Undefeatable – Ch646

Chapter 646 – I Am Also His Woman

“Luo Tian, you dare to move?”

“If you dare to move, I will immediately kill them two!”


Daoist Tian Xu started laughing like crazy. “They are your women. I remember the last time those two were crying their eyes out, tsk~ tsk… It’s really a pity for two such pretty girls to die just like that, hahaha…”

Crazy laughter!

Daoist Tian Xu kept laughing like mad.

He was very clear on what type of person Luo Tian was.

He valued ties of friendship, brotherhood, and his women!


His repeated threats wouldn’t have worked. If it were other martial artists, they wouldn’t give a crap about it. In this man-eat-man world of martial artists, only becoming stronger was the kingly way. Brotherhood? Women? Emotions? Those were all nothing but dog farts!

It was because of this that he kept Han Hua and Zhao Chen alive.

He understood Luo Tian!

He was very clear on Luo Tian’s weaknesses!

Luo Tian’s expression changed while his teeth made cracking noises from being clenched so hard. He then shouted: “Old bandit Tian Xu! You will die! You will die a very miserable death!”


“Luo Tian, whether I die or not isn’t something you can decide on.”

“I’m going to ask you one thing – do you want your women?” Daoist Tian Xu became even more smug when he saw Luo Tian’s angry expression. He was especially excited as he said to himself: “You damn dog thing, you dare to fight with me? This daddy will play you to death!”

At this moment…

Eggy warned: “Boss, big sister Han Hua is in danger!”

Also at this moment…

The blade in Elder Tian Yuan’s hand was already hacking down.

Han Hua closed her eyes before screaming out once more: “Luo Tian, let Mount Hua Immortal Sect be reborn!”

“Aggghhh~!” Luo Tian was enraged!

He had never been this angry his entire life. Watching that blade chop down, his heart seemed to become bedeviled. The killing intent inside him became unprecedentedly strong and the Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter inside his sea of consciousness became agitated. His whole body was instantly enveloped with intense killing intent!

Gruesome pressure.


“Are you angry?”

“Keep getting angry then. Luo Tian, those two will immediately die if you dare make a move.” Daoist Tian Xu became even more smug looking as he said to the people of the ten great immortal sects: “My fellow senior and junior brothers, it’s time to capture this traitor.”

“He doesn’t dare to make any reckless movements so just go over and kill him.”

“That adolescent Dragon God’s descendant will be split amongst everyone, hahaha…”

“You can also take revenge for all those disciples of yours that have died!”

Luo Tian was very strong!

It made Daoist Tian Xu especially afraid. Now that Luo Tian’s cultivation was at the Profound God realm, no one in Mount Hua Immortal Sect was his opponent. Daoist Tian Xu isn’t able to kill Luo Tian so he needed the people of the ten great immortal sects to make their move.

The leaders of each respective group of the ten great immortal sects looked at each other with a fierce smile.

They revealed their killing intent!

“Killing this traitor is our duty.”

“Since Daoist Tian Xu has said such words, then we can only comply with it. It’s time for this traitor to die or else the natural order of our immortal sects will be destroyed by him.”

“Everyone, let’s do this together!”


Luo Tian heard a voice in his mind, “Luo Tian, go save your senior sister.”

The voice sounded very familiar.

It contained an aura of coldness.

This aura instantly made Luo Tian think of someone. His eyes faintly scanned the area and noticed a girl nearby Yun Ling and Yun Yi. A girl that looked like an iceberg yet was extremely beautiful. Her chest and her tight buttocks were capable of making any man lose themselves in their fantasy.

Luo Tian didn’t want anything to happen to Yun Ling and Yun Yi.

He also didn’t want anything bad to happen to Han Hua.


No matter how strong his current strength was, he couldn’t save two sets of people in different locations at the same time.

Now that someone was protecting Yun Ling and Yun Yi, Luo Tian could go on a killing spree.

When Luo Tian looked over and saw the twin sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi crying without a sound, a brief glint appeared in his eyes.

Yun Ling then screamed out: “Luo Tian, go save senior sister!”

“Courting death!”


The Law Enforcement Hall Elder next to Yun Ling threw out a slap.

Luo Tian’s hand touched Eggy’s body as he shouted: “Joint attack, Dragon’s Prestige!”


“Venerable Tian Yuan!”

Eggy’s eyes flashed and suddenly roared into the sky.

At this moment, Luo Tian’s body was already in motion.

Everything happened too quickly. The blade was only half a centimeter away from Han Hua’s neck and even a strand of hair was cut apart. She didn’t move and her face was undisturbed like there was no fear.

“Die for me!”

Dragon’s Prestige instantly stunned Elder Tian Yuan.

Three seconds!

This was more than enough time for Luo Tian.


His fist flew out and directly exploded the head of Elder Tian Yuan!

A single punch exploding a head!

Brain matter and blood splattered everywhere.

Luo Tian killed Elder Tian Yuan with a punch before he was on the move again. He then killed the Elder next to Zhao Chen. The killing intent around him was like flames burning madly as he shouted: “Those who block me will die!”

“All disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect listen up!”

“I will give you all one last chance! If you dare continue going against me, I will no longer show any mercy!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian moved once more as his gaze turned especially cold. He stared at Daoist Tian Xu and said: “There are still four more punches I haven’t made yet.”

Daoist Tian Xu’s face was filled with shock as he never imagined Luo Tian would make a move. His anger was surging into the sky as he roared out: “Kill those two b*tches for me! Kill! Kill them for me!”

His voice was heard but not one went to execute it.

The two Law Enforcement Hall Elders beside Yun Ling and Yun Yi had already fallen in a pool of their own blood.

Leng Hanshuang stood there and said coldly: “Tian Xu, I can tell you that I am also his woman!”


It was like a thunderbolt on a clear sky!

Daoist Tian Xu’s expression underwent a drastic change once more as his body unconsciously shivered.

At this time…

Starsea Dharma King’s expression sank as he shouted: “Leng Hanshuang! What are you doing?! If you keep acting recklessly, don’t blame me for being impolite towards you!”

Leng Hanshuang sneered and said: “Starsea Grand Elder, I am not someone of the Starsea Immortal Sect. I am a person of our family’s young miss. I knew you wouldn’t help me from the beginning so if that’s the case, then I can only help myself.”

“If you want to be impolite towards me, you need to ask my family’s young miss whether she agrees to it first!”

Luo Tian smiled.

He was smiling with joy.

Because of Leng Hanshuang’s words “I am also his woman,” that statement dissolved all the anger inside him.

Leng Hanshuang unconsciously looked towards Luo Tian after saying that.

Two pairs of eyes met.

Leng Hanshuang couldn’t handle Luo Tian’s fiery gaze and lowered her head. Her face became red as she gently bit her lips. She then sent Luo Tian a sound transmission: “You, you, you, don’t over think things. I was just saying that for fun.”

The iceberg was melting!

Luo Tian faintly smiled as happiness surged inside him.

He has never been in a romantic relationship before but he understood women. What Leng Hanshuang said represented her attitude.

Daoist Tian Xu felt like he was played with. His eyes turned vicious as he made a grabbing motion, “B*tch, go to hell for me!”

Luo Tian took one step forward and instantly appeared in front of Leng Hanshuang. He then sneered: “You’re the one that’s going to hell!”

“The Fourth Kill!”

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