Undefeatable – Ch596

Chapter 596 – Dragon God Descends To The World

The loot explosion was too great!

So great that Luo Tian didn’t notice the changes around him.

Tai Long’s body, which had been burned to ashes by the Heavenly Flame, was gathering together bit by bit.


Tai Long’s savage laughter exploded in the sky. He then shouted: “Luo Tian, I already told you that you won’t be able to kill me. I am the most loyal servant to the Soul Sovereign and I possess an immortal soul body. There’s no way you can kill me since my fleshly body is undying!”

“Damn it!”

“You’re back?”

Luo Tian’s expression and heart were full of shock.

It was all due to luck that he was able to kill Tai Long. If he didn’t use everything he had at the last minute to cause about 2.5 million damage, the Sky Dragon’s Heart attack would end up leaving him with over 3 million health.

The Heavenly Flame wouldn’t be able to instantly kill him.

Luck was very important in being able to kill Tai Long.

If he had to do this over again, Luo Tian wouldn’t be his opponent even if he stepped into the Profound Emperor realm.

Words cannot describe the gap between a Profound Emperor ranker and a Profound God ranker.

If one had to use words to describe them, then one was heaven and the other the earth. They couldn’t be compared at all!

Even ten peak Profound Emperor experts couldn’t take on a single early Profound God expert. This was the rule of the realm!

A shackle that couldn’t be broken.

It was the same within the Profound Emperor realm. The power between every small realm was like an insurmountable large gap. Someone at the Profound Emperor 2nd rank can completely suppress someone at the Profound Emperor 1st rank. The higher the realm, the more obvious the strength difference will be.

Because of this…

There were many Profound Emperor experts in the Tianxuan Continent, but Profound God experts were extremely rare.

Even Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Prime Elder was only at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm.

Out of the ten great immortal sects, there weren’t many that had Profound God experts in them.

It was all due to luck that he was able to kill Tai Long.

If they did this over again, there was no chance Luo Tian could kill him. Luo Tian’s heart shook while he shouted internally: “I’m screwed now!”

At this time…

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully hatching your battle pet – Eggy!”

At this moment…

Eggy’s excited voice was heard inside Luo Tian’s mind. He directly said: “Boss, let me kill this guy.”

It hatched!

Successfully hatched!

Luo Tian’s expression instantly changed to incomparable excitement. “Eggy, Eggy, you’ve finally come back to life! Hahaha… you’re finally back!”

Luo Tian wasn’t excited about the successful hatching but excited over Eggy coming back alive.

Luo Tian didn’t care even if he couldn’t hatch out.

He already treated Eggy as his brother!

Eggy could see Luo Tian’s excitement so he was filled with gratitude. He then said: “Boss, thank you. I would have died if it weren’t for you and I wouldn’t have been able to hatch out. Thank you. My life was given by you so from today onward, you will forever be my boss. You are the only family to me in this world so whoever dares to mess with you, I will be the first one to fight them with my life.”

After saying that…

Eggy didn’t give Luo Tian time to summon him as he broke out of his shell and flew into the sky.

A dragon!

A dragon just like those depicted in China.

A dragon that looked different from the Dragon race inside the Sky Palace.

He didn’t have any wings!

He didn’t have four claws but eight claws. He was the highest ranked Eight-clawed Golden Dragon with a golden glow! His powers were boundless, and the entire Sky Palace started shaking from Eggy’s appearance. Those Dragon race warriors that had hidden further away were completely dumbstruck by this scene!

Little Xie was stupefied.

Qin Changtian woke up from fainting and unconsciously looked up. He was looking up at the sky while his eyes were filled with incomparable respect and worship. It was similar to someone looking up to their ancestor.

At this moment…

Those surviving Dragon race members kneeled down and started kowtowing in worship.

“Son of the Dragon God!”

“Son of the Dragon God!”

“Son of the Dragon God!”

Tens of thousands of people shouted in unison and their voices echoed throughout the whole Sky Palace.

Even the clouds above the Tianxuan Continent started seething and condensing in a strangely brutal manner. Above the nine heavens, the bestial roars of a dragon was heard coming from another plane!

A certain area of the Tianxuan Continent.

Murong Wanjian furrowed his brows in surprise. He then said in a cold displeased tone: “A Dragon God appearing in the world? So what? I am the rightful son of a true dragon, the only real son of a dragon in the Tianxuan Continent.”

“It doesn’t matter who it is but don’t let me encounter him or else there would only be one outcome for them – death!”

Those words were followed by a cold harrumph.

At this moment…

A flash of golden light appeared in Murong Wanjian’s eyes before his body shot out and created an arc into the horizon.


Someone from the devil race, a super expert at the Profound Emperor realm was viciously crushed by him! An instant kill!

As powerful as the heavens!

Unparalleled in the world!


The ten great immortal sects, the other smaller immortal sects, and all the experts hiding in Tianxuan Continent all exited seclusion to discuss this matter.

“First, it was the Azure Dragon coming from the sea.”

“Then, it was the Vermillion Bird rising into the sky.”

“A few days ago, the Black Tortoise appeared to suppress all beings as well. Three super strong bloodlines appeared one after another this year. Any one of those three bloodlines is capable of competing with Murong Wanjian’s true dragon bloodline. The day those people can stimulate and control their bloodlines is the day three super geniuses step into this world.”

“Three types of divine grade bloodlines and even a Dragon God being born into this world. Something major is going to happen in Tianxuan Continent with the appearance of all these influential figures.”

“Go out and search for me! We have to find those four people!”

“It doesn’t matter how great a price we have to pay, we have to find them. It’s fine even if we can only find one of them.”

“Whoever can find them, they will be rewarded with 10 million top-grade xuan stones!”


Ever since the Dragon race awakened the bloodlines of the humans, a legend was left behind – Those who gain a divine bloodline will gain the world!

Three types of divine grade bloodlines.

Just getting one person could allow an immortal sect to reach its peak. They could then compete with the Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Starsea Immortal Sect to see who was the best. This was the reason it made all the immortal sects go crazy!

From today onwards…

All the immortal sects set up their own groups in order to find those people with the three divine grade bloodlines. This became the most important matter for the immortal sects and none of them spared any effort in searching!

Of course…

None of them knew that the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise had all fused into a single person’s body.

The new Dragon God that descended to this world was also Luo Tian’s little brother!

If they knew all of these things, most likely…

At this time…

Eggy soared into the sky while his body gave off a golden glow. The only downside to this majestic sight was that his body was too young. Most likely only someone from the Dragon God’s clan would show such terrifying might when they first hatch out.

“Dragon God’s Pillar!”

“Come out for me!”


The Dragon God’s Pillar moved through the void. The huge stone pillar then suddenly shrunk and became smaller and thinner and eventually turned into a staff-like rod. The condensed rod landed in Eggy’s claws before he smashed it straight towards Tai Long. “Who told you to injure my boss?!”


“Who told you to be such a show off?”


“Keep showing off!”


“You dare bully my boss? Watch how I play you to death!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Pole after pole smashed down.

A fleshly body that was newly condensed was killed again.

It had no ability to resist in front of Eggy and could only be tortured to death.

Tai Long was the perfect example of a tragedy!

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