Undefeatable – Ch686

Chapter 686 – Luo Tian, Save Us!

Mount Hua Immortal Sect was divided into two camps.

On one side were the Taming Hall, Forging Hall, and the Array Hall.

The other side was led by Han Hua’s Law Enforcement Hall, Martial Hall, and the disciples of the Merit Hall.

Han Hua was seriously injured.

The Martial Hall was commanded by Jiang Xianhe.

Han Hua ordered them to not have any large-scale fights. They couldn’t allow the disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect to kill each other or else Mount Hua will definitely be done for.

She was very clear on this.

Luo Tian’s actions had been all in support of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Three of the Halls wanted to split away but in fact, it was just the Hall Masters being enticed by Zhou Tongshen. Most of the disciples were willing to stay in Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

But under the fear of intimidation, those disciples didn’t dare to follow their actual thoughts.

For a brief time, no one was fighting.

It was a stalemate that had lasted over ten days.

During this time, Eggy was continuously battling it out with Zhou Tongshen and Lin Long.

Those two were rich in combat experience. If one person couldn’t win, they would fight as two people. Eventually, it became a tag fight where any vicious moves would be used. Eggy didn’t get a chance to rest and had been fighting for thirteen days now.

Tired, extremely tired.

But no matter how tired he was, he prevented Leng Hanshuang and the others from getting injured.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…” Flames were spraying out of Eggy’s nose. He had at least a hundred plus wounds on his body while there was an unsightly look on his face. He glared at Zhou Tongshen and said: “You want to take down my boss just based on you? Go to hell for me!”

Eggy instantly made his move.

With the release of his dragon’s might, the Dragon God’s Pillar in his claws smashed down for the kill.

A powerful and mighty strike!

But in the eyes of Zhou Tongshen, an expert at the Profound God 3rd rank, this kind of power Eggy displayed was completely inadequate.

Eggy was tired.

He hadn’t consumed a divine artifact in a long time, so the energy inside him was almost depleted.

Swallowing divine artifacts and spiritual treasures allowed him to level up.

He was able to absorb the energy within those treasures to cultivate. He also needed that energy for battles. In the gaming world’s term, Eggy needed that energy as his mana in order to cast his skills.

After not consuming any divine artifacts for so long, the energy inside him was nearly used up already.

Because of this, he could only display less than ten percent of his true powers.

Zhou Tongshen had an evil grin on his face as he swallowed three inner cores. “Brother Lin, it looks like he’s out of energy. The timing and the energy he has consumed should be at its limit, so it’s time to make our move.”

Lin Long said excitedly, “Brother Zhou is truly smart to suggest using a war of attrition to exhaust him. Hahaha…”


“Even though he’s just a young Dragon God’s descendant, the blood flowing through him is still the bloodline of a Dragon God. If we kill him off too quickly, the concentration of his essence blood will be greatly reduced. As long as we exhaust him, I want to see how he’s going to resist us. At that time, we can draw his blood however we want. The most important thing…” Zhou Tongshen had an evil smile on his face before continuing: “Sect Leader Lie Yang gave me a set of Dragon Locking Chains. As long as we capture him, our Imperial God Immortal Sect will have an inexhaustible supply of Dragon God’s essence blood. Who would dare oppose us then?”

After saying that, Zhou Tongshen looked at Lin Long with a smile, “Don’t worry brother Lin, my Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Starsea Immortal Sect are about to be allied through marriage. What the Imperial God Immortal Sect has will naturally be shared with the Starsea Immortal Sect. Not to mention brother Lin has used up quite some effort in order to capture him alive.”

Zhou Tongshen had planned out everything.

The reason why he didn’t instantly kill Eggy was because he wanted to capture him alive.

They would then lock him up and the Imperial God Immortal Sect will have an endless supply of the Dragon God’s essence blood.

This move was vicious to the extreme!

Lin Long faintly smiled while his brows were furrowed. “What brother Zhou said is correct. The Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Starsea Sect are about to be united through marriage. After that, we are basically one big family. Today, I will go ahead and capture him for our mutual benefit.”

Seeing Eggy smash his pole down, Lin Long sneered in disdain and said: “Too weak.”

His hands started moving and thunderous sounds were heard within his black robe.

His Profound God’s battle aura surged out and eight illusory phantom images of him appeared. Eight became sixteen, and then sixteen became thirty-two. Eventually, over a thousand phantom images surrounded Eggy. He then revealed an evil grin before saying: “Illusionary Shocking Heaven!”

Seeing so many phantom images, Eggy clenched his teeth and swept his pole out. He roared into the air and released the last remaining power inside his body. Eggy shouted out, “Die!” as his Dragon God’s Pillar swept through the thousand plus enemies.


The Dragon God’s Pillar broke space apart.

He swept his pole out before Lin Long’s Illusionary Shocking Heaven could fully manifest.


The sky that was filled with illusory phantom images had been swept away.

However, a cold scoff exploded in the surrounding area. Eggy looked over and said through clenched teeth: “You damn dog thing, you are way too sinister.”

Lin Long wasn’t among those phantom images and was actually right above Eggy’s head.

The moment Eggy swept out his pole, Lin Long rose up into the sky before stabbing down with his sword.

A powerful and thunderous sword strike!

Eggy’s eyes turned fierce as he stabbed his Dragon God’s Pillar upward.

Only one of the notches out of seven were filled. It was the item that exploded out when Luo Tian killed Earth Dragon King, and Eggy embedded it into his pillar. Right now, he couldn’t care about anything and stimulated the powers inside the dragon’s bead by chanting some words.

A powerful energy exploded forth from the Dragon God’s Pillar and surged into the sky.


The speed of lightning!

Lin Long’s expression changed as he never expected Eggy to explode with such fearsome powers. His brows were furrowed as he realized it was too late for him to dodge. He could only continue stabbing downward!


The sword in Lin Long’s hand was shattered and the Dragon God’s Pillar kept going forward smashing into his chest. He sprayed out a mouthful of blood before falling down from the air.

Eggy laughed before saying: “You damn dog thing, you want to play dirty in front of this daddy…”

At this time, Leng Hanshuang shouted in shock: “Watch out, Eggy!”

Zhou Tongshen’s figure had disappeared.

Leng Hanshuang then cursed out: “Zhou Tongshen, you damn old thing! You are completely shameless!”

Eggy’s eyes were startled as he bitterly smiled, “Oh crap…”


Zhou Tongshen’s speed was like a thunderstrike as he threw a heavy strike into Eggy.

His powers were dense and heavy.

Eggy’s body was wobbling around and couldn’t hold on anymore. He then fell from high in the air while spraying out black colored blood. His eyes were lifeless. He was simply too exhausted and had no more energy to spare.


Dust and gravel flew everywhere, and the impact of Eggy’s body created a large pit in the ground.

Zhou Tongshen started laughing in an overbearing manner, “Hahaha… hahaha… you’re mine!”

Leng Hanshuang’s figure moved.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi followed right behind.

Jiang Xianhe rushed over with his Martial Hall disciples and protected Eggy by blocking in front.

At this time, Lin Long’s face was pale but he was unexpectedly excited. “Brother Zhou, my acting was decent, right?”

Zhou Tongshen smiled and replied: “Not too bad.”

As his voice faded, his figure instantly appeared next to Leng Hanshuang and coldly said: “A bunch of trash like you guys want to stop me?”

With a flip of his right hand, a Profound God’s battle aura directly forced them all out. Everyone was feeling extremely uncomfortable as their minds were being suppressed by a Profound God ranker’s might.

Leng Hanshuang then cried out into the air with a heart-breaking shout: “Luo Tian!”

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