Undefeatable – Ch654

Chapter 654 – Floodplain World

Luo Tian shivered as he smacked his lips, “An ultimate quest?!”

He was completely unprepared for this.

He was originally thinking everything would be great if the spatial ring had a bunch of divine artifacts. This will allow Mount Hua Immortal Sect to get through a crisis peacefully. Then, he would think of ways to beat the crap out of the ten great immortal sects. In this way, even if Mount Hua Immortal Sect doesn’t develop further, they will still become the leader of the ten great immortal sects.

Who would have imagined he would trigger an ultimate quest?!

Luo Tian calmed his breathing and listened further.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering Tianxuan Continent’s ultimate quest – Save Tianxuan Continent.”

Quest: Save Tianxuan Continent

Grade: Ancient

Quest 1: Enter the Geocentric Tower

Quest Rewards: 1 billion experience points, 100 million profound energy.



“I can get the quest rewards just by entering this Geocentric Tower thing? Aren’t the rewards a little too much? And the grade of the quest is no longer measured in letters anymore and jumps straight to the ancient grade. Could this be all there is to an ultimate quest?” Luo Tian muttered to himself.

He started getting excited when he looked at the quest rewards with a long string of zeros behind them.

The ancient battlefield was cleaned out.

It will be really difficult to find a place for him to level up in the Tianxuan Continent.

The demonic beasts from mountain ranges and those so-called ten great forbidden grounds can no longer support the number of experience points Luo Tian needed to level up. Even those demonic beasts at rank 10 will not give Luo Tian more than 50,000 experience points.

The higher one’s level was, the lower the experience points from the same monster.

This made it incredibly difficult to level up.


Right now, Luo Tian needed a few billion experience points to level up. If he wanted to stand at the peak of the Tianxuan Continent, he had to break through into the Profound God Sovereign realm.

That’s nearly ten levels!

We’re looking at around a hundred billion experience points! Where was he supposed to go to find that many experience points? This was an extremely difficult problem. To trigger this ultimate quest that gives him a billion experience points at such a critical juncture, do you think he should accept it or accept it?

Luo Tian didn’t even think about it and made a thought: “Accept!”

He had to accept it no matter what.

In order to get stronger, he could only kill monsters and take on quests. If he couldn’t do those things, he would only stand still in place while his opponents and enemies absorb profound energy to make their breakthroughs.

Li Xue’er was in seclusion in order to charge into the Profound God realm.

Murong Wanjian’s talent was a bit higher than hers so would his cultivation be already in the Profound God realm? Or maybe even higher?

Luo Tian didn’t know.

He couldn’t control Murong Wanjian’s breakthrough speeds but he could increase his own levels. Everything will work out fine as long as he keeps leveling up. He had to deal with the immortal disciple competition first, then Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er’s wedding.

The entire human race was paying attention to those two.

At the same time…

The ten great immortal sects knew Luo Tian was planning on snatching the bride.

If he wasn’t able to suppress everyone, what use would there be for him to go to Shattered Sky City?

He was treating the ten great immortal sects as enemies.

It would be impossible without possessing the strength of absolute suppression. Li Xue’er was waiting for him to rescue her, Murong Wanjian was waiting for him to be stomped on, the Imperial God Immortal Sect and the high and mighty Starsea Immortal Sect were waiting to be slapped to death.

Therefore, Luo Tian accepted the quest without hesitation. He had to accept it no matter how difficult it was!

The moment Luo Tian accepted it…

Mount Hua’s progenitor smiled and said: “That’s good, I was right about you. Luo Tian, I know you are currently under a lot of pressure but you’re the only person I can hand this mission to.”

Luo Tian asked: “Old ancestor, where is the Geocentric Tower? How do I get there? What’s inside? You seem to have forgotten to tell me these things. My current strength is only at the Profound God realm, so can I save the Tianxuan Continent with that?”

Sometimes it’s best to clarify some matters.

Luo Tian had no clue what or where the Geocentric Tower was.

And he definitely didn’t know what was inside that thing.

Mount Hua’s progenitor replied: “I don’t know where the Geocentric Tower is nor do I know what’s inside. All the answers are up to you to find out. I have left the Tianxuan Continent for too long, so all my friends have either died or left the world like me. I no longer have any friends in the Tianxuan Continent that can assist you. You can only rely on yourself for this.”


Luo Tian was speechless.

There were no hints or clues so how was he supposed to complete the quest?

This was beyond messed up, right?


Luo Tian knew he wouldn’t get any answers no matter what he asked. Since this quest didn’t have a time limit, he believed he would eventually get some clues as he slowly searched for it. The only problem is that he was a bit low on time, “Old ancestor, I’m afraid this will be rather difficult for me to complete this mission since you don’t know anything. Moreover, my cultivation is only in the Profound God realm. I might not even be able to protect Mount Hua Immortal Sect, let alone complete this mission for you.”

Mount Hua’s progenitor directly asked: “What do you need?”

The main question had arrived!

Luo Tian started getting excited.

There was no way he could bargain with the NPC’s from his previous life because their programming was dead and they couldn’t step out of their script.

But there were some intelligent NPC’s in online novels that were capable of conversation and you could reap some benefits from them.

Luo Tian was in the real world and wasn’t in a video game world. Mount Hua’s progenitor was naturally not an NPC so everything can be bargained and negotiated.

Luo Tian revealed a troubled look as he replied: “I’m afraid that old ancestor cannot give me the things I need.”

Mount Hua’s progenitor said with a smile: “What about a place with infinite space?”

“What is that?” Luo Tian asked.

Mount Hua’s progenitor responded: “A dimensional space.”


“What do I need that for? That’s useless to me.” Luo Tian helplessly said. He had the Black Moon Barrier which was also considered his own dimensional space, and that was of no use to him.

Mount Hua’s progenitor continued saying: “What I meant is that this dimensional space has infinite demonic beasts and they can never be killed off.”

“I want it!”

“I want, I want, I want it!” Luo Tian instantly boiled in excitement.

He then said to himself in excitement: “Damn man, I knew I was going to be gifted something good. Mount Hua’s progenitor, the number one strongest expert of the Tianxuan Continent tens of thousands of years ago, and the founding patriarch of all immortal sects. His current powers have reached a point where no one in the Tianxuan Continent could surpass.”

“How can a boss like him not have anything good on him?”

Infinite space! Infinite demonic beasts! Wasn’t this exactly what Luo Tian needed?

Mount Hua’s progenitor smiled and said: “I haven’t finished speaking yet. The infinite space and infinite demonic beasts aren’t on the Tianxuan Continent. You need to go through the void and enter another world. It is a world that I created and I call it the Floodplain World!”

“There are all types of flood beasts inside there.”

“The demonic beasts are extremely ferocious. Based on my understanding of you, it should be of great help to you, right?”

Luo Tian became dumbstruck.

It wasn’t because of the infinite space or the infinite demonic beasts.

It was because Mount Hua’s progenitor was strong enough to create his own world!

How strong did one’s cultivation need to reach in order to accomplish that?

This was unimaginably powerful!

Luo Tian didn’t know how strong you had to be, but he has read plenty of novels in his previous life. A person that can create their own world was a supreme powerhouse. They had already surpassed the existence known as a God. Mount Hua’s progenitor was simply too powerful!

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