Undefeatable – Ch617

Chapter 617 – Way Too Brutal

Luo Tian had seen many T-Rex’s from the movies in his previous life.


Luo Tian had never seen over ten thousand plus T-Rex’s grouped together!


Movies weren’t real while he was currently in reality, so this kind of shocking scene was beyond words to describe. And there happens to be an extra-large Tarbosaurus below his butt with its mouth opened wide.

These demonic beasts seem to be malnourished because they were basically skin and bones.

But every bone beneath their skin seemed to be unusually hard like they were ten thousand times harder than steel.

The worst thing of all was the aura coming from all of them were from the Ancient World! Luo Tian wasn’t a stranger to this aura because he felt it when Blindman Liu transformed into a huge ancient devil. He also experienced it from Tai Long’s body. Now, this is the third time he has sensed the ancient aura in the Tianxuan Continent and these ancient demonic beasts seem to give off an even more intense aura. It was extremely brutal and showed they were true ferocious beasts from the Ancient World!


“Its health bar is over a few meters long so how many health points does it have?!”


“The greater their health bar, the higher the level of the demonic beast. Experience points will also increase proportionally, so… Hahaha…” Luo Tian started laughing in smugness. He just couldn’t help himself when he saw the large groups of ancient demonic beasts. “Old bandit Tian Xu, you just wait for this daddy. I will take your dog’s life very shortly.”

Eggy then said: “Boss, let’s not bother with the old bandit for now. Can you take care of that demonic beast below our butts first? My heart is beating out of control right now. The aura coming from that guy is way too brutal. Once we fall into its mouth, we will instantly be grounded into meat paste. Quickly think of a solution!”

“That guy really deserves to die!”

“It would be great if my powers weren’t sealed up!”

“Little kid Tian Xu, your granny’s cha-cha, this daddy will give you a good show once I break through your seal!”

Eggy and Luo Tian’s rage was surging thousands of meters high once Daoist Tian Xu was mentioned.


Now wasn’t the time to think of these things because below their butts were a bunch of huge demonic beasts. If they didn’t solve their current crisis, not to mention Daoist Tian Xu, they wouldn’t be able to escape losing their lives this instant.

Luo Tian’s expression darkened as he said: “Eggy, your powers have been sealed but can you give out a dragon’s roar?”

“Dragon’s roar?”

“Isn’t it just shouting?”

“I think I can do that. I may not be able to fully suppress them but it should be able to suppress them for one or two seconds.” Eggy was full of confidence since he was a descendant of the Dragon God. It would be too shameful if he didn’t even have this kind of ability.

Luo Tian immediately said: “Good, just listen for my command.”

Eggy replied: “Okay!”


The two of them fell down at crazy speeds.

The ancient battlefield was a spatial dimension, a place no one knew who had sealed a bunch of ancient demonic beasts here. This place might be originally part of the Ancient World and some super expert tore it apart and made it its own spatial dimension.

In this spatial dimension…

Gravity was a hundred times stronger!

There was crazy suppression from all directions. Even though Luo Tian was already in the Profound Emperor realm, his strength and speed were limited under a hundred times gravity. It was extremely uncomfortable because it felt like he was carrying a large mountain with him.

Luo Tian’s eyes flashed as he stared at the large swath of demonic beasts.


He didn’t lose his mind because of them. These ancient demonic beasts were definitely tough to the extreme. If he jumped down into the midst of them just like that, he would definitely be ravaged to his death. He had to find a safe place to land first before testing out the powers of these demonic beasts. Only then can he plan on what to do next.



The Tarbosaurus sprayed out some type of intense flame from its mouth.

It was drooling while a brief flash of light appeared in its green eyes. There were clear signs of excitement in its eyes as if it was saying it could finally have a full meal.

Also at this time…

Luo Tian shouted: “Eggy!”

Eggy’s eyes turned fierce as he replied: “I’m ready!”

When they were a few meters away from the Tarbosaurus, Luo Tian shouted: “Dragon’s roar!”

At the same time…

Eggy roared out: “ROAR~!”

The dragon’s roar shook the sky!

Even though his powers were sealed, a Dragon God’s blood flowed through Eggy’s body. The single roar of his contained the might of a Dragon God and was fierce to the extreme.

Luo Tian was worried that Eggy’s roar couldn’t suppress these violent demonic beasts. At this time, he also released the powers of all three of his bloodlines. The phantom images of the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise superimposed over Luo Tian’s body. Together with Eggy’s dragon roar, it managed to suppress that Tarbosaurus.

That Tarbosaurus’s body shivered.

Its mouth closed.

In an instant, Luo Tian’s hands formed into palm strikes as he smashed down.


He wasn’t planning on killing it.

He was using the Sky Soul Palms powers to bounce himself away.

The huge Tarbosaurus was struck by Luo Tian’s palm, and a red numerical value appeared over its head “-109”

Also at this time, the several meter long health bar over its head revealed the numbers “70,000,000”

“Oh crap!”

“So many zeroes!”

“Are all the demonic beasts in the ancient world this fierce? Just a single one of them has 70 million health points. This amount of health is comparable to a f*cking late stage Profound Emperor expert, right? Then the strength of these demonic beasts… Mama mia!”

Luo Tian’s eyes were in a daze. He already expected the ancient demonic beasts to be very strong, but didn’t expect them to have so much health.

Having 70 million health meant they were comparable to the health of someone at the Profound Emperor 7th rank.

If this was the case…

The strength of these demonic beasts will definitely be above a Profound Emperor 7th ranker. Their natural defensive abilities and their raw strength will definitely be more fierce than a human.


Luo Tian and Eggy landed on the ground.

At this time…

That Tarbosaurus who was struck finally reacted. It became enraged as it roared into the sky. A green light flashed in its throat before shooting out from its mouth.


“Damn, a Tarbosaurus that can spray out poison?”

Luo Tian carried Eggy and ran away like crazy.

“At the 3 o’clock direction!”

“Boss, quickly escape!”

“Boss, watch out for your 9 o’clock direction!”

“The left, right, and the surrounding area is full of poison! Boss, what should we do? There’s nowhere to escape to!”

The poison the Tarbosaurus was spraying out was similar to lava spraying out from a volcano.

Luo Tian was in an embarrassing state as he dodged all over the place. Finally, he managed to escape from the Tarbosaurus’s attack. He was thinking to himself: “What the hell should I do? These demonic beasts are way too strong, so how am I supposed to kill them?”

Luo Tian felt that killing a single Tarbosaurus was already very difficult.

In front of him was a huge group of T-rexs as well. Not to mention leveling up, he would have a difficult time trying to stay alive at this point.

The ancient battlefield was too fierce!

Luo Tian was trying to think while running like crazy. He opened up his system interface and didn’t see any alerts or advice from the system. Just when Luo Tian started getting anxious, he scrolled over to his skills list.

He suddenly remembered one of his skills.

“Magic Charm!”

“Hahaha, this daddy found a solution!”


(T/N: So in Chinese, a Tyrannosaurus Rex is referred to either 霸王龙 or a shortened version name 暴龙. But for some strange reason, the author doesn’t know this so I had to differentiate it by using Tarbosaurus for one of them, which happens to be the most similar to a T-rex.)

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