Undefeatable – Ch624

Chapter 624 – Dare To Bet?

Since there’s no other solution, then he could only kill!

Luo Tian had a stubborn personality.

As long as he made a decision, he would walk down that path without hesitation no matter what the consequences. Even death would not deter him!

Inside this place…

Everything was possible for Luo Tian.

This place was his heaven.


His time was limited! He couldn’t put Yun Ling and Yun Yi down in his heart. It was also unknown whether Han Hua and Zhao Chen were alive or not. No matter what, Luo Tian didn’t want his women to suffer so he had to leave this place as soon as possible.

It would be very difficult for him alone if he wanted to leave this place.

He needed help!

These Mount Hua ancestors looked like beastmasters.

They were able to freely control these ancient demonic beasts. As long as they cooperated with him, it wouldn’t be difficult if he killed these ancient demonic beasts to allow him to level up all the way to the Profound God realm.

The most important point is whether they were going to cooperate with him or not.

Luo Tian asked without hesitation: “Senior, do you all wish to leave here?”

The old person looked at Luo Tian and chuckled bitterly. He then replied: “There’s no way to leave. Little brother, go find a place to commit suicide before that guy starts paying attention to you. You can also choose to hide somewhere and never reveal yourself for the rest of your life.”

Before the old person could continue speaking more, Luo Tian interrupted him: “Senior, I’m just asking you a single question – do you all wish to leave this place?”

Interrupting someone’s speech was very impolite.


Luo Tian didn’t have time to care about it.

After ten thousand years, this had already removed the sharp edge these old ancestors used to possess. They had lost their fighting spirit after so many years. Luo Tian could understand this aspect but he needed their cooperation if he wanted to make more breakthroughs quickly.

As the old man said…

While the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was refining the four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead, he didn’t have time to pay attention to Luo Tian. This was the perfect opportunity for him to act.

Once that guy focuses on Luo Tian, he wouldn’t have a chance anymore.

When that old man was asked such a question by Luo Tian, his face clearly showed he was unhappy. No matter what, he was considered an old ancestor of Mount Hua. Of course, he would be a bit angry when a kid that wasn’t even qualified to wear the uniform of Mount Hua Immortal Sect would interrupt him and ask such a question. His voice clearly turned gruff as he said: “Don’t…”

Before he could finish speaking…

Luo Tian interrupted him a second time, “You only have to answer if you want to or not. Don’t tell me I’m overestimating my own abilities or whatever words similar to that. I have a way as long as you want to leave this place.”

The old man was truly angry by now and shouted: “I do want to leave!”

“Kid, I really want to see what method you have to leave here. The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign is the overlord in this place and everything is under his control. I already observed your body and noticed your dantian has been shattered so cultivating is a huge problem for you. It is impossible if you wish to make further breakthroughs here.”

“But I really don’t understand how you reached the Profound Emperor realm under such conditions. No matter how strong you are, it’s impossible for you to have the strength to kill the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. My advice is that you give up such thoughts.”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and didn’t give any further explanations. He then asked: “Senior, do you want to make a bet with me?”

The old person asked: “Bet what?”

Luo Tian replied: “Bet whether I can breakthrough into the Profound Emperor 5th rank within three hours?”

The old man’s eyes widened before he couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Before he could respond…

The old man from the Tarbosaurus camp came over, “Who the hell is uttering such boastful words here?! You dare to say you can breakthrough into the Profound Emperor 5th rank within three hours? Do you think the Profound Emperor realm is similar to cabbage being sold on the streets?”

“Even if they are cabbages from the streets, you can forget about buying them inside this place.”

“This place is the ancient battlefield where everything is under the control of the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. You wish to make breakthroughs here? It looks like you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open!”

“Senior brother, why are you talking nonsense with this guy? Let’s go back to slaughtering. If we don’t finish our mission today, we will surely suffer tomorrow.”

The old Tarbosaurus person coldly glanced at Luo Tian with eyes full of disdain.

Even if a person had the best talent ever, it was impossible for them to make a breakthrough in the Profound Emperor realm within three hours. This was an impossible matter that was comparable to a fantasy.

No one would believe it.

The old T-rex man was the same, “Kid, what intentions do you have by lying to us? Do you think we don’t understand how cultivation works in the Profound Emperor realm? No matter how good one’s talent is, you can forget about making a breakthrough without a decade or two. It’s even more impossible to do that here. This place is basically the same as the Ancient World, us warriors of the Tianxuan Continent cannot control the ancient aura. If we absorb the ancient aura into ourselves, it will only cause endless damage to our fleshly bodies.”

Luo Tian coldly sneered. He glanced at the old Tarbosaurus man and then at the old T-rex man before commenting: “I’m going to ask you again, do you dare to make a bet?”


“Kid, who do you think you are?!”

“Even Mount Hua’s progenitor wouldn’t dare to speak to us in such a tone!”

“Don’t think by saying you’re a Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciple and we won’t kill you. Even if you’re the current Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect, this old man will still kill you if you piss me off!” The old Tarbosaurus man had a fiery temper so he just outright yelled at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian couldn’t help start mocking: “Senior, I’m going to ask again – do you dare to make the bet? If I happen to win, you guys will have to listen to my words and I will promise to bring you guys out of here. If I lose, I will never speak about leaving this place anymore and not utter a single sentence of nonsense with you guys.”

“You…” The old Tarbosaurus man’s rage had reached the maximum.

The old T-rex man was a bit calmer. He actually wanted to see how Luo Tian with a shattered dantian could make a breakthrough. He then asked: “Little brother, I will go along with it. How do you want to bet? I don’t mind whatever conditions you have.”

“Senior brother, why are you still talking nonsense with this kid?”

“His dantian has been shattered and he doesn’t look like he has inherited any bloodlines. He is practically a piece of trash. I really wonder how a person like him managed to pass the assessment to become a disciple of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Did Mount Hua Immortal Sect fall to such a degree? They would accept anyone now?” said the old Tarbosaurus man unhappily.

He has always had a hot temper.

He was given the name Daoist Lie Yan (Flames) in Mount Hua Immortal Sect because his temper was like a blazing fire.

He would say whatever came to his mind.

The old T-rex man was called Daoist Tian Mu.

Luo Tian didn’t care and said: “You guys can continue what you were doing before, let the Tarbosaurus and the T-rex slaughter each other. If you can, I want you guys to make them not attack me. It’s fine as well if you cannot do that.”


“Kid, what are you planning?” Daoist Lie Yan raised his voice.

Old man Tian Mu then said: “Fine, we’ll do as you say. Junior brother, use your senses to control the demonic beasts so that they don’t attack this little brother.”

He too wanted to know what Luo Tian was going to do.

No matter how down-and-out Mount Hua Immortal Sect has become, there’s no way they would accept a disciple with a shattered dantian and who didn’t have an innate bloodline.


He was clearly not ordinary if he was able to gather the four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead. In addition to that, it should be impossible for someone with a shattered dantian to enter the Profound Emperor realm. What’s even more impossible is for a kid that hadn’t even reached 20 years old yet to have such a high cultivation realm.

All of these things were impossible matters.

Perhaps this kid can really save them!

The idea suddenly appeared in Daoist Tian Mu’s mind, but he laughed at himself and quickly retracted it. No one could save them because the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was just too strong. He possessed seven moons, seven types of killing force – no one was able to kill him!

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