Undefeatable – Ch657

Chapter 657 – Cleaning Up The Sect

Divine artifacts were different from your typical profound weapons or armors.

There was a self-consciousness inside them.

The moment an item is about to finish forging, there would be a backlash where the self-consciousness would try to escape the control of the Artificer.

This was the reason why it is difficult to forge divine artifacts.

Luo Tian has never forged a divine artifact before.

There was a sudden energy recoil inside the furnace that made Luo Tian shocked. His expression darkened before he sent in his Profound God powers and his Forging skill at the great perfection realm. He then shouted: “Little bastard, you think I can’t control you?!”

“Succeed for me!”


A dull thunderous roar was heard inside the furnace. Sparks shot out all over the place before the furnace broke apart.

One must know that the furnace was an earth grade treasure, so who would’ve imagined that it would crack apart at a time like this?

At this moment…


“Forging was successful!”

“I succeeded!”

Luo Tian was ecstatic as he quickly opened up his system interface to look at the attributes.

Item: Unnamed (Do you wish to name it?)

Grade: Divine

“Hahaha…” Luo Tian laughed into the air.

These few days of training in seclusion were not in vain. He had managed to forge a divine artifact, worthy of meeting his people’s trust. He then muttered to himself: “This can only solve the immediate crisis.”

Five days went by.

Every day, Han Hua would report to Luo Tian everything that had happened inside Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

The new Hall Master of Martial Hall, Jiang Xianhe, was fast approaching 8000 merit points.

He would be able to gather ten thousand merit points in just a few more days. He will definitely go to Luo Tian to exchange it for a divine artifact, the very thing Luo Tian had promised them.

The accumulation of merit points was extremely slow for a single person.

But if over a thousand people helped a single person to accumulate merit points, then that was completely different.

Comparing this to a video game – imagine an entire guild allowing a single person to gain all the experience points during their battles, how fast would that person level up?

Luo Tian was contemplating for a bit before making a thought: “Name it Giant Demon’s Blade!”


“Naming successful!”

The Giant Demon’s Blade started emitting dark red light, showcasing its primitive ferocious aura. It gave the person the feeling that they were holding a demon to head out to battle, displaying a very strong oppressive atmosphere. This was one of the unique features of a divine artifact.

“Sect Leader!”

“I’ve brought the spiritual herbs you wanted.”

Han Hua went into the warehouse and noticed Luo Tian was covered in black soot and his face haggard. She couldn’t help saying out loud: “Sect Leader, you need to take care of yourself. You have a heavy responsibility in supporting Mount Hua Immortal Sect but you also need to get adequate rest.”

Luo Tian faintly smiled in response and said: “Senior sister, I haven’t done much compared to you. If Mount Hua Immortal Sect didn’t have you around, I’m afraid it wouldn’t have started running so smoothly that quickly. You have contributed a lot.”

These were words that came from his heart.

Luo Tian hadn’t done much ever since he became the Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Han Hua and Zhao Chen had taken care of everything.

Han Hua then said: “I am only managing some miscellaneous matters and haven’t contributed much. Your brother Eggy was actually the most helpful. There were many Elders objecting and saying that you were unwilling to bring out the things inside the old ancestor’s spatial ring and was planning to swallow them all personally. If it weren’t for Eggy suppressing them, most likely their dissent would have grown stronger.”

After all, these were things left behind by their progenitor.

Whose eyes wouldn’t go red over it?

Since Luo Tian hadn’t taken anything out yet, there will definitely be many people criticizing him behind his back.

Luo Tian already knew this was going to happen.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “The next time you see Eggy, tell him not to suppress them anymore. Let them be unhappy. When the time is right, I’m going to clean them all up. I really want to see how big of a wave they can create during this time.”

There were many Mount Hua Immortal Sect Elders unhappy with Luo Tian.

At the same time, Luo Tian was unhappy with them as well.

If those old fogeys dare to jump out, he will directly kill them with a slap!

Han Hua nodded and continued: “Okay, I will tell Eggy when I see him. Sect Leader, are you not exiting seclusion yet? Are you having any difficulties regarding the divine artifact as a reward? How about we think of a way to buy one from the black markets? We can also use some items to exchange for it. During this time, I have gathered all the leftover treasures from Mount Hua and it should be enough to exchange for one divine artifact. Everything will eventually work out as long as we stabilize the current situation.”

Luo Tian was moved by this and replied: “Don’t worry about the divine artifact, I will find a way to solve it.”

“Senior sister, it’s been hard on you during this period of time.”

Han Hua cupped her hands, “I will head out first then.”

“Go ahead.”

The warehouse doors were closed.

Several spatial rings appeared in Luo Tian’s hand. They were all filled with tier one spiritual herbs, at least over ten thousand of them. This amount of herbs should be enough for him to train his Alchemy skill to the great perfection realm.

After that, Luo Tian brought out his Green Dragon Cauldron and started training.



“Ten thousand merit points! This daddy has finally gathered ten thousand merit points!”

Jiang Xianhe was laughing like crazy inside the Merit Hall.

Off to the side was Venerable Yuan Ling with a slightly unhappy look on his face. “Junior brother Jiang, if it weren’t for your Martial Hall having many disciples, your merit points most likely wouldn’t even exceed a hundred so why are you acting like you’re so great? Even if you gather ten thousand merit points, I’m afraid you still wouldn’t be able to exchange it for a divine artifact.”

“You think the one with the surname Luo is an idiot?”

“The spatial ring left behind by the old ancestor will definitely have many good things inside. Since he hasn’t taken a single thing out yet, one can easily see how selfish he is. At least he is much more selfish than the past Sect Leader Yun Ji. If his cultivation hadn’t stepped into the Profound God realm, do you think he could become the Sect Leader of such a large Mount Hua Immortal Sect? What other qualifications does he have?” Elder Yuan Ling said in disdain.

Zhao Chen was in charge of the Merit Hall. He was naturally displeased when he heard Elder Yuan Ling say such words so he interjected: “Elder Yuan Ling, it’s not up to us to judge whether the Sect Leader is selfish or not. Just the way you said ‘one with the surname Luo’ when speaking about the Sect Leader is already considered a huge disrespect. That’s not a good thing, right?”

“The current situation of Mount Hua Immortal Sect is still unstable. For you to say such words in front of so many people, are you trying to sow discord within the sect?”

Elder Yuan Ling coldly scoffed and pointed at Zhao Chen’s nose, “What kind of thing do you think you are? Are you even qualified to speak with me? You think you can do that just because you followed a good master? Even a dog can ascend to the heavens now, huh? Dogs will forever be dogs!”

“Forever be a dog, hahaha…”

The disciples of the Pill Hall started laughing loudly.

Zhao Chen furrowed his brows. He was clenching his fists beneath his sleeves while his jaws were cracking. His anger had soared into the sky already but he endured silently.

Jiang Xianhe couldn’t help but voice out: “Senior brother Yuan Ling, we are all fellow apprentice-brothers of the same sect, so why do you have to say such hurtful words?”

Venerable Yuan Ling sneered and said: “He is just an outer sect disciple, so what qualifications does he have to become the Steward of the Merit Hall? Just because he followed a good master? I will stick to my words – dogs will forever be dogs, they can only eat shit their entire lives!”

Zhao Chen’s face changed as his anger soared.

Venerable Yuan Ling then said with disdain: “What? You aren’t convinced after being lectured? The inner sect isn’t the outer sect, so a little mongrel like you better stay honest. Don’t think that you’re so awesome just because you have a master supporting you from behind.”

“Damn dog thing!”

Suddenly, a cold sounding voice came from outside the Merit Hall. “What an arrogant tone of voice!”

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