Undefeatable – Ch576

Chapter 576 – The Dragon Egg About To Die

Heavenly Flame!

A damage value that reached a million points!

Luo Tian already knew Black Dragon King would try to run if he came out on the losing end. Luo Tian already calculated everything so the moment he ran, the Heavenly Flame was summoned out.

Green Lotus Core Flame!


A fiery blaze was shot forth.

Black Dragon King’s humongous figure was smashed into powder!


“Heavenly Flames are truly Heavenly Flames, possessing the ability to instantly kill. If I could gather all the other Heavenly Flames, wouldn’t the damage value blow past the limit? Who would be able to stop me if I smash them all over the place?” Luo Tian started fantasizing.

At this time…

When he thought of the instant kill attribute of a Heavenly Flame… what would happen if he merged it with other martial skills? Would they really have the ability to kill instantly? Just like the Celestial Sword Strike from the novel Invincible Level Up?

Insta-killing whoever he wanted?



Luo Tian swallowed his saliva fiercely, “I think I need to give it a try!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Black Dragon King. You have gained 5,000,000 experience points, 500,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Black Dragon’s Heart.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Black Dragon King’s bloodline. Will you be fusing with it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Black Dragon King’s skeleton.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Spirit of the Five Elements – the Fire Element. Will you be fusing with it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Black Dragon’s Armor.”

A series of loud alerts exploded forth.

Luo Tian cried out in excitement: “Awesome!”

Black Dragon’s Heart and Frost Dragon’s Heart were very similar, where their attributes only showed ??? and looked like a pendant. This kind of thing was ideal as a gift for a girl. Luo Tian smiled with excitement before looking up the Black Dragon’s bloodline.

Four-legged Lizard Dragon?

He had no interest in such a bloodline.

He will save it for Fatty.

Black Dragon King’s skeleton?

It was the huge skeletal structure of a dragon and looked like a large saber. Luo Tian was in joy as he said to himself: “Dragon Slayer precisely needs a blade, so I might as well use you to forge one. I don’t have any handy weapons on me and sabers are considered the tyrants of weapons. I prefer being domineering!”


Luo Tian kind of missed Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

Item: Black Dragon’s Armor

Grade: Divine

Description: Can defend against 60% of physical attacks and 80% of dark energy attacks.

It wasn’t considered a really good divine artifact but it was still quite decent. Luo Tian decided to save it for now.

“After Black Dragon King’s death, my SSS-rank quest is considered half completed. There’s still the other half where I have to kill that Nether King. After killing Nether King, a large part of the Dragon race’s crisis will be taken care of. Once that part of the quest is completed, I will only have the third part left to do.”

Just when Luo Tian was thinking about these things…

Eggy’s weak voice was heard in Luo Tian’s mind. “Boss, I can’t hold on anymore.”


Previously, it was Eggy that was enduring against Black Dragon King’s attacks.

Luo Tian didn’t suffer any injuries. And while he was enveloped by the red light, he felt extremely comfortable and even the injuries he suffered before seemed to have all disappeared.

Eggy’s voice woke up Luo Tian from his thoughts.

The red light pulled back.

Luo Tian instantly returned to his seriously injured state. His countenance instantly sank as his eyes glanced around the area where was floating up in the sky. He then shouted inside his heart: “Oh shit!”


The current him, who had relaxed and was seriously injured, couldn’t support himself. He directly plummeted down in a freefall.


“Healing Art, Healing Art, Healing Art…”

Casting like crazy!

Luo Tian was desperately using Healing Art while he was free falling. In this short moment, his body managed to recover a little bit. He was able to use his strength to control his body right before he was about to hit the ground.


Luo Tian fell to the ground and pain assaulted his back. Fortunately, this wasn’t able to take his life. But his face turned pale, his aura weakened, and his internal pain felt like a fire was slowly burning every part of his body. Luo Tian had no time to bother about himself because he was extremely worried about Eggy.

Now that he thought about it, Eggy had taken a huge risk.


The damage he received from Black Dragon King wasn’t defended against nor did it just disappear, it was Eggy just enduring it head-on. Such a powerful dark energy wind blade… When Luo Tian thought about it, his heart started aching. “Eggy, why are you so stupid?”

“How are you feeling now?”

Luo Tian became extremely anxious.

The dragon egg inside him didn’t move like it had died already.

Luo Tian became even more anxious and quickly opened up the system interface to look at Eggy’s attributes. He couldn’t figure out anything from it and hurriedly asked: “Eggy! Eggy! Don’t scare me! Eggy, move a bit! Can you move just a little bit?!”

“What do you need me to do?”

No matter how much Luo Tian asked, the dragon egg showed no reaction.

Luo Tian’s whole body was wracked in pain.

He was also worried about the dragon egg. He was really scared Eggy had died without being even hatched yet. Luo Tian wouldn’t forgive himself if that were to happen. He didn’t know when but he had already treated Eggy as his brother, just like how he treated Feng Lei and the others.

If his brother died because of him, there’s no way Luo Tian would forgive himself.

Pain shuddered through his heart.

The pain in his body had been completely ignored by him.

Luo Tian was such a person.

He would rather suffer himself than watch those around him suffer. Even if he couldn’t handle something, he would still do it. He hoped that his brothers and his women were safe and sound and not to suffer any injuries.

“Eggy, you cannot die!”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and roared inside his heart: “Strength! Strength! Strength! Why am I so weak?! Why can’t I protect my brothers?! Why?! Why?! If I can’t even protect my own brothers, how am I supposed to deal with Murong Wanjian when I go to Shattered Sky City to save Li Xue’er? What am I going to use to stomp him to death with?”

His heart felt extreme pain.

Black Dragon King’s cultivation already reached the Profound Emperor realm.

Such a high cultivation realm yet he was still killed off by Luo Tian, who was only at the Profound Saint 1st rank. Most likely no one in this world was capable of such a feat.

Luo Tian was already very strong.

But he wasn’t satisfied!

He really used his life on the line to train because he knew his cultivation level wasn’t able to disturb the status quo. He wasn’t able to stand on the peak of the Tianxuan Continent yet. Back then, he was only focused on Shattered Sky City, Murong Wanjian, and the Violet Organization’s Soul Hall. Now, it was different.

There was Imperial God Immortal Sect, Starsea Immortal Sect, the ten great immortal sects, and Mount Hua Immortal Sect. They were like large mountains resting on Luo Tian’s shoulders that made him unable to breathe properly. It was extremely uncomfortable but he clenched his teeth and held on.

The mental suffering he experienced was something ordinary people wouldn’t be able to bear.

In order to strive for his goal, he had walked one step at a time with his life on the line. He believed that eventually one day, he would be able to f*ck these people and their forces over!

But when he saw that Eggy was injured because of him, he felt like ten thousand steel needles had stabbed through his heart. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling!

At this time…

The dragon egg faintly moved before Eggy’s weak voice was heard. “Boss, I can’t hold on anymore. I’m s, s, sorry, I can’t accompany you further. Boss, thank you. Thank you for giving me such an interesting journey. Thank…”

The voice was getting weaker and weaker.

Luo Tian’s heart turned dead silent as his spirit and body collapsed.

At this moment, the system gave off an alert tone!

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