Undefeatable – Ch609

Chapter 609 – Eggy, Kill Him!

“I’m choosing the third option.”

Luo Tian’s mouth curved to reveal a faint smile.

At this moment…

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Target locked!”

At this time, Luo Tian quickly looked up how much health he had left. He silently calculated the time and then started smiling. “Prime Elder, can I please ask if there’s a third choice for me? I am someone who loves to walk down the third path.”

Venerable Yun Ji was originally a bit depressed. If Luo Tian chose the first choice, his position in the future will definitely be in a precarious state. He became nervous and didn’t dare to say anything in front of Daoist Tian Xu.

But once he heard Luo Tian wanted to pick the third choice, he immediately jumped out and pointed at Luo Tian’s nose. “Hahaha… Luo Tian, it looks like shit has entered your brains. Didn’t you hear the Prime Elder say you only have two choices?”

“Since you are picking the third choice, does that mean you’re trying to play with the Prime Elder?”

“I think you’re definitely trying to mess with the Prime Elder.”

Right after that…

Venerable Yun Ji turned to the side and said to Daoist Tian Xu with respect: “Master, this kid is messing with you. He’s someone from the devil sect. If it wasn’t for him, Mount Hua Immortal Sect wouldn’t have turned out like this. We can’t let him off today.”

He was really afraid Daoist Tian Xu would protect Luo Tian.

If Luo Tian doesn’t die, then he will be screwed.

Daoist Tian Xu faintly frowned before saying: “Luo Tian, you better carefully reconsider the chance I’m giving you. With your current cultivation realm, I can instantly kill you on a whim. Don’t grab a mile when given an inch, don’t be shameless when I’m giving you face.”

Venerable Yun Ji instantly went along with it and said: “Damn dog thing, did you hear that clearly? Don’t be shameless when you’re given some face! My master thinks highly of you so a kid like you better know what’s good for you.”

While saying that…

Venerable Yun Ji had an arrogant expression like he was lecturing Luo Tian.

The surrounding Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples and Elders didn’t dare to say a word.

Everything instantly became quiet.

They didn’t dare to speak their thoughts. If Luo Tian does end up staying in Mount Hua Immortal Sect, they knew they would be experiencing difficult days ahead.

The expressions of those outer sect disciples also drastically changed.

Their fate will be determined by what choice Luo Tian was going to choose!

There were basically not many people in Mount Hua Immortal Sect that he cared about. Luo Tian revealed a playful smile before saying to himself: “I will destroy you all today. Later on, I will bring Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi, Blindman Liu, and the rest to come over. We will forge a true Mount Hua Immortal Sect that belongs to us. As for these people… heh heh…”

In an instant…

His killing intent surged up!

The fourth bloodline is only missing about 2000 undefeated points. It will be just enough if he killed all the people here.

Luo Tian’s gaze darkened as he took a step forward. He gave a slight chuckle before saying: “You want to know what my third choice is all about? It’s where all of you die here!”


“Courting death!”

“Luo Tian, you’ve got some nerve!”

Also at this time…

The inner sect disciples who had been suppressed instantly yelled: “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him…”

The outer sect disciples finally felt relaxed. They were like Venerable Yun Ji, afraid that Luo Tian would be allowed to keep living. There would only be one outcome for them, and that’s death!

Venerable Yun Ji felt extremely happy. “Idiot! Even more stupid than an idiot! Luo Tian, oh, Luo Tian… If the Prime Elder wanted to protect you, even I wouldn’t dare to make a move against you. But an idiot like you decided on choosing your whatever third choice! Hahaha… it will be very difficult even if you want to continue living now! Hahaha…” Venerable Yun Ji started laughing as he said this internally.

He then pretended to be angry and annoyed while saying: “Master, this kid keeps insulting you. You shouldn’t let him off anymore!”

“Let your sister off!”

In an instant…

Luo Tian’s figure moved as the power within him exploded forth.

Daoist Tian Xu’s eyes turned fierce as flames of rage rose up inside him. He wanted to keep Luo Tian around in order to get more inner cores. He was already at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm and was just missing a little bit to step into the Profound God realm.

This little bit required a humongous amount of inner cores.

Luo Tian could refine inner cores so he was hoping Luo Tian could continue living and become his servant.

If Luo Tian chose the first choice, he would only become a tool for Mount Hua Immortal Sect if he continued living and wouldn’t have any good days. But Daoist Tian Xu didn’t expect Luo Tian to choose a whatever third choice and this completely pissed him off.

Seeing how Luo Tian suddenly started moving, he roared out in anger: “Damn dog thing! If I don’t teach you a lesson today, you really won’t understand how powerful I am. You’re basically courting death to dare recklessly move in front of me!”

“Boss, danger!” Eggy yelled out.

Luo Tian always maintained his eyes on Daoist Tian Xu but his target was Venerable Yun Ji.

At this time…

Venerable Yun Ji didn’t know Luo Tian’s target was him. He just started laughing happily: “Hahaha! Luo Tian, a damn trash like should go to hell. No matter how strong you are, there’s no way you are an opponent for my master. Hahaha…”

“Heh heh…” Luo Tian chuckled evilly.

Immediately after…

He made a thought and shouted internally: “Heavenly Flame, level 2!”

“Purifying Lotus Demon Flame!”

“Come out for me!”


The Purifying Lotus Demon Flame was the reward he got from the Sky Palace. It was one of the Heavenly Flames with the most destructive ability.

Based on the system…

Its attack power reached five million points!

That means any expert with five million health points and below will be instantly killed. After continuously beating each other, Venerable Yun Ji’s health had already decreased below five million points. Luo Tian couldn’t wait anymore because he didn’t have the time to wait.

Even though he transformed into the Devil Sovereign, his human fleshly body was already at the brink of death.

His remaining health points were under a hundred.

His Healing Art wouldn’t be able to help much at this point so the only solution was to level up!

Back then at the Sky Palace, Luo Tian had ingested an Experience Pill. When he killed Tai Long, the experience he gained allowed him to level up a few times and he was actually just a little bit away from another level up.

Leveling up now was his only chance at survival!

Venerable Yun Ji’s brows furrowed while his body faintly shivered. The shock from watching the flame that was stronger than before made him speak out in warning: “Master, this cluster of flame is a bit weird so don’t take it head-on.”


Venerable Yun Ji didn’t realize the target of the flames was actually him.

Daoist Tian Xu wasn’t afraid at all. He pointed his finger out and condensed his Profound Emperor’s battle aura at the tip before shooting it at Luo Tian.


At this moment…

The Purifying Lotus Demon Flame passed by Daoist Tian Xu and shot towards Venerable Yun Ji.

Venerable Yun Ji pissed his pants in fear as he shouted: “Master, save me! Quickly come save me!”

He actually pissed his pants!

The crotch area of his pants was wet and liquid was dripping down his pant legs.

Daoist Tian Xu widened his eyes as his movement reached extreme speeds. The rage in his heart already surged up thousands of meters high as he shouted: “Luo Tian! You dare?!”

He didn’t rescue Venerable Yun Ji.

Instead, he was planning to kill Luo Tian because this was the best way to save someone.

Luo Tian stood there without moving. He was staring at Venerable Yun Ji and said with a smug smile: “Acting arrogant, huh? Continue acting arrogant! Those that try to show off in front of me will only have one outcome – death!”


After saying that…

Luo Tian looked over at the incoming Daoist Tian Xu and started smiling coldly. “Old fogey, this daddy has tolerated enough of you. Eggy, kill him!”

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