Undefeatable – Ch604

Chapter 604 – Suppressing The Entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect

Venerable Yun Ji couldn’t endure anymore.

The hundred or so outer sect disciples couldn’t endure anymore.

Their hearts had gone cold.

Their hearts had shattered. The feeling of being abandoned was very difficult to bear. And this was personally said out loud by their Sect Leader, Venerable Yun Ji. Thinking back to yesterday when the allied forces of the ten great immortal sects attacked, it was similar to chickens and dogs running for their lives. When the cruel scenes of those killings were played back in their minds, they became even angrier.

Since the inner sect disciples were being protected…

Then Luo Tian no longer needed to fight for their hearts. He still had the same words as before – he wasn’t a psychotic killer but if anyone dares to jump out in front of him to show off, he will not show any mercy.

Upon seeing the aura around Venerable Yun Ji started to faintly move, Luo Tian also became more careful. He then said to those outer sect disciples behind him: “You guys withdraw back further. I’m not Venerable Yun Ji so I will protect all of you with my life.”

The outer sect disciples were moved by those words.


None of them stepped back and they actually walked forward and stood in a row with Luo Tian.

This kind of scene made Venerable Yun Ji even angrier. He then started laughing coldly: “Hahaha… trash can only stand with other trash. You bunch of garbage should’ve been cleaned out from the beginning.”

“Are the Law Enforcement Hall disciples present?!” Venerable Yun Ji shouted.

Amongst the inner sect disciples, over a dozen disciples wearing the Law Enforcement Hall’s uniforms stepped out and shouted in unison: “Present!”

Venerable Yun Ji then said: “Take care of all this garbage for me. Do not let a single one live. As for this damn dog thing Luo Tian, you can leave him to me. Entrapping Mount Hua Immortal Sect and killing an inner sect Elder and an outer sect Elder – Luo Tian, you will be dying today no matter what!”

The word dying was especially pronounced clearly.

If it wasn’t for Luo Tian, he wouldn’t have to apologize to the ten great immortal sects in such a humble manner. He especially wouldn’t have to hand over three secret skills that were the foundation left behind by Mount Hua’s old ancestor. Even though the ones he handed over were just handwritten copies, this action was still considered a huge insult to Mount Hua Immortal Sect. The worst thing about the whole matter was that it happened under his watch!

Luo Tian’s gaze turned cold as he watched these Law Enforcement Hall disciples. He then sneered: “Come! Come one and I’ll kill one! I want to see how many people I can kill in your Law Enforcement Hall! You guys only know how to bully your own people. When you see those disciples from the ten great immortal sects, you didn’t even dare let out a fart. What’s the use in Mount Hua Immortal Sect feeding you guys? If we talk about trash, you guys are the true trash of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. At least the outer sect disciples tried to resist but what about you guys? You watched your own junior brothers and sisters being killed yet none of you tried to help. What good senior brothers you are! What a good immortal sect!”


“Luo Tian, who the hell do you think you are?! It’s not your turn to speak here!”

Venerable Yun Ji instantly made a move.

The Profound Emperor’s battle aura on his body exploded outwards before condensing into a green gas that looked poisonous.

Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness was shaking without stopping. His mind was being suppressed and felt an indescribable discomfort. But since he had said such words out loud, he was going to try his best to help those outer sect disciples continue living past today no matter what.

Even if he has to put his life on the line!

In an instant…

Luo Tian roared out internally: “Level 8 Berserk!”


“Magma Fire!”

“Level 9!”


“Shadewind Steps, level 9, Lunar…”


Luo Tian instantly disappeared. His entire body had turned into flames as he charged out abruptly.


“You’re courting death!”

Venerable Yun Ji couldn’t endure anymore so the rage of flames he had been suppressing inside his heart exploded out. His palms started moving as he manifested a Buddha’s palm that was dark green and contained endless poison. “Poison Buddha’s Palm!”

The inner sect disciples were shocked by the display of power.

The inner sect Elders also revealed looks of shock.

No one imagined Venerable Yun Ji was an expert who cultivated poison skills.

No one has seen Venerable Yun Ji make a move for over a thousand years, and especially no one has seen him using a poisonous palm skill like this!

Poison Buddha’s Palm!

This was a martial skill Mount Hua’s old ancestor brought back from the outer territories!

Luo Tian’s mind was in chaos. He too never imagined Venerable Yun Ji would use poison. Everything happened too quickly and he didn’t have time to defend. When facing the poisonous palm print pressing down from the sky, Luo Tian’s emotion turned tense as he said to himself: “Take it head-on!”

He could escape.

The great perfection Teleportation skill would allow him to escape immediately.


He couldn’t do that!

Not only were there over a hundred outer sect disciples but there was also still Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and the others! Luo Tian couldn’t escape by himself! If he couldn’t pass this barrier called Venerable Yun Ji, how was he going to fight the Prime Elder?

He clenched his teeth.

Luo Tian was going to throw everything on the line! He ceased breathing, calmed his mind and his sea of consciousness before shouting internally: “Azure Dragon’s bloodline, come out for me!”


The phantom image of an Azure Dragon flew into the sky before its explosive roar exploded out through the nine heavens. The entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect then started shaking violently.

“Azure Dragon… Azure Dragon bloodline? It’s the same Azure Dragon that appeared in the Dark North Sea. He, he, he, didn’t the test show he didn’t have any inherited bloodlines?”

“Impossible! The testing equipment can’t be wrong. Luo Tian doesn’t have any inherited bloodlines so how did he suddenly gain the Azure Dragon’s bloodline?”



These people were shocked once more.

It was the same with Venerable Yun Ji as he furrowed his brows.

Before he had time to react…

Luo Tian roared out once more: “Vermillion Bird bloodline, come out for me!”


A pair of huge fiery wings extended out from Luo Tian’s body and a mournful screech was heard. It then shot into the sky before swooping down back into Luo Tian’s body. The monarch flames of the Vermillion Bird then surged out from his figure.

“Oh heavens!”

“Two bloodlines! What am I looking at? It’s impossible for someone to fuse two bloodlines together! Besides, they are two divine grade bloodlines so it should be impossible for them to merge together.”

“Mama mia! What kind of monster is he?” ¹

“He’s definitely some type of monster.”

They were completely shocked once more!

Fusing two bloodlines together was an impossible matter. At least it has never happened in Tianxuan Continent’s ten million year history. Some people did try and they either failed or the backlash from two different bloodlines made their bodies explode.

Luo Tian had fused two divine grade bloodlines together.

Extreme shock!

Before they could calm their shocked expressions, Luo Tian once more roared out: “Black Tortoise bloodline, come out for me!”


“Oh heavens!”

“Another one! There’s actually another one! A third bloodline has manifested!”

“Fusing three bloodlines together? I must be dreaming! That’s right, I’m definitely dreaming right now!”

“Even the true dragon’s son Murong Wanjian couldn’t accomplish this. How can this be possible?”

Everyone was dumbstruck!

A huge phantom image of the Dragon Tortoise Xuanwu appeared over Luo Tian’s body and protected in front of him. Its huge head looked at the incoming Poison Buddha’s Palm before it released a shield of light.

Black Tortoise, the King of Defense!

Its defense was the strongest amongst the four divine beasts.

With the activation of the Black Tortoise bloodline, a light shield visible to the naked eye expanded outwards.


The light shield and the Poison Buddha’s Palm collided together.

The collision caused a huge explosion in the sky!


Luo Tian leaped into the air and floated there. An Azure Dragon was coiled around him, a Vermillion Bird protected him, and the Black Tortoise stood there suppressing all with its presence. Their momentum surged into the sky as they stood there proudly with extreme arrogance. The entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect was suppressed by the powers of these three bloodlines!

Including Venerable Yun Ji!


¹ – The raws do say mama mia, I think the author is trying to be funny.

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