Undefeatable – Ch665

Chapter 665 – Soul Hall’s Expert

“It wasn’t me!”

“It was the Soul Hall that forced me to do this. They told me not to leak any of this information. It really has nothing to do with me. Luo Tian, I’m begging you to let me off!” Heavenly Plume City Lord was completely scared as his internal organs had all shattered.

Once his heart meridian is shattered, even a true God wouldn’t be able to save him.

What humans feared the most was seeing death before them.

Luo Tian looked up.

He originally thought it was some powerful immortal sect like the Imperial God or the Starsea Immortal Sect.

But what he didn’t expect was it to be the Soul Hall. This was the most mysterious and powerful organization in the Tianxuan Continent.

If it weren’t for Li Xue’er and the Violet Organization’s battle arena, Luo Tian wouldn’t have known about the Soul Hall.

The Soul Hall was a huge mountain that had been weighing on Luo Tian’s mind for the past few years. He could barely breathe with the thought of their pressure. He never imagined the Soul Hall’s people would now be involved in the Geocentric Tower as well.

Luo Tian’s eyes turned fierce.

He coldly sneered when he watched Heavenly Plume City Lord lingering on his last breath.

At this moment, the sky suddenly dimmed.

Luo Tian felt his nerves tightened and a huge oppressive pressure assaulted his mind. His expression changed as he was instantly pushed away in a violent manner.

“Boom~!” There was a loud sound of an explosion.

A man in a black robe landed heavily. One of his feet was resting on Heavenly Plume City Lord’s head as he sneered in disdain, “Damn dog thing, go to hell!”

He then exerted strength into his foot.

Heavenly Plume City Lord’s head shattered like a watermelon.

Fresh blood splattered all over the ground.

The man coldly glanced at Heavenly Plume City Lord’s body that was still convulsing on the ground and said: “Are you even qualified to say the two words – Soul Hall?”

Immediately after, the man looked over to observe Luo Tian. His eyes were filled with disdain as he said: “So you’re Luo Tian, the man that the young phoenix has her eyes on?”

Luo Tian sent out his senses and was internally surprised, “An expert at the Profound God realm!”

That man’s cultivation was higher than his!

The reason was that Luo Tian couldn’t detect what rank that man’s cultivation was. This meant that the man’s cultivation was definitely higher than his. The only thing Luo Tian could tell was the man was still in the Profound God realm. When people are in the Profound God realm, just a small realm difference could mean absolute suppression.”

Luo Tian replied calmly: “That’s right.”

The man narrowed his eyes while smiling fiercely, “Just in time, I was looking all over for you. I didn’t expect you to send yourself to my door. You damn dog thing, who would believe the Soul King would personally order us to get rid of you? I really don’t see what’s so special about you. You are nothing but a piece of trash with a shattered dantian. So what if you were able to fuse three bloodlines together? You are still a piece of trash in my eyes. Three bloodlines in the body of a piece of trash are really too wasteful.”

“Oh, that’s right…”

“Where’s your little caterpillar? Why didn’t he come here with you? And here I was, hoping I could get some blood to play with.”

Luo Tian’s eyes darkened before he revealed a smile in disdain, “The Soul King wants to kill me?”

The man sneered and replied: “Don’t you know? The Soul Hall and the ten great immortal sects got the news that you left Mount Hua Immortal Sect and immediately sent assassins to kill you. But it’s no use for them to arrive tomorrow because you will be dying right now.”

In the eyes of that man, Luo Tian was already a dead person.

He was at the Profound God 3rd rank.

Luo Tian was only at the Profound God 1st rank, so he was capable of instantly killing Luo Tian.

“The ten great immortal sects sent out assassins after me?” Luo Tian was a bit stunned but found it rather funny. He then muttered to himself: “I never expected my life would make so many forces hunt me down. It looks like my life is worth quite a lot of money.”

The man looked in Luo Tian’s direction in disdain and spat out a glob of phlegm. He then mocked: “You think your life is worth a lot of money? Ptui~! If it weren’t for you spreading rumors of being together with our saintess, and that you were planning on ruining the wedding of our saintess and Murong Wanjian, no one would have cared if you were dead or alive. Who in their right mind would care about a piece of trash?”

“Did you really place yourself on such a high pedestal?”

“Do you think you’re all that great just because you’re in the Profound God realm? Do you think you can go against the ten great immortal sects by yourself? And go against the Soul Hall?”

“Kid, your thoughts are way too immature.”


“Why am I talking so much with a dead person?” The man started laughing at himself. “You cannot be compared to Murong Wanjian at all. His cultivation is higher than yours and his true dragon bloodline has been cultivated to the ninth stage. He is only a tiny bit away from being able to transform into a dragon. At that time, your little caterpillar will also be crushed into a dried caterpillar, hahaha…”

“Sure enough…”

Luo Tian’s feelings drastically changed inside as he said to himself: “Murong Wanjian’s cultivation is actually higher than mine! Now he’s the real motherf*cking perverted existence. My cultivation speed was already quite fast so I never expected his to be even faster. It looks like I’ve been underestimating his true dragon’s bloodline.”

At this moment, Luo Tian’s fighting spirit was similar to having gasoline poured over an open fire, it instantly soared over ten thousand feet high.

“Since the ten great immortal sects and the Soul Hall wish to stop me, then I’m definitely going to do it even more.”

Moreover, Luo Tian had a premonition that behind this wedding, there wasn’t just the union of three different forces. There appears to be an even bigger conspiracy behind it.

Luo Tian looked at the man and asked: “Can I ask you a question?”

The man extended his hand and made a gesture, “Go ahead. Since you have to die soon, I will answer any questions you have for me.”

Luo Tian then asked: “What are you planning on doing by collecting the Heavenly Plume City Lord’s seal and the Great Tang’s founding jade seal?”

The man was a bit startled before smiling and saying: “It doesn’t hurt to tell you anyway. Heavenly Plume City and the Great Tang’s founding jade seal have both been passed down from their peak for ten thousand years. They contain the power of ten thousand years of inheritance. Those two stones were originally one, and they can open the door to the Geocentric Tower when they are combined back together. Once the Geocentric Tower has been found, there’s a gateway inside it that allows us to travel to other realms. Even if someone isn’t in the Profound God Sovereign realm, they can still enter a higher world to cultivate.”

“I wonder if you’re satisfied with my answer?”

“Sure enough…”

Luo Tian’s heart sank as he continued saying: “Who would’ve imagined that you guys have discovered the secrets of the Geocentric Tower.”

That man’s expression turned to shock as he felt the situation was rather weird. He then said: “You know it as well? This secret is only known to the people of the Soul Hall. Even the Sect Leaders of the ten great immortal sects don’t know about it, so how come you do?”


“It doesn’t matter if you know about it or don’t know about it since you have to die anyway.”

“There isn’t any need to continue speaking nonsense with a dead person.”

After saying that, the man furrowed his brows and his palms started moving. The Profound God battle aura on him surged into the sky and entered the clouds like a pillar of flame. All the people inside Heavenly Plume City were pressured by his Profound God powers to the point of exploding!

Just like that, an entire city with several millions of people had instantly died!

This kind of move was practically cruel to the extreme.

But that man didn’t even frown. In his opinion, all these people were ants to him and he was the God that controlled their lives!

Blood flowed like a river.

The sky was dyed blood red as well.

Blood from the streets slowly converged and formed a larger river of blood. The whole Heavenly Plume City had turned into a city of blood!

This kind of power was too cruel!

But it was certainly extremely strong.

It might be a level higher when compared to orthodox immortal sect disciples at the Profound God realm.

Luo Tian furrowed his brows as he felt a slight heartache. He then said to himself: “If I knew you guys were all going to die, you might as well let me kill you all. There are at least several millions of undefeated points here. I could have exchanged it for a True God bloodline with all that!

“Motherf*cker, what a shame.”

Immediately after, Luo Tian looked over at the man and asked: “Do you want me to give you an opportunity?”

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