Undefeatable – Ch594

Chapter 594 – The Powerful Sky Dragon’s Heart

His life hanging by a thread!

Luo Tian had no other choices.

He couldn’t give Tai Long any chances to attack Qin Changtian.


He could only hold onto Tai Long tightly. His legs looked like they had become roots as entrenched them into the ground. He then shouted: “Changtian, smash all eighteen generations of his ancestors for me!”

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s entire body was wracked in pain. His chest was in so much pain that it had turned numb, and he felt like he was about to die any second.

Tai Long’s attack was too strong.

Even though Luo Tian used all his powers as defense, he still couldn’t fully block it. The three bloodline powers couldn’t resist for more than a second before the phantom images were shattered into powder. The Titan’s Defensive Form, Golden Bell Shield, and his Blood God’s Armor were smashed to pieces shortly after.

Even a divine artifact was smashed to pieces.

Blood God’s Armor was shattered, his Blood God’s Ring was shattered, and even his Sky Splitting Divine Axe was groaning in pain and barely holding on.


Extreme discomfort!

But Luo Tian held on with his life since he had no other choices. The only glimmer of hope he had left was relying on Qin Changtian.

Tai Long frowned before coldly sneering. “Oh? The Dragon race’s new mongrel Dragon Emperor?”

“Luo Tian…”

“I thought you were very intelligent but from the looks of it, you’re even dumber than a pig. You actually placed your hopes on a little child? The only thing I can say now is that you are much worse than Murong Wanjian. Humph~!” Tai Long coldly sneered.

His gaze seemed to look down from a tall height at the Luo Tian who was desperately holding onto him. Tai Long’s face was filled with disdain as he said: “I already told a piece of trash like you before that there’s no way you can fight with me. You can go to hell now.”

Tai Long raised both hands.

A crimson red power glowed brightly at the center of his palms. He aimed it at Luo Tian’s neck before smashing downward.

At this moment…

A loud noise exploded in the sky and a divine-looking eight-clawed dragon appeared.

It was moving about in the sky in brief flashes.

The Dragon God’s suppression descended and explosions erupted throughout the entire Sky Palace. The barrier protecting Sky Palace almost couldn’t hold on anymore!

Too powerful!

Tai Long became stunned as he looked up at the sky. His expression turned to shock, “Sky, Sky, Sky Dragon?”

“Could it be…”

“Could it be that the little child managed to comprehend the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart?”

“Impossible! That’s absolutely impossible! Based on his talent, there’s no way he would be able to comprehend it! My talent and potential are at least ten thousand times better than his! How can he comprehend something that even I cannot comprehend?!”


This was the first time in his life that Tai Long felt true fear.

Even when Luo Tian was in his invincible state and injured him seriously, he didn’t feel an ounce of fear. But now he was truly afraid.

He was a member of the Dragon race.

He personally understood how powerful the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart was. Within the Ancient World, those that were considered overlords of certain territories also feared the Dragon God’s power. This kind of power was at a terrifying level that had reached the capability of annihilating an entire world.


“I’ve locked onto him!”

“You can move aside!”

Qin Changtian sent a sound transmission as he was worried about hurting Luo Tian.

Luo Tian let go of his hands and started laughing in arrogance. “Hahaha… Tai Long, you motherf*cker! You never expected this, right? You never expected that he could comprehend the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart, right? Let me tell you something – it was me who taught him! Did you think you could compete with this daddy with your dog fart talent? From beginning to end, you were dancing in this daddy’s palm! Hahaha…”

The moment he said this…

Luo Tian used Shadow Clone and shifted away at high speeds.

Also at this moment…

Qin Changtian roared in anger: “Tai Long, hand your life over! Pay our Dragon race back with your life! Pay my father back with your life!”

“Arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart!”

“Sky Dragon’s Slaughter!”

“Die for me!”

As Qin Changtian’s voice was heard, the divine dragon flying about in the sky suddenly descended. Its huge and ferocious dragon head flew straight down towards the top of Tai Long’s head.

Tai Long’s face turned pale.

His expression had turned dull like he had been overly shocked. He didn’t even stop Luo Tian from leaving and only stared at the unrestrained dragon charging towards the center of his brows. He then shouted out: “Soul Sovereign, my master, save me! Save me!”


From above the nine heavens, a thunder strike suddenly struck down.

The Soul Sovereign’s phantom that had been absorbing souls above Blood Sea City instantly pulled back before flying into Tai Long’s body.

Luo Tian’s mind tightened while saying to himself: “Can this kill him?”

He couldn’t help but become nervous.

The guy still had over 30 million points of health. Luo Tian really didn’t know whether he could be killed or not since it wasn’t him that cultivated the Sky Dragon’s Heart. He couldn’t see what kind of damage power the martial skill had. While watching the divine dragon charging down, Luo Tian had a faint feeling that it should be able to kill Tai Long.

But when he saw how the phantom image of the Soul Sovereign entered Tai Long’s body, his thought instantly changed and he became worried.

After all, the Soul Sovereign was an overlord in the Ancient World.

Can the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart kill him?




Luo Tian could only count on the heavens at this point.

The sky became distorted.

There were continuous explosions around Tai Long’s body. Blood spurted out like crazy and his expression turned fierce. His soul would flicker and leave his body, then flicker some more and re-enter his body. Tai Long was in extreme pain but he still started laughing out loudly. “Hahaha… hahaha… You guys won’t be able to kill me! You aren’t able to kill me! I am the servant of the Soul Sovereign and I possess an immortal soul body. Even the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart aren’t capable of killing me! Hahaha…”


Tai Long had a smug look on his face.

The moment the Soul Sovereign’s phantom image entered his body, he started flaunting his prowess.

“Ten million health…”

“Eight million health…”

“Six million health…”

Luo Tian was watching the health bar above Tai Long’s head and felt incredibly shocked. “The Sky Dragon’s Heart is too fierce. Except… Tai Long is still posturing in front of us so could it be that he really has an immortal soul body and cannot be killed?”


Luo Tian’s heart skipped a beat before he started preparing.

The power of the Sky Dragon’s Heart gradually weakened and Tai Long’s health bar eventually stopped around 980,000 points.

He didn’t die!

He managed to survive and endured everything head-on!

His health points were simply too much.

The most important point was the phantom image of the Soul Sovereign took on a large portion of the damage.

The power of the Sky Dragon’s Heart finally disappeared.

Qin Changtian directly fell down from the sky because his body couldn’t endure the power.

Upon seeing Qin Changtian falling down, Tai Long’s expression turned even more arrogant. “Hahaha… This daddy already knew you guys wouldn’t be able to kill me. Hahaha… This daddy is the most loyal servant of the Soul Sovereign and possesses an immortal soul body. Hahaha… Luo Tian, and you, a damn mongrel, it’s this daddy’s turn. I am about to send you guys down to the eternal dark abyss. I want the souls of both of you to never enter the cycle of reincarnation! Hahaha…”

Wild and unrestrained laughter.

Smug to the extreme!

Since the arcane secrets of the Sky Dragon’s Heart couldn’t kill him, what other abilities did Luo Tian have that are capable of killing him then?

Luo Tian’s mouth curved up to display his grim reaper smile. He then coldly said: “Your turn? Motherf*cker, you’ve celebrated too early. Just go to hell for me!”

“Heavenly Flame!”

“Green Lotus Core Flame!”

“Target locked!”

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