Undefeatable – Ch578

Chapter 578 – Fusing With The Second Bloodline


“Madman! He’s a complete lunatic!”

“Don’t run! Hold your formation! He’s only one person while we have several tens of thousands of people! What are you guys afraid of?! Don’t run!”

Nether King’s Army.

After withdrawing from Crescent Canyon, they started rushing back to Blood Sea City.

Nether King couldn’t understand it.

He couldn’t understand why Tai Long would give such a strange command.

Even though he couldn’t break through the Dragon race’s defensive line, he believes just a few more charges and he would be able to accomplish it and completely destroy the enemy. But at this critical moment, Tai Long had his army retreat back to Blood Sea City and it was even at an urgent pace. This made him absolutely puzzled.

When they were all withdrawing in a rush…

Two beams of light from the sky smashed down.

One of them stood off to the side and didn’t move.

The other person looked like a madman covered in blood and injuries. But when he started killing the Dark Angels, he turned into a slaughtering machine. He was reaping lives everywhere just like a battle god that had crawled out from the depths of hell.

Too terrifying!

The originally sixty thousand-plus army was smashed into pieces. They regrouped into formation but were smashed apart once more.

There were sixty thousand Dark Angels.

And they were afraid of a single person?!

Nether King never imagined that when he was about to head out to fight, another piece of news came from Blood Sea City.


“He’s called Luo Tian and is the human that entered Sky Palace?”

“He was capable of killing Black Dragon King? What kind of background does this human have?” Nether King was frowning as a trace of fear arose inside his heart. The only reason was that Luo Tian was able to kill Black Dragon King.

He was only a Four-winged Angel, and when comparing strength, he wasn’t Black Dragon King’s opponent.

Since Luo Tian was able to kill Black Dragon King, that meant he was not Luo Tian’s opponent. So, how could he not feel a trace of fear?

“The Lord commands that General Nether King quickly withdraw back to Blood Sea City.”


“How am I supposed to withdraw? That madman is killing everyone like crazy. My sixty thousand strong army of Dark Angels cannot even block a human, so how am I supposed to withdraw? Should I just leave them all behind? If that’s the case, what use is there for me to go back anymore?”

Nether King’s brows furrowed as he forced the fear out of his mind.

The strong will always be different from the weak.

Nether King understood what kind of situation he was in. A General without an army withdrawing was completely useless.

Since this was the case, he might as well fight a bloody battle!

“I refuse to believe that my sixty thousand strong army would be afraid of a lowly human!” A dark killing intent surged out from Nether King. He then shouted: “All Dark Angels, listen to my command! Whoever dares to retreat a single step will be immediately killed!”

“Pass on my commands – establish the Angel Formation!”


The Dark Angel Army that had become a mess from Luo Tian’s attack, managed to stabilize themselves for a moment. The Dark Angels in the rear immediately arranged themselves into a huge Angel killing formation.

“Big brother Luo Tian, you need to be extra careful. They’ve arranged themselves into an Angel Punisher Formation. You cannot get trapped inside there no matter what.” Qin Changtian advised from the side.


Before he was able to continue speaking…

Luo Tian already charged into the center of the Angel Punisher Formation. Just like a real grim reaper, his eyes faintly darkened and the grim reaper’s killing intent coming out from him became much stronger. He then shouted: “Angel Punisher Formation?”

“Today, this daddy will break your dog shit formation!”

“Azure Dragon’s bloodline, come out for me!”


A ferocious phantom image of an Azure Dragon curled around Luo Tian’s body.


The dragon roar echoed into the sky and shattered the dark energy within a ten-kilometer radius. Luo Tian’s eyes turned fierce as he shouted: “Sharingan, Illusion!”

“Come out for me!”


Three black comma shapes appeared in his red pupils.

His Sharingan had leveled up!

The illusion being cast by a level 3 Sharingan was completely different from before. The grade of his illusions had exceeded the single increase in level.

At this moment…

Veins appeared on Luo Tian’s forehead as he smiled ferociously. “Everyone should kill each other, hahaha…”



A large group of Dark Angels that had fallen under the illusion started slaughtering each other. Before the Angel Punisher Formation was able to show its might, it was broken through by a single move from Luo Tian. This kind of formation focused on using the people as the eyes, and the simplest way to break out from it was to completely kill all the people off!




System alerts sounded off like crazy inside Luo Tian’s mind.

His experience bar started soaring like crazy!

Luo Tian was already at the Profound Saint realm so the experience he got from each kill was greatly reduced. But he was very satisfied upon seeing his experience bar still rising up at such fast speeds.

In just a short while…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Profound Saint 2nd rank.”


He had been charging over through clenched teeth.

Luo Tian had been practically enduring his injuries with his life on the line. If he hadn’t leveled up, he really didn’t know if he could continue holding on for this long. It was simply way too painful!

After leveling up…

All his stats had recovered.

This included the backlash from using Sharingan.

“Too strong.”

“Big brother Luo Tian is just too strong.”

“How can he be strong to such a level? He instantly broke the Angel Punisher Formation and then made a breakthrough in cultivation. In just a short half a month, he rose from the Profound Venerate 5th rank all the way to the Profound Saint 2nd rank. This kind of speed is simply too fast, to the point where it’s become unimaginable.” Qin Changtian was filled with excitement.

“General, it’s not going well.”

“The Angel Punisher Formation was instantly broken by him.”


Nether King was enraged.

He angrily yelled: “Moreover what?!”

“Moreover, that human made a breakthrough in his cultivation.”


The four wings behind Nether King suddenly unfurled and the pressure blasted dozens of people out. He then roared in anger: “A bunch of trash! What’s the use in raising you guys if you can’t even block a lowly human?!”

His voice exploded into the sky.

Right after…

Nether King instantly appeared in front of Luo Tian with an icy gaze. He pointed at Luo Tian’s nose and shouted: “Damn dog thing, go die for me!”

“Angel’s Restraint!”

“Myriad Divine Laws…”

“Cage of Imprisonment, descend for me!”

There was no hesitation.

The moment Nether King appeared, he released the Angel race’s forbidden skill – Angel’s Restraint.

This was also labeled as a secret skill.

It can temporarily restrain a person and the time frame is up to the caster’s cultivation realm. Of course, the higher the user’s cultivation is, the longer they can restrain their target. Once under the restraint, one’s powers, defense, and even their artifacts would cease to work.

This was basically waiting for death!

Qin Changtian had been following Luo Tian all this time. Seeing how Nether King was casting a forbidden skill, he cried out: “Big brother Luo Tian, watch out!”


A loud sound was heard in the sky.

A black-light beam directly landed on top of Luo Tian’s head.

The light beam directly confined Luo Tian.

He wasn’t able to move at all.

Everything happened too quickly so Luo Tian didn’t have time to react.

Seeing how Luo Tian was restrained, Nether King started laughing loudly. “Hahaha, you’ve been imprisoned, you damn trash! Now you can just wait for your death!”

Luo Tian’s gaze turned serious.

All his powers, defense, and the Black Dragon’s Armor had been restricted.

But the system wasn’t related to any of these so it naturally wasn’t restricted.

At this moment, Luo Tian roared internally: “Fuse with the Vermillion Bird bloodline!”

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