say a single word.


“Little brother Luo is simply too powerful, he could even kill the Lava Lizard. I almost cannot hold myself back from worshipping him.” Song Yanqun laughed wholeheartedly.

Song Yannan also faintly smiled. Upon recalling the power that exploded out of Luo Tian’s body, his mind was moved as he felt very fortunate he made that decision to side with Luo Tian.

Even if we were to die, we can’t offend that person.

Out of the ten thousand plus audience in the spectator stands, the person with the ugliest look on their face was Zhu Mei.

Her previous smile was like a blooming flower, but now it had twisted into the color of a pig’s liver. The ugly look on her face was ugly beyond comparison.

Her little fists clenched and unclenched a few times as her eyes suddenly changed. She then mumbled: “It’s fine that you didn’t die since my big brother will be returning soon. By then, I will personally kill you myself!”

Inside the private staff room.

The silence was deafening as Li Gui stared in a dumbfounded manner.

Liu Yu was frozen like a dummy.

He couldn’t help rub his eyes a bit while looking at Luo Tian in the battle arena. He just couldn’t believe what he saw was for real, and felt like everything was an illusion.

Illusion, this was all an illusion. There was no motherf*cking way this was possible!

How was this possible?

How can someone at the Profound Master 3rd rank be an opponent of a Lava Lizard in berserk mode?

What kind of martial skill did Luo Tian cultivate? How could it be so powerful to the point of killing a Lava Lizard?

He was rubbing his eyes until they were red, but the fact of this was right before him.

“Ten pieces of xuan stones as the wager…”

“The payout was 1:10…”

“General Manager Li, we… we don’t have that many xuan stones. What… what should we do?” One of them asked cautiously.

Li Gui temporarily closed his eyes as he heavily exhaled.

Without waiting for a reply, Liu Yu’s eyes changed as he stepped forward and said: “General Manager Li, the Lava Lizard’s demon core… That kid Luo Tian should have used up most of his profound energy, and he’s also seriously injured. As long as we get that demon core…”


Li Gui turned around and slapped out before furiously yelling: “Liu Yu, you still want to break the rules of our Violet organization?!”

A five finger red handprint was clearly visible. Li Gui was in rage while Liu Yu clutched his face with his head down. His body was trembling and he didn’t even dare to breathe too hard at this moment.

They didn’t care about one’s life or death inside the battle arena.

If a human won, everything of the demonic beast belonged to them.

If a demonic beast won, the human dies!

This was a rule of the Violet organization that will never change. A rule was already broken when they realized the Lava Lizard had been drugged and became berserk at the opening. They should’ve forced the fight to come to a stop based on protocols. But because of being blinded by personal interests, Li Gui didn’t do that and knew he had done something wrong. If they were going to scheme after the Lava Lizard’s demon core as well, then this was equal to a wrong on top of another wrong!

This was the reason why Li Gui was so angry.

“Report this to headquarters!”

“Also report our mistakes as well…”

“Request a Commissioner of the organization to preside over this. I will accept any and all punishment.” Li Gui faintly said.




All the veins on Feng Lei’s body popped out making his face quite hideous to behold. A series of cracking sounds was heard as the beast image on his bald head looked like it had eaten its fill and now looked more ferocious and terrifying.


“Boss, this one broke through the Profound Pupil 7th rank.” Feng Lei grinned foolishly.


Luo Tian smiled from deep down as he happily said: “My cultivation method is already strange enough, so I never expected your cultivation method to be even weirder than mine.”

Absorbing a demonic beast’s blood essence to level up… could Feng Lei be a demonic beast as well?

These thoughts once again ran through Luo Tian’s mind before he laughed internally. “Who cares if he’s a demonic beast or not, as long as he’s still my brother!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian waved his hand while his mouth revealed a cold smile. “Let’s go, back to the Luo family!”

There were actually more words at the end of the sentence but Luo Tian didn’t say it out loud.

The complete sentence should be something like this:

“Let’s go, back to the Luo family to fight the boss!”

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