Undefeatable – Ch588

Chapter 588 – The Idiotic Tai Long

What Tai Long never expected was that Luo Tian also possessed the powers from the Ancient World!

And it happened to be powers from the Ancient Kings.

This was something he never imagined happening.

He released his Profound God powers and then merged it with his Blood Sea Divine Palms. The Blood Sea Divine Palms was a martial skill the Soul Sovereign taught him. It may not be considered a strong martial skill in the Ancient World but in Tianxuan Continent, it was a skill that had surpassed the divine grade.

It can instantly kill any expert below the Profound God realm.

He thought that Luo Tian would definitely die after smashing out his Blood Sea Divine Palms.


Luo Tian was still alive.

He didn’t have time to chase after Luo Tian. The Soul Sovereign phantom image he summoned didn’t have any attack power or any strong defensive powers. Its appearance was only to absorb the souls of the dead Dragon race warriors, just like a machine with a singular function.

It could only keep retreating when facing off against the phantom image of the Grim Reaper.

This was a phantom image of his master and these souls of the deceased Dragon race members were sacrifices he offered to his master. The process cannot be disrupted because if it is, he will definitely be punished for it.

He has experienced the cruel methods of the Soul Sovereign.

Therefore, Tai Long gave up chasing down Luo Tian and was trying to return to the city center.

“The phantom image of a Grim Reaper from the path of slaughter?” Tai Long suddenly stopped.

“Who would’ve imagined a lowly human like you has actually trained in so many powerful martial skills? You even managed to comprehend the Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter. You are truly a super genius. You don’t look twenty years old yet and have already stepped into the Profound Saint realm. A person like you hasn’t appeared in the Tianxuan Continent for over tens of thousands of years. Most likely that Murong Wanjian of the human race, someone they call the new Human Emperor, cannot accomplish all of that.”

“Murong Wanjian is older than you by a few years. If you were given a few more years to cultivate, most likely that Murong Wanjian would be trampled below your feet. It’s unfortunate that your innate bloodline powers haven’t been stimulated yet while Murong Wanjian started cultivating his True Dragon’s bloodline the moment he was born. His current bloodline powers have been stimulated to the sixth stage and has already reached a terrifying realm. This is the gap between you and him.”

“I’m speaking so much with you because…

“I want you to know that no matter how much of genius you are, how powerful you are, or that you have the potential of becoming the new Human Emperor and Tianxuan Continent’s number one genius – everything is useless because you will be dying here today.”

Tai Long’s voice shook the sky.

It basically exploded throughout the horizon. Before his voice faded, his figure had already reached the Grim Reaper’s phantom image. His eyes turned fierce before he shouted: “Break for me!”

The oppressive powers of a Profound God expert crushed down without hindrance.

In less than a second…

The Grim Reaper’s phantom image was destroyed.

It turned into plumes of black smoke before disappearing without a trace.

The path of slaughter’s Grim Reaper was very strong but its strength increased proportionately to Luo Tian’s cultivation. The gap between Luo Tian’s cultivation and Tai Long was simply too large, so the phantom image of the Grim Reaper couldn’t block Tai Long’s oppressive pressure for even a second.

Luo Tian leaped into the air.

He then looked up into the sky with his brow furrowed. “The Ancient King’s power only protected me once and won’t be doing it again the next time. If I cannot pass this obstacle by myself, most likely they’re going to give up on me.”

“I’ll have to take care of everything myself from here on.”

“I couldn’t even break past Tai Long’s defense after activating level 8 Berserk… the Profound God realm is truly a supreme realm. The defensive powers are too strong for me to handle.

Luo Tian started feeling anxious.

At this time…

Qin Changtian sent a sound transmission: “Boss, do you need me to make a move? I feel like I can’t hold back anymore. Tai Long is too cruel, pretty much killing off every one of my Dragon race. It doesn’t really matter if the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart can kill him or not because I really can’t endure anymore.”

Luo Tian immediately replied: “You need to endure even if you can’t. You are my trump card so you cannot come out before I call for you.”

Qin Changtian’s existence was similar to a killer move.

This killer move could only be used once.

If it doesn’t succeed in one move, Qin Changtian will definitely be instantly killed by Tai Long.


His existence must have a one-hit kill effect or else everything would be useless.


Luo Tian couldn’t break past Tai Long’s defense so he had no clue how big his health bar was.


Blood Sea City.

Tai Long was laughing madly as he watched the souls of the dragon warriors being absorbed by the phantom image of the Soul Sovereign. He then shouted: “Kid, don’t you like the path of slaughter? This daddy will allow you to slaughter to your heart’s content! Hahaha…”

Immediately after…

Tai Long flew into the air and started chanting something under his breath. His eyes then suddenly widened and a blood mist exploded out from his body. The blood mist covered the corpses of the dead dragon warriors and his eyes widened once more, “Blood Refinement! Rise for me!”

“You are all servants of the Soul Sovereign. You will all reincarnate in the Eternal Dark Abyss. Now I command you all to kill this person!”




The dead bodies started standing up.

The ten thousand plus dead Dragon race army all stood back up in just a few short seconds. Their eyes were pure black and there wasn’t any aura of life coming from them. But the strength they possessed was exactly the same as when they were alive.


Amidst the debris of the city wall, a huge Frost Dragon started standing up. It shook off all the loose rocks from its body before roaring into the air. Ten thousand ice swords rose up around it and then started shooting towards Luo Tian.

Little Xie’s expression turned pale white as he screamed out: “Father!”


“Uncle Kai Lun! Big brother Ai Lun…”

“Tai Long, f*ck all your ancestors!”

The dead allied Dragon race army had been resurrected.

They became an undead army!

Luo Tian was dumbstruck by what was happening in front of him. His heart felt pain when he saw a bunch of faces he was familiar with. He started dodging the ten thousand ice swords shot out by Frost Dragon King before looking over at Little Xie. Seeing him crying in pain, Luo Tian clenched his fists before shouting: “I’m sorry Little Xie!”

Right after that…

Luo Tian ingested the Triple Experience Pill.

He also took the normal Experience Pill as well!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for activating a triple experience period. You have one hour!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for activating an Experience Pill. The Experience Pill will now start absorbing…”

Two system alerts sounded off.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate because he was very clear on what he had to do. These people had already died and had become Tai Long’s puppets. He had no time to dwell on the feelings of reluctance and was only allowed to feel gratitude because he was given a perfect opportunity!

An opportunity to level up like crazy!

Hearing Luo Tian’s voice, Little Xie cried out: “Big brother Luo Tian, just go ahead and kill them all!”

He too understood the magnitude of things.

He was worried Luo Tian would be unwilling to make a move.

In Luo Tian’s previous life, he has seen television series and movies of the current scene before his eyes where the main character was reluctant to make a move. Each time Luo Tian saw such a scene, he would yell out how dumb the main character was. There was no time for hesitation during such a critical moment and the correct way was to decisively kill everything.

“Level 8 Berserk!”

“Tai Long, just wait and see for this daddy.”

“You will regret this.”

“Your dumbass move is basically sending this daddy experience points! Hahaha… Just you wait! I will give you a good show real soon!” Luo Tian coldly chuckled before transforming into Devil Sovereign Xingtian. “Blood Shadow, Boundless Blood Sea! Kill for me!”

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