Undefeatable – Ch615

Chapter 615 – Eggs About To Be Shattered

At this time, only a second went by.

Han Hua was trying her best to buy time for Luo Tian.

Eggy couldn’t speak when he watched Han Hua being tortured by Daoist Tian Xu while holding onto his leg. Tears kept coming out of his eyes and streaming down his cheeks.

Luo Tian increased his speed to the max when he heard Han Hua’s voice.

In just a few seconds, he felt like he had experienced ten thousand years of life. These few seconds were extremely suffocating for him.

He was suppressed to the point of extreme discomfort.


Luo Tian arrived at the foot of Solitary Peak where Xu Shan had mentioned.

The land was pitch black around here and below his feet was a large black rock that looked like it was used for an ancient array.

At this time…

Daoist Tian Xu landed with a smile filled with contempt. He then said: “Damn mongrel, why don’t you keep running? Do you think you can escape from the palm of my hands? Hahaha… Luo Tian, I will give you a chance at living. Tell me the secret of fusing with multiple bloodlines and I will spare your life.”

Luo Tian stood in the middle of the array and just quietly stared at Daoist Tian Xu. The rage inside his heart was similar to a volcano that was continuously erupting but it was being suppressed by the old guy in front of him. Luo Tian then asked: “Daoist Tian Xu, can you please tell me what place this is?”

Daoist Tian Xu glanced around and said with a cold smile: “Mount Hua’s forbidden grounds. Why? Did you think that I cannot capture you if you run to this place? Or are you trying to say that you wish to escape and enter the ancient battlefield? Ancient battlefield… wait, Luo Tian, what do you plan on doing?”


Daoist Tian Xu’s expression turned serious while his gaze showed killing intent and his body faintly shook. He looked around and determined they were indeed at the main entrance to the ancient battlefield. A sense of foreboding rose up in his heart.

Behind him were the Mount Hua disciples and Elders who didn’t know what connotations the ancient battlefield had. Most of them had a look of confusion while only a few Elders understood how powerful the ancient battlefield was. One of the Elders spoke out: “Prime Elder, so what if this is the main entrance to the ancient battlefield? Opening the entrance to the ancient battlefield requires the four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead. Even if this kid possesses heaven-like abilities, it’s still impossible for him to gather all the materials needed. Prime Elder, you don’t need to worry about anything.”

The four regions’ blood was extremely difficult to find.

There was once someone from Mount Hua Immortal Sect who attempted it, but just the Titan race’s blood was impossible, not to mention the Sky Dragon’s Bead.

When Daoist Tian Xu heard that, his mind felt more relaxed. He then revealed a cold smile and said: “Kid, open up the ancient battlefield if you have the capabilities. With your abilities, not to mention the Sky Dragon’s Bead, I’m afraid you wouldn’t even be able to get one of the four regions’ blood.”

“You wish to open the ancient battlefield? Humph~!”

“A thing that overestimates his own abilities!”

They stared at Luo Tian with contemptuous smiles and a playful face filled with disdain.

The Mount Hua disciples behind the Elders had the same look.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and replied: “Old bandit Tian Xu, I will pay you back a thousand times with what has happened today. Just remember everything clearly. Wait until you see me the next time, I will definitely explode your corpse!”

While saying that…

Luo Tian’s right hand started moving and four vials of blood appeared.

Once the blood appeared…

Someone exclaimed: “Four regions’ blood!”

Daoist Tian Xu’s expression drastically changed. “Rebel, you dare?!”

If the ancient battlefield is opened up, Mount Hua Immortal Sect might be instantly destroyed if some ancient demon escapes from there.

It will definitely be a catastrophe.

Everyone had different expressions on their faces. Some of the Elders revealed looks of fear but still tried to smile while saying: “Luo Tian, we can always discuss things out so why open the ancient battlefield? Do you know what’s inside the ancient battlefield? Once opened, the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect could be destroyed. Just tell us what conditions you have, I’m sure the Prime Elder will agree to them.”

Daoist Tian Xu harrumphed, “Luo Tian, you better not do anything reckless, or else I will kill all the people you’re close with. Heavenly Sword City’s Great Tang Dynasty, your hometown’s Luo family, I’ll even find a chance to kill your little sister Xue’er.”


He was using Luo Tian’s family and brothers to threaten him.

Rage was billowing inside Luo Tian’s heart.


He had no thoughts of compromising and knew what he was doing. He cannot protect them right now and will still be unable to protect them after handing over the four regions’ blood. His mouth curved into a cold smile before saying: “Little kid Tian Xu, are you afraid now?”

While saying this…

Luo Tian’s left hand moved and a bead appeared in the palm of his hand.

“Sky Dragon’s Bead!”

Everyone started panicking and some even started trembling. Their faces turned pale as if they were about to meet their greatest enemy.

Daoist Tian Xu had an ugly look on his face while he stared at Luo Tian with malice. He then said through clenched teeth, “Luo Tian, I can kill you the moment you open the ancient battlefield. If you want to keep your life, hand over all those things.”

He was scared!

Everyone in Mount Hua Immortal Sect was scared!

They didn’t know what was inside the ancient battlefield but they were very clear there was a rule left by Mount Hua’s old ancestor – Do not open the ancient battlefield no matter what! The day the battlefield is open is the day Mount Hua will be destroyed!

The ancient demons were too strong.

Once the seal is broken, they will all have to die.

Luo Tian started smiling seeing their fearful faces.

At this time…

Daoist Tian Xu anxiously asked: “Luo Tian, what exactly do you want? I will agree to whatever conditions you have as long as you don’t do anything reckless. You still won’t be able to stay alive even after opening the ancient battlefield, so why do it?”

“That’s right! Brother Luo Tian, don’t do anything crazy.”

“The demons inside the ancient battlefield all come from the Ancient World, so don’t do anything reckless. Just tell the Prime Elder whatever conditions you have.”

“Luo Tian, don’t do anything stupid.”

All the Elders tried to persuade him.

Luo Tian revealed a fierce expression and asked: “You will agree to whatever I want?”

Daoist Tian Xu replied: “As long as you hand over the things you’re holding, I will agree to whatever you want.”

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “The things I want aren’t much. Little kid Tian Xu, kneel down and give this daddy a kowtow. Then call me grandpa three times. If you make me happy, I might just agree to your demands.”

“Luo Tian, you are courting death!”

Daoist Tian Xu’s eyes widened as his Profound Emperor’s battle aura rose up to the peak.

At this moment…

Luo Tian roared out with anger: “If you can’t do it, then scram to the side for this daddy!”

Immediately after…

The four regions’ blood dripped down and the Sky Dragon’s Bead was placed in the eye of the array. Luo Tian’s eyes turned fierce as he shouted: “Ancient battlefield, open up for me!”



Luo Tian started laughing like mad.

The four regions’ blood was instantly absorbed.

The Sky Dragon’s Bead was also absorbed by the eye of the array.


Nothing happened after! Not even a single sound! The array remained the same and nothing happened to the surrounding.

A few seconds went by and still, nothing happened.

Daoist Tian Xu started laughing like crazy in a smug manner. “Luo Tian, prepare to die.”

Luo Tian’s heart sank.

Watching Daoist Tian Xu’s palm strike approaching, he could only laugh at himself: “It looks like I played myself to death.”

Just when Luo Tian was about to charge forward and fight Daoist Tian Xu to the death…

A powerful suction force appeared below his feet.

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