Undefeatable – Ch696

Chapter 696 – The Secret About Li Xue’er

Too sinister!

Too f*cking sinister!

Using Li Xue’er as cover, Luo Tian’s strongest weakness!

These brothers Lin Long and Lin Wushen were sinister to the extreme!

At this time, Luo Tian didn’t want to waste any of his resources.

He didn’t want to use the life-preserving talisman that Mount Hua’s progenitor left inside his body. He couldn’t waste such a powerful item on a Profound God 3rd ranker like Lin Long.

Apart from using these things, the only thing left Luo Tian could do was to take it head-on!

All his powers were sent to protect his mind and his sea of consciousness, while the natural defensive power of his fleshly body was raised to its highest realm.

He activated the bloodline of the divine beast with the strongest defensive properties, the Black Tortoise.

A thick heavy defense was stacked on top of Luo Tian’s figure.



“Luo Tian…”

“Sect Leader…”

“Sire, watch out!”

No one expected something like this to happen. It was so quick that they didn’t have time to react and could only scream out in shock.

Jingang roared into the air: “Aggghhh~…!”

His body turned crimson red as his power instantly soared to the peak. It was unbearable for him to watch Lin Long’s sword stab towards Luo Tian because this reminded him of the scene when his mother left him.

He was worried that Luo Tian would leave him just how his mother left him.

That’s why he became enraged. He roared into the air: “You guys dare to harm my boss?! I’m going to kill you all!”

Murong Bai’s face paled but his figure turned into a sword and shot out.

Big Moustache made a thought and his beast puppet shot out like a cannon.

Black Widow’s spiritual snake whip disappeared into the void and reappeared like a snake shooting out from a dark cave.

Everyone felt like their hearts had risen to their throat.

They were too far from Luo Tian.

Even though their cultivations’ were high and they could technically reach him in less than half a breath, this half a breath for a Profound God 3rd ranker like Lin Long was considered a long time. It was so long that he could do many things.


“Go to hell for me.”

Lin Long laughed like mad as he stabbed directly at where Luo Tian’s heart would be.



Power like steam was leaking out from Luo Tian’s chest, twisting and turning like a Rasengan from Naruto. White gas sprayed out all over the place while Luo Tian’s figure kept retreating backward.

He couldn’t block it!

The sword tip went in bit by bit.

The defensive powers on his body disappeared bit by bit.

The energy on the sword was too strong, shattering the outer layer of his energy shield. Lin Long had an arrogant and ferocious expression as he laughed like a madman. “Luo Tian, no matter how many martial skills you have and how strong it has made you, you’re still going to end up dying by my hands! Hahaha… After killing you today, your Mount Hua Immortal Sect will also be destroyed as well. And you want to destroy the marriage of the young phoenix and Murong Wanjian? Quit dreaming!”

“I might as well tell you a secret.”

“The young phoenix is nothing but a tool in our hands, hahaha…”


Insufferably arrogant!

In his eyes, Luo Tian was about to die any second.

No one can save him.

Because of this, he was acting recklessly and said something he shouldn’t be saying out loud. The sound of his voice was only loud enough for two people to hear – one was Luo Tian and the other was Lin Wushen floating in the air.

Lin Wushen frowned as a strong killing intent surged out from his body. He immediately shouted: “Lin Long, you have to kill him no matter the cost. If he doesn’t die today, you will be the one to die instead.”

This secret cannot be leaked out.

No one can know of it.

Since Luo Tian heard the secret, then he had to die!

He had to absolutely die!

Lin Wushen hated this little brother of his. At such a critical juncture, he actually blabbered out words that shouldn’t be said. This completely pissed him off! If he was physically present, he would’ve given Lin Long two slaps already. But since he wasn’t there, he could only order Lin Long to kill Luo Tian no matter the cost.

Luo Tian’s eyes sank.

“As expected… I knew things wouldn’t be this simple.”

Luo Tian’s eyes flashed while his expression remained emotionless. His left hand directly moved towards his chest and took on the tip of the sword while his figure made a hurried retreat backward.


The back of his hand was pierced through and blood spurted out.

Just a little bit further and it would reach his heart. An ordinary attack will not be too dangerous even if it pierces the heart because Luo Tian was in the Profound God realm. But when facing a Profound God 3rd ranker who possessed powers of the stars, a pierced heart will also destroy his mind and cause immediate death.

“I can’t allow it!”

“This daddy cannot allow anyone to harm Xue’er!” Luo Tian roared internally while his right hand moved.


A pitch-black sword around three meters long appeared in Luo Tian’s hand.

Seven Moon Divine Sword!

An ancient gold level weapon!

His left hand jerked away.


Lin Long’s sword sliced the gap between his middle finger and ring finger, all the way down past his palm. Blood spurted out like crazy and an unbearable pain assaulted Luo Tian. But he didn’t wince and directly gave up all his defense against the sword stabbed into him.

His bloody left hand reached out to the handle.

Both hands raised the Seven Moon Divine Sword up before accurately chopping towards Lin Long’s head.

Competing in speed!

Whoever is the fastest will live!

Whoever is the slowest will die!

The moment Luo Tian abandoned his defense and drew out the Seven Moon Divine Sword, Lin Long’s gaze froze for less than a tenth of a second. He was stunned by the aura coming from the Seven Moon Divine Sword since he was a sword cultivator.

He was particularly fond of different types of swords.

His mind faintly shook from seeing the pitch-black Seven Moon Divine Sword in Luo Tian’s hand.

Because of this slight distraction, the Seven Moon Divine Sword was one step ahead and chopped Lin Long’s head in half.

The sword inside Luo Tian’s chest went in a bit deeper.

“Ba bump~, ba bump~, ba bump~…”

His heart was still beating.

The gloomy tip of the sword was only a few millimeters away from his heart.

Fresh blood came out of his chest.

Luo Tian’s face turned pale. He then kicked Lin Long’s corpse away while gasping for air before his gloomy eyes stared up at Lin Wushen’s image projection in the air. Luo Tian then pointed his sword at Lin Wushen and said: “If you dare touch Xue’er, I will make you regret being ever born in this world.”

Lin Wushen’s rage had surged into the sky. The feeling of watching his own little brother die before his eyes yet he couldn’t avenge him made him furious to the extreme. He then roared out: “Luo Tian! The day of the immortal sect disciple competition is the date of your death! You just wait for me! You just wait!”

“Aggghhh~…!” He roared out before his image in the air disappeared.

At this time, Luo Tian slumped to the ground with only the Seven Moon Divine Sword keeping his body upright. He sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood while anger burned in his heart. When heard that Li Xue’er was nothing but a tool for the Starsea Immortal Sect, his heart felt like ten thousand swords and sliced it up at the same time. It was so painful that he couldn’t breathe.




Luo Tian panted for air as the aura from his body was similar to that of hell. He then shouted ferociously: “I need to enter the Floodplain World!”

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