Undefeatable – Ch58

Chapter 58 – Oh Shit, The Boss Threw A Special Skill

He directly admitted it!

This made Luo Jianshan greatly surprised. He thought Luo Tian would deny the charges but never expected him to admit to it without hesitation.

Luo Jianshan’s despicable looking face formed a smile as he majestically said: “You all heard him. Luo Tian has committed a heinous crime so there’s no need for a trial, he will be punished immediately!”

Once Luo Tian dies, the demon core will belong to him.


Luo Jianshan proudly laughed internally. As long as he gets the demon core, he’ll be able to break through the Profound Master realm. By that time, who in the Luo family would dare to oppose him?

Outside the main hall.

Everyone had strange looks in their eyes but immediately looked firm again as if they had made a resolution. They quietly observed everything that was happening inside the main hall as if they were wolves waiting to pounce.

“What is the Law Enforcement Hall still waiting for?”

“Capture him! If he dares to resist, execute him on the spot!” Luo Jianshan roared out.

The eight experts at the Profound Master realm tightened their eyes.

The hall master of the Law Enforcement Hall – Luo Lie said: “Luo Tian, I advise you to give up any thoughts of resisting so that you can avoid any pain to the fleshly body. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?”

“If you guys think you’re capable, come make a move against this daddy!” Said Luo Tian full of arrogance. His body exploded forth a strong and violent killing aura causing the entire main hall to be shrouded in a chilled atmosphere. Without waiting for them to make a move, Luo Tian coldly smiled: “You want to convict this daddy of a crime? Luo Jianshan, let’s see if you have that ability!”

“You want to convict this daddy?”

“Humph! Then this daddy will mention some of your crimes!”

Luo Tian glanced at Luo Lie before saying: “Luo Jianshan, as the acting Patriarch, you are clear on the rules of the hunting contest yet you allowed Luo Ming who’s at the Profound Master 3rd rank to help your son. You abused your authority and played favoritism, that crime alone is enough to remove your status as the acting Patriarch. That’s only the first point!”

“Second point: You thought your son’s cultivation was the highest so he’d naturally win first place? How can a piece of trash like him be eligible to take first place? As the acting Patriarch, you didn’t wait for the contest to end before giving the first place prize xuan stone to your own son. What do you think this crime should be punished by?”

“What are you looking at? Did this daddy say anything wrong? If you have the guts, take out a xuan stone. If you can take another one out, this daddy will kowtow and admit his wrong!” Luo Tian coldly roared out as he looked at Luo Jianshan’s enraged eyes.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian continued: “The third point: Before your little brother died, he personally told me how you schemed against me back then. Let alone wasting my cultivation, you crippled my dantian and wanted me to die. It’s fortunate that the God’s have eyes and gave me a new start. Are you regretting it now?”

“Scheming against the future young Patriarch, what do you think this crime should be punished by?”

“As for the outer sect Luo family disciples who acted recklessly, heehee…” Luo Tian coldly laughed before turning around and looking at those outside of the main hall. He then loudly shouted: “Tell them how those people died!”

“They were forced to their deaths by Luo Lin!”

Several dozens of people said in unison outside.

Those outer sect disciples had truly died by Luo Tian’s hands, but if it weren’t for Luo Lin forcing them, there’s no way they would send themselves to death like that.

Since people were courting death, they couldn’t blame him for his actions.

Although this reason was pushing it a bit, this was technically another world – a world where strength is King. This was a place where one’s fist can be used to settle all matters.

Luo Tian was saying so much stuff in order to let the entire Luo family know how despicable Luo Jianshan had been acting.

Luo Jianshan’s face was getting uglier by the minute. His fists hidden by his sleeves were clenched tightly as a cold chilling aura exploded from him.


Luo Tian roared out: “Is the Law Enforcement Hall present?”

Luo Lie’s eyebrows were knitted as he glanced at Luo Tian first before glancing at Luo Jianshan. He then asked: “Luo Tian, do you have any evidence of the things you’ve said?”


Upon hearing the word, Luo Jianshan smiled conceitedly: “That’s right Luo Tian, do you have evidence to back up what you’ve said?”

“F*ck you!”

“He said that this daddy was guilty of the crimes and you guys ran out like dogs. This daddy said he was guilty of crimes and you want evidence from this daddy? Luo Lie, it looks like there’s no need for your Law Enforcement Hall to exist anymore right?” Luo Tian directly scorned him viciously without giving any face.

The people of the Law Enforcement Hall were all in the Profound Master realm. The power they wielded could be comparable to the family’s Patriarch.


These past several years, the Law Enforcement Hall had become Luo Jianshan’s private tool for getting rid of his opponents.

“Scorning the Law Enforcement Hall?”

“Why are you not seizing this traitor yet?” Luo Jianshan suddenly roared out.

The expression of the eight Law Enforcement Hall people changed as they couldn’t further tolerate Luo Tian’s wanton insults anymore. They all took out their weapons with “swish” sounds as they were about to attack Luo Tian.

Luo Tian coldly laughed into the air before mumbling: “The Luo family has become entirely rotten from head to toe, even deep inside the bones. Even the Law Enforcement Hall has become Luo Jianshan’s private tool!”

“Looks like the Luo family are beyond saving.”

“Good, good, good!”

As Luo Tian said those three “good,” each one of them was in a heavier tone than the last. Luo Tian finally lowered his fists and shouted out: “Since it has come to this, then I’ll just establish a new Luo family.”

“You guys…”

“Will all have to die!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s aura had once again increased since he didn’t dare to be careless when suddenly facing eight experts at the Profound Master realm. Although they were all at the Profound Master 1st rank, the joint power of eight people working together should be quite extraordinary!

“Level 2 Berserk!”


The inside of his body gave off low booming sounds. His attributes exploded to four times the initial values as his entire body became red while giving off a white mist.


Unparalleled power was released without a care.

The aura released was difficult for the eight to endure so their speeds had visibly declined.

Luo Jianshan’s eyes tightened as he turned towards the other two elders and shouted: “What are you guys waiting for? Join them and kill that traitor!”

The two elders glanced at each other and actually turned a blind eye as if they hadn’t seen or heard anything.

At this time…

With ripples of power surging out, Luo Tian ferociously sneered before coldly saying: “I’ll let you guys experience my new martial skill!”

“Magma Fire!”


“Drip~… drip~…”

Luo Tian’s fist turned from normal red to dark red before finally turning into hot magma. Magma was dripping off his fist before landing on the floor and giving off sizzling sounds. Just hearing this sound made Luo Tian want to describe the feeling as “extremely awesome!”

Everyone present was shocked by Luo Tian!

How did he learn the Lava Lizard’s skill?

No one knew.

Even Feng Lei was clueless. But upon seeing how domineering Luo Tian was, he grinned foolishly and mumbled to himself: “Old master, the young master has become stronger now. He has become extremely strong.”

Outside the main hall, the Luo family disciples all showed eyes of worship.

There were even some that couldn’t help start screaming: “Boss is mighty, boss is domineering. I love you boss…”

Inside the main hall, Luo Jianshan’s mind was shaking. He was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. An unprecedented amount of killing intent rose up as he said to himself: “No matter what, Luo Tian has to die today!”

Immediately after…

Luo Jianshan’s Profound Master 9th rank energy started circulating as his pair of eyes glared at Luo Tian!

“Thunder Strike!”

“Tiger Charge!”

Luo Tian’s pair of fists enhanced with magma power and then his Profound Master 3rd rank attributes multiplied by four times; dealing with eight Profound Master 1st rankers was simply overkill.

A single punch penetrated a person’s chest.

Instant kill!


“Ding, ding, ding…”

His eight punches were like lightning as seven system alert tones sounded off. His experience bar soared, his profound energy increased, and his undefeated value went up.

Out of the eight people from the Law Enforcement Hall, only Luo Lie was able to awkwardly escape death. There was an extremely ugly look on his face as he paled substantially.

Luo Tian arrogantly sneered, “Not a single one of you can fight well at all.”

It was also at this moment…

Luo Jianshan’s figure was like a ghost as he rushed out and roared: “Boundless Divine Palms!”

Luo Tian’s face changed as he never imagined Luo Jianshan would resort to a sneak attack…

Shit, the boss threw a special skill right off the bat! I’m screwed!

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  1. how profound energy work means you say it like mana. but I confuse as it increases by defeating foe so I confuse if profound energy bar is empty so if filled up just like mana bar or we need to defeat foe to fill it up TN: means if it does not automatically regenerate it profound energy.PLS Explain it


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