Undefeatable – Ch660

Chapter 660 – Heavenly Sword City In Danger

Luo Tian needed talented disciples.

He needed to win the immortal sect disciple competition.

Only then could he truly change the course of Mount Hua Immortal Sect and stabilize it.

But the current Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples were not up to standard.

There is no way they could win the competition with their current cultivation realms, so he can only go out and search.

It would be best if he could find Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi.

If he cannot, he could use this chance to take a trip to relax and maybe find some talents out there in the meantime. There was one more reason – Luo Tian was trying to find any news on the Geocentric Tower. Mount Hua’s progenitor didn’t tell him anything and neither did his system, so the only thing he could do was to search for the answers himself.

Human effort was the decisive factor.

Since a quest has appeared, then there has to be a way for him to complete it.

Luo Tian cast his Cloud Condensing Skill and floated into the air on a white cloud. He looked just like an immortal from those mythological movies of his previous life. He was dressed in all white and floating there in a relaxed manner, truly looking like an immortal who had descended from the heavens.

Two days later.

The eastern entrance of Heavenly Sword City.

Luo Tian landed in a small nearby forest and couldn’t help thinking back to the first time he met Tang Tang. He unconsciously smiled and said to himself: “I wonder how Tang Tang is doing now, hehe…”

“And that Qin Yue’er that always cried out that she was going to battle it out with me for 30,000 rounds. I wonder if they’re still staying in Heavenly Sword City…”

Upon thinking of them, Luo Tian’s eyes were filled with a sense of longing.

The aura around him was then hidden. There was no longer any aura of a Profound God ranker around Luo Tian and he looked just like your average martial artist.

He hid his aura for convenience or else his Profound God aura would immediately cause a huge disturbance in Heavenly Sword City.

After a little more than a year of development, Heavenly Sword City looked even more majestic than before. When Devil Monarch Skysoul attacked them back then, Heavenly Sword City was practically in ruins. But now there weren’t any signs of devastation and the city looked even grander.

Tang Jiu’s governance of the place was quite good!

Luo Tian smiled as he walked towards the city.

The guards at the entrance didn’t recognize him, but Luo Tian was shaken internally. “The cultivation of these guards has reached the peak of the Profound Spirit realm. It looks like Tang Jiu not only has a way in governance, he is doing pretty good in training them as well.”

It was a prosperous scene inside the city.

There was an endless stream of horses and carriages. The vendors lining the streets and the restaurants were all filled with people.

When you look at the standards of a city, you only have to look at the consumption power of its inhabitants.

Luo Tian recognized many places along the way. He was like a wanderer who had just returned to his hometown after being away for many years. Specks of tears appeared in his eyes. When he thought back to the times when he fought together with his brothers here, he started feeling touched inside his heart.

There was a sudden commotion at the start of the street.

“The Sea Cloud Sect is dealing with matters here! All irrelevant people have to scram away!”

“The Heavenly Plume City is dealing with matters here! All irrelevant people have to scram away!”

“If you happen to disturb our Elder’s mount, you can end up dying at any second!”



Several tough-looking ferocious beasts directly flung those pedestrians who hadn’t moved aside quick enough. The original lively street instantly became a mess while countless people scurried away like mice.


“Look at these ants. I thought that Heavenly Sword City was something great but they are actually just a bunch of trash. If that Luo Tian, a God in their eyes, was still around, I would definitely f*ck him up real good. If I was around last year, I would definitely give him a good show of my strength, humph~!”

“I heard that before the kid entered an immortal sect, he had killed an envoy from the Starsea Immortal Sect. Who doesn’t know that the Starsea Immortal Sect is a behemoth amongst all immortal sects? After killing their envoy, do you think they will spare him? Most likely that kid Luo Tian is already dead while his corpse is nothing but a rotting stench.”


“Heavenly Sword City is no longer the original Heavenly Sword City. Without an expert supporting them, I want to see who is capable of stopping us.” A group of men was riding ferocious beasts and one of them loudly mocked the city.

In the front of the group were two men, one from the Sea Cloud Sect while the other from Heavenly Plume City. The logos on their chest clearly showing where they came from.

Behind them were two rows of troops.

In the middle of the team of people was a huge elephant pulling a palanquin that was suspended in mid-air. A thick energy aura floated around the palanquin that gave off such a pressure that people couldn’t get close to it.

There was chaos at the beginning of the street.

The two people in front were riding on top of beasts and forcing people to evade them.

For a brief moment, the crowd was trying to flee for their lives. A little girl was still standing in the middle of the street with one hand holding onto a paper kite and the other hand some candy haws. From the look of her back, she was about the same age as An Chunchun. A ferocious beast was right behind her, its breath causing the kite to flutter while the person on top had a playful smile on his face.



A few meters away, the snorting of the ferocious beasts was like flames spraying out while the owner on top of its back was displaying his domineering aura. The beast snorted once more and the air blew as far as several meters away. The blast of air had directly ripped the kite away from the little girl’s hand as it sailed into the air.

The little girl was shocked from feeling a blast of hot air behind her. She turned around and was immediately frightened to death.

“Yin Yin!”

“Yin Yin!”

The little girl’s mother’s face turned pale while she started hyperventilating. Just when she was about to rush over, the man beside her grabbed onto her with all his strength. “Don’t go, don’t go or you’ll die! You will both die! Yin Yin, quickly run!”



The little girl started crying.

But she didn’t dare to move. Her little legs were shaking and couldn’t take a step away.

The man on top of the ferocious-looking beast started laughing. He then flicked his whip, “Hahaha… you dare to block this lord’s path? Fire Leopard, smash her to death!”

The Fire Leopard below him gave a low growl before its legs started to increase their pace as it charged forward.

The little girl’s mother fainted from fear.

Her father fell to the ground while holding on to his wife, not daring to continue looking.

Everyone in the area felt their hearts tighten. They thought the little girl was definitely going to die here.

The man on the back of the Fire Leopard was laughing with excitement. He constantly flicked the whip in his hand while shouting: “Hit her! Smash her until she dies!”

When the Fire Leopard was only half a meter from the little girl, a figure shot over.

The little girl had disappeared from the spot. The Fire Leopard’s body suddenly jerked as its fierce eyes lost their focus. Its two front legs tried to brake sharply and caused its whole body to flip forward.

The man on its back wasn’t prepared for that.

He was thrown from the Fire Leopard’s back and looked like a person being thrown off a horse. He smashed into the ground and started wailing in pain.

“Who was it?!”

“Which motherf*cker is interfering with this daddy’s actions?!”

“Are you tired of living?!”

At this time, that frightened Fire Leopard shot over and landed on top of its owner’s chest. Its legs started trampling continuously and its sharp paws happened to slice across that man’s throat.

Fresh blood sprayed out. The man’s face went pale as he covered his throat with one hand while trying to scream for help.

A black shadow suddenly leaped out from the palanquin being pulled by the huge elephant.

An old man wearing ink black clothing instantly landed in front of the man and widened his eyes, “You damn beast, you still aren’t stopping?”

While he was speaking, his palm was already striking forward and the Fire Leopard instantly lost its life.

Amidst the crowd, Luo Tian’s expression changed as he said to himself: “An expert at the Profound Emperor realm? It looks like Heavenly Sword City is in danger…”

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