Undefeatable – Ch599

Chapter 599 – Greed

A dignified Sect Leader of an immortal sect was described as useless by an outer sect Elder. Even if the things he said were facts and were true, the words he said didn’t leave the Sect Leader any face. Especially when there were people from the ten great immortal sects present as well.

Venerable Yun Ji had nowhere to put his face anymore.

In a fit of anger…

Killing intent appeared, and the aura of a Profound Emperor ranker instantly surged out. In just a flash, a palm strike had already smashed out.


Xu Shan had no time to react.

He also didn’t try to defend himself. The moment he stood up to say those words, he already knew there would be only one outcome for him.

When he saw Venerable Yun Ji’s figure move, the emotions inside him relaxed like he was lowering his guard. He then yelled out in ridicule: “Mount Hua! Is done for!”


The strike accurately landed on his chest.

A powerful force struck Xu Shan and his body instantly exploded.


The main hall was completely silent.

Venerable Yun Ji’s expression was extremely cold. His eyes swept past Han Hua and the others who had all frozen in shock. He then said with killing intent: “It is not your turn to judge my mistakes.”

He killed Xu Shan!

Without the slightest mercy!

He killed Xu Shan just like that!

And he used the cruelest method to kill Xu Shan. All over the main hall were Xu Shan’s blood and pieces of flesh.

“Clap~, clap~, clap~…”

“Good! Good! Good!”

“Now that’s an action of a dignified Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. A mere outer sect Elder dares to jump around in the main hall. If this was my Imperial God Immortal Sect, he would’ve died a long time ago. Those kinds of people like him should have been sentenced to death early on. Sect Leader Yun Ji, what you did was perfect,” said the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s Martial Hall Elder.

The Starsea Immortal Sect’s Tian Lunwang had a smile on his face while he clapped his hands. “An outer sect Elder dared to denounce a Sect Leader, those kinds of people truly deserve to die. But Sect Leader Yun Ji, killing an outer sect Elder has nothing to do with us. Luo Tian is a disciple of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. I don’t care if he’s on Mount Hua or not right now but who’s going to be responsible for the deaths of the disciples from the ten great immortal sects?”

“That’s right!”

“Venerable Yun Ji, do you think killing a mere outer sect Elder can settle our matter? Are you treating our ten great immortal sects as vegetarians?”

“Luo Tian is someone from your Mount Hua Immortal Sect. He killed so many of the disciples from our ten great immortal sects including some that were super talented. This is a great loss for the human race, a tragedy for the human race. Venerable Yun Ji, you need to be responsible for this matter.”

The Elders and Martial Hall Masters from the ten great immortal sects started voicing their agreement.

At this time…

The originally cold-looking Venerable Yun Ji showed an ingratiating smile on his face. He made a faint bow and said: “After that beast, Luo Tian caused so many problems, I, as the Sect Leader, indeed need to be responsible for some of it. I will issue a Mount Hua Warrant and definitely capture him. At that time, I will hand him over to the ten great immortal sects for punishment. Whether you kill him or torture him, I will have no objections and neither will Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”



It was fine for a dignified Sect Leader to not protect his own sect’s disciple yet he spoke such unpleasant words.

Just like what Xu Shan had said: Mount Hua was done for!

Han Hua’s face was pale white.

Her heart sank to the abyss when Xu Shan was killed by the Sect Leader.

It was the same feeling for the sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi.

Zhao Chen was clenching his fists while his fingernails stabbed into his flesh. Fresh blood started dripping down. Treating his own people with cruelty but was wagging his tail like a dog in front of those obnoxious people who thought they were high above others.


No, more like hateful!

Pain filled the hearts of the four of them.

There was nothing left for them in Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

It wasn’t just them.

Some of the nearby disciples felt the same too.

For some of them, Mount Hua Immortal Sect was a place that they’ve lived at for dozens to a hundred years. They’ve always treated this place as their home but now their home was destroyed. The patriarch of the family, Venerable Yun Ji, didn’t do anything about it. In order to protect himself, he was bowing and scraping down like a dog.

After saying such words…

Venerable Yun Ji didn’t feel that he said anything wrong.

Venerable Hun Yuan was the same as he revealed an ingratiating smile. “My fellow Hall Masters and senior brother Elders, we will definitely capture that beast Luo Tian for you. We will capture him no matter the costs.”

“Please give us some time. We will definitely give you all a satisfactory answer.”


Tian Lunwang first glanced at the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s Martial Hall Master. He then coldly chuckled before walking towards Venerable Yun Ji and saying: “Yun Ji, I’m wondering if you really don’t understand what’s going on, or are you pretending to not know what’s going on? Do you think that we spent so much effort here just to take the life of that kid Luo Tian?”


“Do you think a mere disciple with a crippled dantian and no innate bloodlines is qualified to make us mobilize so many troops?”

After saying that…

The heads of the ten great immortal sects all showed greedy smiles on their faces.

Venerable Yun Ji’s brows furrowed, “Junior brother Tian Lun, if you guys don’t want his life, then what do you guys want? This time, our Mount Hua Immortal Sect was indeed in the wrong. As long as your conditions are reasonable, we will definitely satisfy it.”

“You will have to satisfy us even if you don’t want to.” Tian Lunwang coldly scoffed.

After that…

Tian Lunwang exchanged glances with the other Elders before saying: “Our ten great immortal sects came here from over millions of kilometers away, and so many talented disciples of ours died in Heaven’s Boundary. There were several conflicts not long ago and a few more of our disciples died as well. Your Mount Hua Immortal Sect needs to compensate us.”

“I heard your Mount Hua Immortal Sect has a few secret skills. Just take that out for us.”

Those from the ten great immortal sects all revealed their greed on their faces.

When Mount Hua Immortal Sect was first established, they dominated over all others and were the number one sect out of all immortal sects.

The old ancestor of Mount Hua traveled to various planes and collected countless magical artifacts, divine skills, and powerful secret skills.

So this was the main purpose of the ten great immortal sects!

Venerable Yun Ji’s expression darkened.

The expression on the Mount Hua Elders in the main hall also hiddenly changed. They never expected the appetite of the ten great immortal sects to be this huge. They actually wanted the secret skills of Mount Hua Immortal Sect! This was something left to them by their old ancestors! How can they face their ancestors if they give it to outsiders?

All the Elders were staring at Venerable Yun Ji.

At this time…

There were small beads of sweat on Venerable Yun Ji’s forehead. He sent a sound transmission: “Master, what should I do?”

He sent the sound transmission to the Prime Elder.


The Prime Elder didn’t reply to him.

Not even a sound.

Not one wanted to bear the act of infamy; not Venerable Yun Ji nor the Prime Elder.


“Yun Ji, are you refusing?”

“Refusing is fine.”

“Brother Tian Lun, Mount Hua Immortal Sect killed our disciples from the ten great immortal sects. A mere crappy Mount Hua Immortal Sect dares to look down on us? If we don’t show them a bit of our strength, how can our ten great immortal sects have any face left?”

“What you’ve said is correct.”

“Since they’ve killed so many of our disciples, today’s matter isn’t over.”

“Notify all the disciples at the foot of the mountain to attack with all their strength and flatten Mount Hua! From today onwards, Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s name shall be removed from the Tianxuan Continent!”

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