Undefeatable – Ch571

Chapter 571 – The Enraged Black Dragon King

Rear-guard camp, close to a hundred thousand various Dragon Warriors were killed.

And it was done within an hour.

This kind of speed…

Was definitely the definition of perverted!

The craziest thing was that Luo Tian had already leveled up to the Profound Venerate 9th rank.

And his experience bar was already 90% full. He was about to step onto one of the strongest realms of this world – the Profound Saint realm!

Way too awesome!

Luo Tian almost scared himself to death. “My little obedient child, do you need to be this fierce?”

Eggy giggled and said: “Boss, as long as you don’t keep calling me Eggy, I can be even more fierce.”

“Fine, Eggy.”

Eggy: “…”


Eggy sent a sound transmission: “Boss…”

Before Eggy could finish speaking, Luo Tian smiled and replied: “I know, a big boss is coming!”

“A powerful dark aura covered the sky where even a blind person could easily sense it. The originally dark red sky had turned pitch black. It was like an extremely powerful black cloud suppressing all before it. Luo Tian’s heart faintly sank and he muttered: “What a powerful aura! This kind of aura is definitely stronger than Earth Dragon King’s. This Black Dragon King is truly quite strong.”


“Do you think you can handle it?”

Eggy hesitated slightly before replying: “Boss, we’re currently kind of far from the dragon stronghold so the Dragon God’s Pillar cannot release its full powers. If we were at the stronghold, I should definitely be able to kill him. But since we’re here, I cannot guarantee that anymore.”

The dragon stone pillar was considered a guardian pillar for the Dragon race.

Its existence was very similar to a guardian totem so leaving its place of protection will weaken its powers. Luo Tian never thought about this point and Eggy never mentioned it either.

“If I could hatch out, I would be able to completely control the Dragon God’s Pillar. At that time, I can release all its powers and wouldn’t be restricted by the location I’m at. There wouldn’t be any problem dealing with anyone, but…” Eggy’s expression became slightly depressed.

Luo Tian said with a smile: “No problem, there’s still me!”

Eggy then said: “Boss, that guy’s cultivation is stronger than Earth Dragon King by quite a lot. Your current cultivation is only at the Profound Venerate 9th rank, so how about we retreat? We can lure him back to the dragon stronghold and then I can release all the powers of the Dragon God’s Pillar to kill him.”

After all, the current Eggy was still just an unhatched egg.

The only thing he could use right now was his spiritual sense.

His spiritual senses can control the Dragon God’s Pillar but it didn’t allow him to fully release the powers of a supreme divine weapon. And the only reason Eggy could freely communicate by sound transmission was that he had absorbed some powers from the Dragon God’s Pillar.

If they managed to lure Black Dragon King back to the stronghold, the outcome of everything will be completely different.

Luo Tian said with a smile: “It’s too late, here’s already here.”


The black cloud in the sky crushed down.

Both heaven and earth became distorted!

The sky was in turmoil, and the dark aura coming from Black Dragon King smashed into Luo Tian’s mind. Luo Tian’s body faintly sank down due to this. He looked up and exploded forth with all the powers of Devil Sovereign Xingtian. Only then did it withstand the powerful pressure.

“Luo Tian!”

“Go die for me!”

The raging flames of Black Dragon King rose up thirty feet high! If he could, he would’ve hung Luo Tian up already and started flogging him!

As his voice faded…

The huge body of Black Dragon King descended.

His whole body was pitch black and the muscles on him looked like hard steel. There was a faint glow coming from his black body, exuding an incomparably powerful aura. What a terrifying sight!

Behind him was a large mass of Black Dragon Warriors charging over like an ocean tide. They instantly surrounded Luo Tian!

The eyes of Black Dragon King were bloodshot. When he saw the bloody mess from his dead dragon warriors and what was left of his military camps, his rage increased even further.




Three thunderous roars came from inside Black Dragon King’s body.

Luo Tian’s expression faintly changed as he said to himself: “Damn, he went berserk before we even started fighting. This Black Dragon King’s health bar is around 1.5 million. His defense, strength, and speed is definitely a full level higher than Earth Dragon King.”


“Don’t make a move yet because I’m going to test his powers.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian made his move before Black Dragon King could. “Level 7 Berserk!”


One hundred and twenty-eight times the base attributes exploded forth!

“Myriad Devil!”


Ten thousand stacked layers of power was released!

“Blow him up for me!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~…” A series of explosions also happened inside Luo Tian’s body. His blood-red body turned crimson red like he was being roasted alive. Steam could be seen rising from his body due to his powers distorting the air.

In an instant…

Luo Tian moved, “Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift!”


Movement at the speed of light!


An illusory shadow landed and a physical body charged out and instantly appeared next to Black Dragon King. His hands were firmly grasping the Sky Splitting Divine Axe while leaping into the air. He then heavily chopped downwards, “Battle axe form, Decapitation Strike!”

The Sky Splitting Axe that weighed ten thousand jins ripped into the void.

The black cloud in the sky was shredded in half. Luo Tian was pouring all his powers into the head of the axe!



The divine axe ripped through the void and chopped down with unparalleled power!

Black Dragon King looked up and revealed a disdainful smile. “Insignificant skills yet you still dare to act presumptuously in front of me?!”


Black Dragon King transformed back to his human body. His right hand started moving and turned into black smoke before reaching into the void.


A huge hand instantly appeared and grabbed toward Luo Tian’s throat!

Decapitation Strike still hadn’t descended yet!


The skills Luo Tian released disappeared.

Interrupting one’s skill?!

This only happened inside video games! Even in his dreams, Luo Tian never imagined Black Dragon King was capable of interrupting a skill he was using. This was something beyond his imagination!

“Oh shit.”

Black Dragon King’s hand firmly clamped onto Luo Tian’s throat. Before he could react, Black Dragon King pulled back and directly pulled Luo Tian into the void. In a blink of an eye, Luo Tian had come back to the real world except he was only a dozen centimeters away from Black Dragon King.

Black Dragon King’s left hand formed a palm before placing it on Luo Tian’s chest. He then smiled ferociously and shouted: “Black Dragon’s Blow!”


A powerful penetrative power surged out from the center of his palms.

“Crack~, crack~, crack~…”

Luo Tian’s chest caved in while his back bulged out. The clothes on his back had all been shattered into shreds.

It was a mixture of blood and muscles on his chest.

Black colored blood kept gushing out of his mouth.

The power behind this move was too violent!


This wasn’t over yet. Black Dragon King smiled smugly, “And here I was, wondering how powerful you are when you were actually just a piece of trash. Just based on a piece of trash like you and you wish to block my path? Your brains must be severely messed up!”

While saying this…

Black Dragon King’s left hand didn’t leave Luo Tian’s chest. He shouted once more: “Black Dragon’s Blow, ten continuous strikes!”


A combo?!

Luo Tian’s eyes turned serious as he kept trying to think of a way to break up Black Dragon King’s suppression. He kept trying to turn his body back into a shadow but couldn’t do it. He was firmly suppressed by Black Dragon King!




After ten continuous strikes of Black Dragon’s Blow, Luo Tian’s chest was almost penetrated through.

The last strike sent Luo Tian flying out before heavily slamming into a nearby mountain. The mountain was almost smashed into pieces!


His internal organs felt like they were mush while he kept throwing up blood.

Luo Tian was not Black Dragon King’s opponent at all.

He was completely crushed by the difference in strength.

Luo Tian’s injuries were too serious and even using Regeneration was useless. The only method left was…

Luo Tian’s gaze turned fierce. Seeing the large mass of Black Dragon Warriors behind Black Dragon King, he shouted: “Eggy, smash them for me!”

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