Undefeatable – Ch581

Chapter 581 – Concocting The Experience Pill

Dragon race’s tribal stronghold.

Frost Dragon King’s brows were furrowed while he was in thought.

Inside the main hall.

Many people were looking at him and waiting for his decision.

Not long after…

Frost Dragon King’s brows softened up as he made the decision. He felt like a ten thousand jin weight had been lifted off his shoulders and felt much more relaxed. He then said: “Relay my commands that all Frost Dragon clan warriors will advance towards Blood Sea City at full speeds.”


Kai Lun suddenly yelled out before smiling in embarrassment. “Sorry Chief, I was too excited. Heh heh…”

“It’s time to fight Tai Long.”

“We have to eradicate this cancer once and for all!”

“Traitor of the Dragon race! A damn mongrel! Humph~!”

The Elders of the Frost Dragon clan and their warriors all started scolding to vent their anger.

One of the Elders of the Dragon race walked up to Frost Dragon King and said: “Frost Dragon King, if your Frost Dragon clan goes to Blood Sea City, what about us? You’re not going to make us guard at home, right? We will definitely not agree to something like that.”

“That’s right, we want to go to Blood Sea City as well.”

“We also want to settle accounts with Tai Long.”

“My father and my family died at Tai Long’s hands. There’s no way I’m going to let him off, so I want to go too.”

“I want to go as well!”

A lot of people started yelling with strong hatred in their eyes.

There were many Dragon race members whose family and friends died at Tai Long’s hands. Now that Black Dragon King and Nether King have both died, it was time for them to counterattack Blood Sea City. They didn’t want to let this opportunity pass. Even if they couldn’t personally kill Tai Long, they still wanted to witness his death.

Frost Dragon King released some of his pressure and motioned everyone to keep quiet. He then said: “I didn’t say you guys cannot go but some of you have other missions. The dragon stone pillar cannot be abandoned at Dragon Mountain because it’s brother Luo Tian’s weapon. He will definitely need it at the final battle against Tai Long. Your mission is to transport the dragon stone pillar to Blood Sea City. We can meet up afterward and attack Blood Sea City together. We definitely have to stomp Tai Long to death beneath our feet!”


“Since it’s a weapon our hero needs, we will definitely transport it over even if we have to die. We won’t be slower than you getting there!”

“Fellow brothers, the time for vengeance has arrived.”

“Raise your spirits and let’s fight Blood Sea City to the end!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Morale surged up into the sky and not a single Dragon race member stayed behind. The children and the elderly all marched towards Blood Sea City!

Blood Sea City.

Blood Sea main hall.

Several Elders of Blood Sea City were walking about like ants on a hot plate.

“What should we do?”

“The Dragon race army will be here in a day. Our Lord is in seclusion and the two Generals Black Dragon King and Nether King have both died in battle. Blood Sea City is in chaos right now so what should we do?”

“It’s all because of that damn human! That lowly race dared to kill our Black Dragon King and Nether King and even challenged our Lord. That kid is too repulsive! Those that dare to challenge our Lord will only end up dying.”

“Let’s not talk about such things for now. What we need to do is to solve our current crisis. The defensive forces inside Blood Sea City cannot stop the Dragon race’s army. And they have the advantage of momentum. The Chiefs of the Dragon race members that have split apart will definitely gather together. These guys are grass that would sway wherever the wind blows. If they don’t appear at this time, the Dragon race will no longer recognize them as brethren’s. At that time, they won’t be able to stay inside Sky Palace anymore. If we add them up together, the pressure our Blood Sea City would be facing will be much greater. We definitely have to think of a surefire solution to take care of this.”

“What can we think of?”

“The defensive guards of Blood Sea City only listen to the Lord. Even if we come up with a solution, they won’t bother listening to us. In my opinion, we don’t need to do anything because the Lord will have his arrangements. He will definitely exit his seclusion before the Dragon race army arrives. There’s no need to mention those Dragon race armies and when it comes to that human, he will definitely die a miserable death.”

“Just keep watching.”

“Our Lord was chosen by the heavens. Since he was able to return from the Ancient World, that means he is extremely strong.”

The Elders of Blood Sea City eventually came to a conclusion from their discussion.


All they had to do was wait for Tai Long to come out!

The depths of Dragon Mountain.

A pair of hands covered in blood could be seen. They were digging like crazy as they dug up the gravel covering Qin Changtian. The person then muttered: “You cannot die, you cannot die. I’m going to be finished if you were to die.”

Luo Tian’s mind tightened when he recalled how Qin Changtian took on Nether King’s attack for him.

Eggy did that.

Qin Changtian did that as well.

Only brothers would do that for each other!

Luo Tian felt extremely grateful. Now that there was less than two days left, he still hadn’t caught a glimpse of Tai Long’s face yet. What should he do?

He was getting irritated.

Luo Tian exhaled a deep breath before saying to himself: “You need to calm down at a time like this. Luo Tian, you really need to calm down and don’t lose your sanity. Don’t think too much for now and focus your effort on saving Qin Changtian.”

Thinking up to here…

Luo Tian started digging faster.

The huge golden dragon’s body was finally revealed. Qin Changtian’s breathing was a bit faint but it was still there.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian cast Regeneration on him.

After that…

He pulled out the Rainbow Lotus, tore off a piece, and then placed it inside Qin Changtian’s mouth. He then used his profound energy to slowly help catalyze the lotus. Luo Tian didn’t know if the Rainbow Lotus had any use but it helped Little Xie last time so it should be useful to Qin Changtian.


A breath was snorted out.

Qin Changtian’s eyes gradually opened. When he saw Luo Tian in front of him, he faintly smiled and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you again. Heh heh…”

“You still dare to laugh?!”

“Do you know how dangerous that was? Even if you have the Dragon Emperor’s powers to protect yourself, you still shouldn’t have taken Nether King’s attack head-on!” Luo Tian glared at Qin Changtian while continuously casting Healing Art on him.

He was casting non-stop like crazy!

Qin Changtian’s aura was getting better. He scratched his head and said: “If there was a next time, I will still take it head-on. Heh heh…Big brother Luo Tian, you are my benefactor and the benefactor of the Dragon race. Even if I have to die for you, I wouldn’t show even a faint frown.”


Luo Tian lightly slapped the back of Qin Changtian’s head and said: “What nonsense are you spouting?!”

Qin Changtian revealed a foolish grin before asking: “Big brother Luo Tian, what should we do next?”

Luo Tian looked up at the sky before glancing at Qin Changtian and replying: “We will rest here for the night. Tomorrow, we will go to Blood Sea City and settle the accounts with Tai Long.”



The moon was high up and the stars were sparsely seen.

Inside the forest, Luo Tian entered his Skill Necklace’s fourth layer.

With his current cultivation, he was able to enter the fourth floor.



“Skill proficiency +4 points.”

“Dragon Slayer!”

“Nine Dragons and Elephants…”

“Shadow Clone…”

Luo Tian didn’t take any breaks and just kept training his skills like crazy.

There were no monsters to kill inside here and the only way to increase his strength was to raise the levels of his skills.

While training his skills, Luo Tian’s gaze landed on the Rainbow Lotus. “Fighting with Tai Long will definitely be a fierce battle. I think it’s about time to use the Rainbow Lotus to concoct an Experience Pill!”

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