Undefeatable – Ch662

Chapter 662 – Powerful Divine Artifact


“Ninth brother!”

“Hahaha… hahaha…”

The two started laughing as they met each other.

Loud and boisterous laughter.

There was naturally laughter when brothers were reunited.

And it had to be loud laughter!

Tang Jiu didn’t say anything unnecessary and asked: “How are you doing on Mount Hua Immortal Sect? If you aren’t doing well there, Heavenly Sword City always welcomes you back and the throne can be given to you!”


True brothers should be like this. They don’t tell you the difficulties they are having and will only ask how you are doing. If you aren’t doing well, they will immediately offer to help you out.

Luo Tian was moved by this and replied: “It’s not too bad.”

He didn’t mention that he had already become the Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect because there wasn’t any need to show off in front of a brother. Showing off in front of your brother will only belittle him, and that’s something Luo Tian will never do.

“That’s good then.” Tang Jiu said with a smile. His senses unconsciously went out and he trembled, “Your cultivation… how did it go back to the Profound Grandmaster realm? Did something major happen? Luo Tian, just tell me if you’re having issues. I, Tang Jiu, will help you even if I have to throw everything on the line.”

Luo Tian was moved once more and said: “You will know about my stuff in the future. Can you tell me about what’s going on with Fatty and the others first?”

“Feng Lei?”

“Those three went to the Red River Demon Race Territories. Half a year ago, I received a letter from them saying they were doing well. They were doing their best cultivating so that they could have a good fight at Shattered Sky City. I haven’t received any news after that so I assume they are in closed-door seclusion.” Tang Jiu replied. “Junior sister, Tang Tang, An Chunchun, and her mother, those four went out to play a while ago. They said they wanted to find their big sister but I don’t know who this big sister they’re talking about. When Feng Lei and the others left, those girls left a short while later.”

“Oh right…”

“There’s also Uncle Wild Blade, he left as well.”

“He said he wanted to raise his world of slaughter to the highest possible peak. It sounded like he was going to the southern part of the Tianxuan Continent, the Chaos Territories. There are always wars going on year-round there. He said that place was his heaven, but I don’t know what he plans on doing there.”

Tang Jiu chuckled bitterly and said: “I’m the only one left in Heavenly Sword City. Sigh~… I also want to leave this place like them – travel the world to brave some dangers and experience some adventures. I won’t feel any regret even if I end up dying out there. Isn’t life supposed to be filled with dangers and excitement? Yet I…”

He had to take up all the responsibilities for the Tang family.

Luo Tian then muttered: “Not one of them stayed behind. It’s fine for Fatty to go to the Red River Demon Race Territories since he can go see if he’s an ancestral demon. But for Tang Tang and the others to go nuts and look for whatever big sister… Wait a minute, big sister?! Damn! Could they be looking for Li Xue’er?!”

“It’s been a year already.”

“Leng Hanshuang never mentioned that Tang Tang and the others went to the Starsea Immortal Sect.”

“Then where have they gone to?”

“Sigh~… I really don’t know what to do with this bunch of women. If something bad has happened to them…” Luo Tian started worrying about them. Their cultivation realm was so low and they were all so pretty, they would immediately be captured if they encountered a powerful expert.

If something bad really happened to them, then that would be too messed up.

It was only a few months from Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er’s wedding day. Luo Tian had planned on meeting up with them at Shattered Sky City.

Luo Tian wanted to bring them all back to Mount Hua Immortal Sect so that they could participate in the immortal sect disciple competition. Now Luo Tian couldn’t find a single one of them.

The Tianxuan Continent was a huge place.

Trying to find someone was even harder than finding a needle in the ocean, especially when he didn’t have any clues to work with.

After hearing this, Luo Tian’s gaze turned calm and said: “Let’s not talk about them now and talk about what’s troubling you here.”

Tang Jiu froze for a bit before chuckling, “What can happen here? You can see yourself that I’ve been managing the Great Tang not too badly. The lives of the common citizens are getting better and better, and the military strength of the Great Tang is getting stronger. Within a few years, we can surpass the prosperity of the heydays of my ancestors. So, what matters do you think I can be troubled with here?”

Luo Tian’s cultivation had suddenly regressed back to the Profound Grandmaster realm.

It was impossible for Tang Jiu to ask him for help, so he could only conceal his problems.

No matter what, he wouldn’t allow Luo Tian to take any risks.

Luo Tian glanced at Tang Jiu and said: “Ninth brother, I saw them on the streets. Just tell me what matters is bothering you. Even if I can’t help you, I can at least give you some suggestions. The young master of Heavenly Plume City and the young master of Sea Cloud Sect were both killed by me. The matter they’re here for should be related to me.”

Tang Jiu sighed, “This matter doesn’t have that much to do with killing their young masters. No one knows how Heavenly Plume City suddenly gained a Profound Emperor expert to support them. Just recently, they didn’t kill me nor did they ask me to hand over the throne. They only wanted me to hand over the founding jade seal. They gave me a time limit of three days. Once the three days are up and I don’t hand over the jade seal, they said that they will slaughter all ten million people inside Heavenly Sword City.”

“I don’t understand why they want this piece of stone for.”

“Heavenly Plume City is also a city that has been established for ten thousand years. The City Lord of Heavenly Plume City should also have a similar jade seal in their hands. What do they need mine for? Could it be to control the Great Tang Dynasty? If they really want to control the Great Tang, there’s no need for them to go through so much trouble because they can just declare war on us.”

This is what Tang Jiu couldn’t figure out.

Luo Tian furrowed his brows and absently asked: “The founding jade seal? What does he need that for?”

Tang Jiu replied: “I have no clue. That thing is just a seal or a badge and it doesn’t really count as a symbol of power. If I hand over the jade seal, I could immediately declare to the nation that the jade seal has been invalidated. Since I’m not an old-fashioned person, I consider the thing as just a piece of stone.”

Luo Tian then asked: “Where’s the jade seal? Let me take a look.”

He had no idea why a Profound Emperor expert would want this jade seal for.

Could there be some sort of secret hidden inside it?

Luo Tian wasn’t sure and then said to himself: “I’ll figure it out after I see it.”

A short while later, Tang Jiu brought the jade seal over and gave it to Luo Tian. “This is the jade seal. It was carved by the first Emperor of the Great Tang. I had someone look at it and it’s only a good quality black jade without anything else special.”

Before Luo Tian received it, his eyes opened up wide in surprise: “Damn! It has a purple glow around it! Is it a top grade divine artifact?”

“That’s not right…”

“The purple glow from this thing is even stronger than my Seven Moon Divine Sword. Could it be some powerful spiritual treasure from the Ancient World?”

Luo Tian started becoming excited.

He could see things with the assistance of his system and the founding jade seal had a purple glow to it. Normal people couldn’t see it but he could. Realizing that this was a treasure from the Ancient World, he became stunned while saying to himself: “That’s not right… Ninth brother said that this item was something his ancestor personally carved, so how can it be a spiritual treasure from the Ancient World? Could it be that this piece of stone came from the Ancient World and just happened to fall into the Tianxuan Continent?”

Luo Tian couldn’t figure it out.

He carefully took the jade seal as excitement slowly rose up inside him. “What kind of powerful divine artifact is this?!”

At this moment, an alert tone suddenly sounded off inside him.


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