Undefeatable – Ch630

Chapter 630 – A Pile Of Divine Artifacts

Due to his level getting higher, the experience points from the ancient demonic beasts no longer satisfied Luo Tian’s requirement to level up.

If they were outside…

Perhaps Luo Tian could keep killing away.

But since he was stuck here, he didn’t have enough time to waste.

It required a huge amount of experience to rise from the Profound Emperor 9th rank to the Profound God 1st rank. He might not level up even after killing these demonic beasts for a month or two, so he had to find something to kill that gave him more experience points.

Daoist Jin Ling and the other four looked at each other.

Thirteen days had passed by.

They personally witnessed Luo Tian’s breakthrough continuously. The first time they saw it, they thought it was just a coincidental enlightenment.

They couldn’t say a thing when it happened the second time.

They started getting excited on the third time.

They had a dumb smile on their faces on the fourth time.

They saw a glimpse of hope, thinking perhaps Luo Tian might truly be able to bring them out.

This was something they had been dreaming of for ten thousand plus years.

Getting out!

That’s why when Luo Tian asked where there were stronger demonic beasts, Daoist Jin Ling immediately replied: “Yes! Up in the sky!”

“Up in the sky?”

Luo Tian was stunned briefly before looking up and not seeing any demonic beasts. Apart from the seven blood-colored waning moons, there was nothing else up in the sky. There weren’t any health bars above the moons so they were obviously not demonic beasts and couldn’t be killed.

Daoist Tian Mu’s face turned serious. He looked at Daoist Jin Ling and said: “Senior brother, there’s no retreat once we step on this path.”

Daoist Lie Yan revealed a rough smile, “We were already on a path of no retreat. After being a slave for that bastard Seven Moon Devil Sovereign, this daddy had already had enough. Little brother Luo, the demonic beasts’ senior brother is talking about, are exactly those seven moons.”

Immediately after…

Daoist Lie Yan pointed at the seven waning moons in the sky and said: “During the night, they would transform into seven waning moons to absorb killing intent. During the day, they will revert back to a place known as the Seven Moon Valley. That place is a forbidden area for us. But based on the observation of us brothers for the past ten thousand plus years, those seven waning moons are the seven strands of wills from the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. He uses them to control us and to nourish his true body. Those moons are basically considered the lackeys of the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign.”

“The Seven Moon Valley is where the ancestors of the Tarbosaurus’, T-rex’s, Stegosaurus’, and the Pterodactyls stay. They reside there to mainly spawn eggs and can create over a million demonic beasts per day. It’s also due to this that the demonic beasts in the ancient battlefield can slaughter each other every day and still not die out.” Daoist Lie Yan spoke out without reservation.

Luo Tian felt enlightened after hearing his words.

No matter how large the ancient battlefield was and how many demonic beasts it had, they would eventually be killed clean one day. Luo Tian already felt this was kind of strange early on. Now that he knew there were ancestors spawning these demonic beasts, he wondered how generous their experience points would be?

And there were also the seven moons!

Seven strands of wills from the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign! That guy had cultivated for several tens of thousands of years so his will should be much stronger than the Soul Sovereign. Most likely a single strand of will would give at least a hundred million experience points, right? If it was much more than that, then…

Luo Tian’s gaze turned serious as he looked at Daoist Jin Ling to ask: “Senior, can you bring me there?”

“Or you can just tell me the exact location of the Seven Moon Valley.”

Before Luo Tian could keep speaking, Daoist Lie Yan sneered: “What? You think we’re afraid? Little brother Luo, the Seven Moon Valley is an extremely dangerous place. It’s even more dangerous than any forbidden grounds in the Tianxuan Continent. Back then, we ten disciple brothers had four of us killed off at the entrance to the Seven Moon Valley. Your granny, this daddy is getting pissed off just from recalling it!”

“If my senior brother doesn’t take you there, I will do it.”

His expression clearly depicted his anger.

It seemed like the death of four of his senior brothers happened yesterday.

Daoist Lie Yan had always been like that. His happiness and his anger were revealed on his face, and he wasn’t a person who would try to hide anything.

Daoist Jin Ling gave a low shout: “Junior brother, did I say I wasn’t going to bring Luo Tian there?! We don’t even know what’s hidden inside the Seven Moon Valley. We should first make some plans before we go there. If we randomly rush into that place, what do we do if the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign is standing inside waiting for us?”

Daoist Lie Yan then said: “Eldest senior brother, what do you think we should do then?”

Daoist Jin Ling replied with a single word: “Wait!”


“Wait until when? Thirteen days have passed already. Most likely, the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign has already refined the energy from the four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead. He could come out any time. If that guy finds out about Luo Tian’s current condition, there’s definitely no way he would spare him.” Daoist Lie Yan said in a somewhat anxious tone.

Thirteen days of time!

The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign could appear beside them at any minute now. They were too tight on time!

Daoist Tian Mu raised his voice: “Junior brother, let senior brother finish all his words first!”

Daoist Jin Ling glanced at the blood-colored night sky and said: “When dawn breaks, the seven waning moons will instantly return to the Seven Moon Valley. Why would they not appear during the day? Based on my observations, the power seems to be restrained by a certain force so it isn’t as strong as during the nighttime. Daytime is the ideal time for us, and it just so happens that the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign only appears during nighttime. That’s why I feel he is similar to the seven moons, where his powers during the day aren’t as strong as they are during the night. When I say to wait, my meaning is to wait for the break of dawn before we kill our way to the Seven Moon Valley!”


“Senior brother, you should’ve said that sooner! I thought you wanted us to wait for a few more months!” Daoist Lie Yan laughed out loud.

Luo Tian had no objections.

At this time…

Eggy walked over while picking his teeth and the golden glow around him was still dazzling as ever. He walked over to Luo Tian’s side and burped before saying: “Boss, those bones were quite delicious. I’ve broken through again, heh heh…”

He had broken through twice.

The immature look on him had receded quite a bit. If he was considered a three year old child back then, Eggy now looked like a kid about seven or eight years old.

Daoist Lie Yan’s eyes shook before he asked: “You broke through again? Could it be that you eat these trashy profound weapons in order to break through?”

Eggy replied slightly unhappy: “Old man, don’t think you can insult my boss just because you saved me. The weapons my boss forges are not trash. If you dare to continue saying bad stuff about my boss, do you believe that I will beat the crap out of you?”

People weren’t allowed to talk badly of Luo Tian.

This was Eggy’s bottom line.

It was fine to insult him but one cannot insult Luo Tian!


Daoist Lie Yan started laughing before saying: “I said the wrong words. What I wanted to ask was can you make breakthroughs just by eating magical artifacts? From the way I see it, you seem to be still quite far away from becoming an adult Dragon God, right?”

Eggy nodded his head, “That’s right!”

Daoist Lie Yan chuckled before flipping his right hand. A long sword with a purple glow instantly appeared in the palm of his hand.

Eggy’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. Drool started dripping down while he tried to suck it back into his mouth. His expression instantly turned to one where he tried to please others.

Luo Tian’s eyes shook as he blurted out: “Top grade divine artifact!”

Daoist Jin Ling faintly smiled and said: “Since that’s the case, then everyone should take them out.”

“Clunk~, clang~”

“Clang~, thump~”

“Thud~, clang~”

There was suddenly a large pile of divine artifacts on the ground!

Luo Tian’s eyeballs almost popped out onto the ground. “Why do you guys have so many top grade divine artifacts? Gulp~!”

Luo Tian’s eyes were glowing green with greed as he swallowed down his saliva.

Before anyone could speak, Eggy immediately pounced over.

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