Undefeatable – Ch586

Chapter 586 – Level 8 Berserk

“Big brother Luo Tian, quickly come save me!”

Tears were gushing out.

His eyes and cheeks were completely wet.

At this moment…

Little Xie really looked like a child. He was like an orphan that had lost everything.

His crying was heart-wrenching!

In less than a minute, over ten thousand strong allied Dragon warriors were killed by Tai Long alone. He then ripped out their souls from their corpses so that they could never enter the cycle of reincarnation ever again.

Blood Sea City…

Had truly turned into a blood sea.

Soul Sovereign, who was still floating in the air, was absorbing the souls from the dragon warriors like crazy.

Tai Long was standing tall with an arrogant and disdainful expression. His eyes seem to say that he was looking down on everyone in the world. Looking at Little Xie who was the last person alive, he said with a cold laugh: “Hahaha… It’s useless even if you try to call out for your ancestors.”

“No one will be able to save you.”

“Even if Luo Tian makes his way here, he’s just sending himself to death.”

“You have all come here yet he still hasn’t arrived? Do I need to say it more clearly? He is afraid of dying and is very intelligent. Based on his cultivation realm, he is still someone that I can take out in a single strike no matter how many secret skills he has learned.”


“I am the Soul Sovereign’s number one servant and my powers have exceeded the standards of the Tianxuan Continent. You guys are just a bunch of reckless idiots in my eyes, hahaha! Everyone can enjoy their suffering in the eternal dark abyss.”

Mad laughter that didn’t stop!

He started walking one step at a time towards Little Xie.

Tai Long’s expression could be described as arrogance to the extreme.

Little Xie didn’t move while his body was shivering. His eyes stared off in a certain direction while muttering: “Big brother Luo Tian, you will definitely come here. You will definitely take revenge for our Dragon race. You will definitely be able to kill Tai Long.”

“You can definitely do it!”

As his voice faded…

Little Xie suddenly stood up in an upright pose. His gaze was steady as he watched Tai Long approach him one step at a time. He then shouted: “Frost Dragon rises to the sky! Ten thousand swords!”


Little Xie transformed into a Frost Dragon.

The moisture around his body started condensing and eventually became ten thousand ice swords. Along with his roar, the ice swords all shot forward.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

Tai Long didn’t bother to put up his guard and only maintained his look of disdain. When the ice swords were a meter away from him, his aura shattered them into powder. He coldly smirked: “This kind of power is too weak, too much of a trash. From today onwards, your branch of the Dragon race will be completely wiped out.”

“Even though you are only a branch of lowly four-legged dragons…”

“It’s still an entertaining thing to kill your branch off. In the Ancient World, your dragon clan did have some strength but that’s the Ancient World. Here, you guys can be easily slaughtered by my will. Hahaha…”

Tai Long’s expression was disdainful to the extreme.

He has entered the Ancient World before.

He had tried searching for the Dragon race in the Ancient World, but before he could find them, he had already fallen to the wayside and became a servant to the Soul Sovereign. From that day on, his temperament started changing. In order to become stronger, he had dedicated his own soul to the Soul Sovereign.

From then on…

Tai Long’s cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds. When he returned to the Sky Palace, he started killing other Dragon race warriors. The more he killed, the stronger he became. The reason was that the more dragon warrior souls he dedicated to the Soul Sovereign, the more returns he would get.

In order to get stronger…

Regardless of the cost, he planned on killing off the entire Dragon race.

The souls of the Dragon race contained a powerful energy, which was the reason why he came back to the Sky Palace.

“Frost Dragon rises to the sky! Ten thousand swords!”

Little Xie clenched his teeth and released his martial skill once more.

It was still useless.

But he didn’t care and kept casting it like he was on the edge of insanity.

Tai Long was getting closer. When he saw the despair in Little Xie’s eyes, he started laughing.

“Just go and die.”

Immediately after…

His eyes turned serious and his brows furrowed. Tai Long stared at Little Xie while a red light exploded out from his body. At the speed of lightning, he had already appeared in front of Little Xie. He slowly raised his finger and pointed at Little Xie’s head with an evil smile.

Little Xie didn’t move.

He was afraid in the beginning but he was now smiling.

It was like he wasn’t afraid one single bit.

“Father, I’m coming.”

“Uncle Kai Lun, I’m coming.”

“Big brother Ai Lun…”

Little Xie gradually closed his eyes.

At this moment…

The atmosphere of the sky turned heavy.


The Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter was charging over. Eventually, a huge phantom image of a grim reaper appeared on the hillside. Upon seeing the phantom image of the Soul Sovereign, the Grim Reaper seemed to have gone crazy.

One hand was holding a scythe while the other hand a Book of Death.

It revealed a chilly expression before its mouth started moving like it was singing something.

In an instant…

The Grim Reaper’s phantom image flew into the sky before descending into the center of Blood Sea City. Its huge scythe then chopped down.

Tai Long’s expression sank.

“You’re courting death!”

After that shout, he ignored trying to kill Little Xie and rushed back to the city center.

At this instant…

A dark figure descended from the sky and landed right in front of Tai Long. Seeing his ferocious expression, Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “Where are you off to in such a hurry?”

At this moment…

There wasn’t a trace of fear inside Luo Tian.

Not a trace of dread.

What he had was excitement, the kind that made his blood boil. If he could, he would explode Tai Long right this instant.

Your typical boss would have a golden glow and even stronger bosses still had that golden glow. At most, it would be so bright that Luo Tian couldn’t open his eyes. But Tai Long was different… The glow around him was not golden in color.

He had a purple glow!

Without a doubt…

It was the same glow that divine weapons gave off! What do you think this means? It means that Tai Long most likely has a divine weapon or something higher on his body that overcame the golden glow! How can Luo Tian not be excited from knowing this?

“A boss at the Profound God realm!”


“High risk but high returns.”

“No matter what, this daddy will use my life in order to explode you!”

Luo Tian grinned in excitement.


Tai Long looked at Luo Tian in contempt before saying in disdain: “You’re that Luo Tian that managed to kill Black Dragon King and Nether King? A lowly human? Do you think you can stop me with your Profound Saint 4th rank powers?”

“What kind of thing do you think you are?”

Complete disregard.

Tai Long did not put Luo Tian in his eyes at all.

His mind was currently focused on the Soul Sovereign’s phantom image – nothing can happen to it!

Luo Tian coldly sneered, “And what are you considered? A mongrel? A hybrid of different mutts? A Six-winged Golden Dragon? In my opinion, you should be called a Six-winged Dog Shit.”



The Grim Reaper’s phantom image made the Soul Sovereign phantom image retreat a few hundred meters backward. The speed of the Soul Sovereign’s absorption of souls also slowed down.

Tai Long was enraged.

His gaze landed on Luo Tian and his figure moved. Profound God’s power was released as a palm smashed out, “Scram away from me.”

The speed was too fast!

The powers from a Profound God expert were too strong!

Luo Tian couldn’t even see it clearly as a palm strike landed on his chest. He had no time to react and was directly smashed flying. His whole body was wracked in pain and his mind in disorder. He then said to himself: “What should I do? I am not his opponent at all.”

“Power, power…”

“I need stronger power!”

“Fight with all I’ve got!”

“Level 8 Berserk, activate for me!”

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