Undefeatable – Ch584

Chapter 584 – The Ultimate Boss Exits Seclusion

All the forces hurried towards Blood Sea City.

This was a counterattack.


Inside their hearts, this wasn’t a counterattack but more like their last ray of hope. They actually didn’t have the slightest confidence and acted like it wasn’t them surrounding Blood Sea City but Blood Sea City that had surrounded them and pushed them to the edge. Tai Long’s cultivation was simply deep to unfathomable levels.

As to how high his cultivation realm was? No one knew.

In a world where the strong make the rules…

A single person can change everything.

No matter how many people they had or how many allied forces were working together, it was all useless.

A Profound God expert was an existence that could ignore the number of people before them. Even if you managed to have an allied force of a million or even ten million, they would not place that in their eyes.


If the allied forces didn’t go right now, perhaps they wouldn’t have another chance for the rest of their lives.

Across from Blood Sea City on a hillside that wasn’t very tall.

A battle flag was fluttering in the wind. A loud cacophony of voices was heard amongst a large swath of dark figures.

Frost Dragon clan’s army camp.

“Why hasn’t Luo Tian shown up yet?”

“There’s also the Dragon Emperor… where did those two go off to?”

“Just now, all the chiefs of the allied forces came to ask where Luo Tian had gone off to.”

Luo Tian!

He had become a critical existence!

They all knew the person who killed Black Dragon King and Nether King was Luo Tian. Whether they could break through Blood Sea City’s main gate or not was all dependent on him. It was unknown when Luo Tian had become the Dragon race’s support pillar.

He became a core for them.

Frost Dragon King’s brows were furrowed as he muttered: “Brother Luo, where the hell are you?”

Kai Lun then said: “Brother Luo should have arrived around Blood Sea City earlier than us and shouldn’t be behind us. Based on their speed, they should’ve arrived here last night already. Since they still haven’t appeared at a time like this, could they have already entered Blood Sea City?”

Little Xie looked at the blood glow around Blood Sea City and said: “It shouldn’t be. Blood Sea City’s protective shield is still up, so it’s impossible for big brother Luo Tian to enter beforehand.”

“Then, where have they gone to?”

They didn’t know that Luo Tian and Qin Changtian had rested a whole night back at Dragon Mountain.

They hadn’t even started their journey yet.

That’s why the allied Dragon race army arrived at Blood Sea City before them.

Luo Tian wasn’t present so they didn’t know what to do.

Should they attack?

Or should they continue waiting?

Frost Dragon King’s brows softened up. He looked at Blood Sea City before raising his voice: “It doesn’t matter where they are. Since we’re already here, we should be doing something. In my opinion, Blood Sea City activating their protective array means Tai Long is not at Blood Sea City and might be in seclusion. This should be Blood Sea City’s weakest defensive period. What we should be doing is breaking through the city’s protective array. This will also save a lot of energy for Luo Tian and the Dragon Emperor.”

Kai Lun immediately echoed his support. “What the Chief said sounds right. Since we’re already here, we should go do something. It doesn’t matter if we live or die, we should throw out our lives on the line today. The survival of our Dragon race and Sky Palace will be depended on today.”




The sounds of “kill” shook the sky from the Frost Dragon clan camp.

The other army camps also shouted in response.

Frost Dragon King’s voice shook, “My fellow Dragon race warriors, the time that determines our fate has arrived. Today, we shall live on instead of dying! Kill!”


The allied forces roared out together.

The power inside Frost Dragon King’s body made an explosive sound before he directly transformed into a Frost Dragon. He flew up into the sky and then dived down straight towards Blood Sea City’s protective shield.

Right behind him…

The Frost Dragon clan all transformed into dragons and charged over as well.

All the other military camps reacted continuously.

The sky was covered in dragons! A large mass of dark figures charged towards Blood Sea City’s protective shield and started attacking.

The attacks coming from over ten thousand dragon warriors were extremely strong.

Blood Sea City’s protective shield was trembling.

It was shaking non-stop.

Blood Sea City’s main hall.

Cold sweat was on the foreheads of all the Elders present.

They used to be either part of the Dragon race or the Angel race but they had betrayed them. If Blood Sea City was to be broken through, there would be only one outcome for them – death!

“What should we do?”

“Our Lord still hasn’t exited his seclusion?”

“The protective array around Blood Sea City cannot last for much longer. We need to come up with a solution!”

“We can’t keep waiting. If our Lord doesn’t exit his seclusion, there’s no way we can stop them once they charge into the city. At that time, the situation will be beyond salvation and our ending would be… No, I need to go out and fight them.”

“Count me in as well!”

“I’m going too.”

No one could sit still.

Their eyebrows were being burned and Tai Long was still in seclusion.

They were feeling extreme anxiousness!

A portion of them were wavering because they thought Tai Long had already escaped and had abandoned them.

Some were going out to fight.

Some of them snuck out of the Blood Sea Main Hall so they could find a chance to escape. As long as they escape out of Blood Sea City and out of Sky Palace, everything will get better eventually.

In turn…

People inside Blood Sea City started panicking.


“The Dragon race’s allied forces are right at our doorsteps. Our Lord could’ve gone into seclusion at any time yet chose to do it at this time? In my opinion, he has abandoned us and already escaped. I don’t want to die in Blood Sea City so from today onwards, I am leaving the organization.”

“What you’ve said sounds right. We aren’t idiots so I’m leaving as well.”

“You two…! Our Lord has always treated you two quite well yet you’re going to run away at a time like this? Are you worthy of how the Lord has treated you?”

“He doesn’t want us anymore so are we going to stay here and wait for our death?”

“The troops inside Blood Sea City cannot resist the allied forces of the Dragon race. If we keep waiting here, we’re basically waiting for our deaths. I really don’t want to die!”

“I don’t want to die either.”

“Let’s leave!”

A large group of people started leaving.

A large group of people charged to the frontlines.

The city’s protective array kept giving off humming noises and cracks had appeared in many places.

Frost Dragon King waved his arms to rally the troops. He then roared out: “The city’s protective array is about to collapse! My fellow brothers – for the honor of our Dragon race, let’s kill them!”



After being suppressed by Tai Long for so long, each of them had flames of rage smoldering inside their hearts. And this was the perfect time to let those flames explode.

They applied even more strength.

The energy of the city’s protective array depleted at a faster rate.

Attacks that covered the sky kept smashing into the city’s protective array.

A few minutes later…



The city’s protective array gave a final humming sound before disappearing. Frost Dragon King and the allied forces had broken through!

The guards of Blood Sea City were shaking and their faces turned pale.

Nether King and Black Dragon King had brought away most of Blood Sea City’s warriors so the city only had about ten thousand troops left to defend. Because Tai Long wasn’t here, a few of the Elders had escaped. This caused many troops hesitant on whether to fight or to run away.

Frost Dragon King roared into the sky: “Charge!”

The Dragon race’s warriors yelled in response: “Kill them!”

A large-scale battle was about to start!

Frost Dragon King didn’t hesitate since this was the perfect time to defeat Blood Sea City.

The Dragon race’s warriors charged into Blood Sea City like a tidal wave.

The guards of Blood Sea City kept retreating and couldn’t resist the invasion.

Just when Frost Dragon King charged into the Blood Sea Main Hall and was about to announce their victory…

Behind the main hall.

A huge pillar of blood soared into the sky and dyed the horizon blood red. At the base of the blood pillar, a wave of blood rippled outwards before a shout was heard – “Everyone needs to die for me!”

Coming out from seclusion!

The ultimate boss has exited seclusion!

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