Undefeatable – Ch688

Chapter 688 – Pwned!

A few days ago, Luo Tian felt a sense of crisis.

A crisis alert that came from his Companion System.

At that time, he stopped looking for other disciples and rushed back without resting.

A cloud burst apart and five figures descended.

Also at that moment, Zhou Tongshen’s Dragon Locking Chains was flung out and went into the void. The chains looked like they could extend out infinitely as it surged into the sky before coming back down towards Eggy’s head.

“Let me do it!”

At the speed of lightning, Jingang’s figure had already jumped down before the cloud had fully burst apart. He was like a death god falling down from the sky at rapid speed.



Jingang was one step faster than the Dragon Locking Chains and appeared next to Eggy. His eyes looked up coldly at Zhou Tongshen and then asked angrily: “Are you the one that’s bullying my boss’s brothers?”

Zhou Tongshen was faintly stunned as he said to himself: “Where did this idiot come from?”

Jingang didn’t wait for a response and said: “I’m going to kill you!”

Immediately after, his right hand shot out and grabbed onto the vicious-looking Dragon Locking Chains.

His arm became numb and the palm of his hand was burning.

The Dragon Locking Chains was an existence that exceeded a divine grade artifact. If Daoist Lie Yang didn’t want Zhou Tongshen to capture Eggy alive, there was no way he would be willing to lend out the Dragon Locking Chains to him. This was an item forged from the spiritual essence of heaven and earth. It was a spiritual treasure passed down for over ten thousand years. It can be considered as the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s most treasured item.

Zhou Tongshen couldn’t help laughing in ridicule: “A village bumpkin like you wants to hold onto my Dragon Locking Chains? It looks like there’s definitely something wrong with your brain, hahaha…”

Even high ranking Profound God experts wouldn’t dare to carelessly grab onto the Dragon Locking Chains.

Not to mention a country bumpkin that only had raw strength.

Zhou Tongshen was laughing coldly.

Niu Jingang was unhappy and started retreating backward while his mind was reeling from the impact of the Dragon Locking Chains. His sea of consciousness seemed like it had been flipped upside down and made him feel extreme discomfort. He has always been a person that blindly held onto a belief, and refused to believe there was anything in this world that could block his raw strength.

If one hand didn’t work, then use two hands!

His arms bulged out as his left hand reached out to grab on.

He stomped down with his back leg and roared into the air: “Agghhh…!”

“Heavy Thunder!”

After that roar, the divine strength inside him burst forth like an erupting volcano. A powerful flame aura surged out several meters high. All the veins in his arms were bulging out with raw power combined with a terrifying aura.

Power visible to the naked eye was traveling through his body and converging into his hands.

After Jingang’s shout, the power of Heavy Thunder exploded forth and his arms gave a violent tug.

“Clang~, clang~, clang~…”

“Clang~, clang~, clang~…”

The Dragon Locking Chains was pulled down to the side.

Zhou Tongshen was caught off guard as he was pulled to the ground by Jingang. His palms were bleeding while desperately trying to hold onto the chains, but somehow his strength was insufficient. Jingang kept dragging him until he fell to the ground and caused him to be stuck in an embarrassing situation.

A Profound God 3rd ranker was being pwned by Jingang!

At the same time, Murong Bai swung his sword multiple times. Up in the air, his sword was like lightning as it kept manifesting illusory phantom images.

Sword qi were wreaking havoc in the surrounding area.

It was like ten thousand swords were dancing in the air while giving off sharp intense flashes of light. Those lights surrounded Lin Long so that he couldn’t move even an inch away.

Lin Long was appalled by this and flicked out his sword, instantly causing a thousand sword flashes to overlap himself.

Before Lin Long could finish his move, Murong Bai shouted out: “Burial Sword!”

“Swish~, swish~…”

The countless sword qi’s that looked like real swords started stabbing towards Lin Long.

Countless swords were flying around chaotically. The menacing sword qi were like ten thousand swords diving down to bury themselves into their target. The ringing sounds of swords had enveloped the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect in sword intent!


Lin Long held his sword by his chest for protection, but the sword qi’s kept piercing through his chest.

“Puff~, puff~, puff~…”

His arms turned numb and the blood in his chest was in turmoil. He couldn’t hold it down anymore and sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood. His figure kept retreating backward as he couldn’t block the attack. Eventually, he was struck flying before crashing into the walls of the martial training ground. His face instantly turned ash gray.


Big Moustache dropped down from the sky and landed next to Venerable Yu Ling and the other two with an evil grin.

Venerable Yu Ling didn’t bother looking at him and just scolded: “You damn midget, scram aside for me!”

Big Moustache’s hands looked like they were flying in a blur. In just a few seconds, he refined a ten meter tall ferocious looking beast puppet. Before Venerable Yu Ling could say anything more, Big Moustache directly grabbed onto his neck in a death grip and asked: “Why don’t you f*cking say it one more time – who is the damn midget?”

Big Moustache instantly became pissed off.

What he hated the most was people calling him a midget, especially when they added the word damn before it.

Venerable Yu Ling was so scared that he shit his pants!

Venerable Qi Ling and Venerable Zhen Ling were dumbstruck by this and immediately turned around to run.

Big Moustache grinned, “You two still want to escape?”

He made a thought and the beast puppet shot out two eagle claws and directly grabbed onto them while they were in the air.

Instantly pwned!

Luo Tian didn’t look at them.

He arrived next to Yun Ling and Yun Yi at lightning speeds. When he saw their injuries, the flames of rage inside couldn’t be suppressed anymore. It was like ten thousand cans of gasoline had been thrown into a volcano! But somehow, his face still had a faint smile on it.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi smiled when they saw Luo Tian.

Their smiles were very beautiful.

A beautiful smile with tears dripping down.

At an unknown time, the man standing before them had become an important part of their lives. Just leaving him for a second and they would start missing him.



“Regeneration!” Luo Tian quickly cast his heals.

Yun Ling urgently said: “Quickly go save sister Shuang first. We’re fine.”

In another area, Leng Hanshuang was lying on the ground with a smile on her face. She no longer looked like an iceberg but was staring at Luo Tian with a housewife-like smile. She just kept staring. She was just like Yun Ling and Yun Yi, her eyes were wet as tears dripped down her cheeks.

Luo Tian’s heart ached!

When he saw their tears, his heart hurt so much that he could barely breathe.

The rage inside him was rising at an explosive growth but he maintained a smile on the outside. He quickly arrived next to Leng Hanshuang and softly uttered: “You silly girl.”

He cast several Regenerations in a row.

After using his healing skill, the injuries on Leng Hanshuang had stabilized somewhat.

At this time, Black Widow came over and looked at Yun Ling and Yun Yi. She then looked at Leng Hanshuang while feeling surprised and relieved. She then muttered to herself: “No wonder he could resist me. So he has so many stunning beauties by his side.”

“Since so many women like a single man, then he must be someone formidable. Sire, you’re definitely going to be mine, heh heh…”

Black Widow then said: “Sire, the injuries on the others are not too serious.”

At this time, Big Moustache asked: “Boss, what should we do with them?”

Niu Jingang loudly asked: “Boss, do you want me to kill them?”

Murong Bai also asked: “I can kill them with a single sword strike.”

Luo Tian slowly stood up while his pupils turned to the shape of flames. He then shouted: “Release them all!”

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