Undefeatable – Ch705

Chapter 705 – Boss, Here Comes This Big Brother!

Luo Tian was trying his best to train in Heaven’s Seal because it was a god skill.

The current cooldown took a while but once he levels it up, the cooldown will no longer be an issue.

This was the reason he hasn’t gone to Dark North City yet.

Moreover, the teleportation array was basically destroyed by the people of the ten great immortal sects last time. He could only fly there if he wanted to go to Dark North City. He was already tight on time for the things he needed to do so he couldn’t go there for now.

Luo Tian looked in the direction of Dark North City in thought. He then said to himself: “I need to swing by there before the competition. I’m still missing a few disciples and I can get some there. Those guys are all perverted existences as long as I can undo the seal on their bodies.”

At this time, Eggy flew into the main hall in a rush and shouted: “Where’s that old bastard?! Insulting my boss?! It looks like he’s tired of living! Where is he?! Where is he?! Little Whitey White! Big Cow Cow! What the hell are you guys doing?! How could you let those people who insult our boss leave with their lives intact?! At least break their legs and rip their mouths off!”

Eggy looked all over and didn’t see Lian Xin, so he said: “Boss, why did you let that old bastard go? I heard he insulted you. Those kinds of people cannot be let off that easily. His granny’s cha-cha, he dares to insult my boss? Don’t let me see him next or else I will definitely kill him!”

Murong Bai had a miserable expression on his face.

Jingang was staring off in a random direction.

Those two looked like they were afraid of Eggy.

Seeing those two not responding, Eggy immediately said: “Little Whitey White, Big Cow Cow, why aren’t you two speaking?”

“Little Whitey White!”

“Hahaha…” Luo Tian burst out laughing. Looking at Murong Bai’s miserable expression, Luo Tian then said: “Little Whitey White, hahaha… that name suits you well! Why didn’t I think of it in the first place?”

“That’s enough man.” Murong Bai had an ugly look on his face.

He was already unhappy being called Little Bai. Now that he was called Little Whitey White, the name sounded like something you would give to a rabbit.

Big Cow Cow was the same.

Jingang was an honest individual as he said: “Big brother Egg Egg, we may have lost but we’ve already agreed that we wouldn’t use such names in front of the boss. You are not keeping your word.”

“Big brother Egg Egg?!”


Luo Tian almost sprayed out the meal he had last night. These three people here are truly literary geniuses. The nicknames they gave each other were very characteristic of the person. “Eggy, the nickname you got is truly matched to your world’s most handsome Dragon God self-given title.”

Eggy’s expression changed.

Back then, the three of them competed to see who would be the second eldest after the boss.

Eggy won by a fluke, so Murong Bai became Little Whitey White and Niu Jingang became Big Cow Cow.

Before Eggy could act smugly, Jingang with his honest personality, started calling him big brother Egg Egg.

Eggy widened his eyes and said: “I… Big Cow Cow, do you guys still want the essence blood from a Dragon God?”

“Second brother is mighty!”

“Second brother is domineering!”

“Second brother’s name will resound for generations and unify the pugilistic world!”

Murong Bai and Jingang chanted in unison.

When it came to the charm of the Dragon God’s essence blood, even Jingang couldn’t resist. Their cultivation had been flying during this half a month. Even though they hadn’t made any breakthroughs to the next stage, they had already reached the threshold of it. They would make a breakthrough just by making some impact on the barrier.

The Dragon God’s essence blood would be the important factor, that’s why they could so freely and shamelessly praise Eggy as their second eldest brother.

Eggy was like a little kid that had just recruited two little underlings. He then said happily: “It looks like you guys know what’s good for you. These are two bottles of Dragon God’s essence blood I’ve just refined. You guys can take it. Remember that I am your second eldest brother. When the boss isn’t around, I will become your boss. My words are…”

Before Eggy could finish speaking, Luo Tian interrupted him and shouted: “It looks like you wish to rebel! Your wings must have gotten much stronger, huh? Do you believe I can turn you into Shattered Eggy instead of the Second Brother Egg?! “


“It was my mistake! I was wrong! Stop hitting me! I was wrong!” Eggy immediately begged for forgiveness and held onto his head. He was a bit pleased with himself and forgot his boss was right next to him. He was planning on showing off a bit and didn’t expect it to turn him into an embarrassing situation where he ran around like a mouse trying to escape.

Jingang and Murong Bai started laughing in secret.



Luo Tian forged a large pile of semi-divine profound weapons. Looking at the pile, he said with a sigh: “It’s still semi-divine grade artifacts. The chance of successfully forging a divine grade artifact is too low. No matter the different processes I’ve used in forging them, I seem to be missing something. That little step up from a semi-divine to full divine is truly a large gap.”

“Murong Bai’s sword, Jingang’s gloves, Black Widow’s whip, Yun Ling, and Yun Yi’s battle hammer still haven’t been forged.”

Upon thinking up to this point, Luo Tian suddenly thought of that Pixiu looking divine beast boss in the Floodplain World. “If I can explode that thing, I will definitely be able to forge a divine weapon. Even if I don’t refine and forge its skeletal bones, they are already divine weapons on their own.”

There is still quite a bit of time before the time limit to enter the Floodplain World is up.

Luo Tian started feeling excited, “I will explode you first once I enter!”

At this time, Han Hua knocked on the door, “Sect Leader!”

Luo Tian stood up, walked out of his secret chamber, and handed over all the semi-divine artifacts he forged to her. “Senior sister, you’re here. These are the profound weapons that I’ve forged today. Give them to the disciples who still don’t have any and the extras can be brought to the black market in exchange for inner cores. Now that our immortal force has thinned out, their cultivation speed will be even slower without the supplement of inner cores.”

Han Hua was moved as she received the items. She then said: “Sect Leader, Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s fortune keeps going down. I think the current immortal force will be completely gone soon. In my opinion, maybe this year’s immortal sect disciple competition should be ski…”

The density of immortal force was directly correlated to an immortal sect’s karmic fortune.

The immortal force around the current Mount Hua Immortal Sect was about to be cut off. It was similar to an old person on their deathbed.

Before Han Hua could finish speaking, Luo Tian furrowed his brow and said: “I will be participating in this year’s immortal sect disciple competition. No matter what price I have to pay, I will make Mount Hua Immortal Sect reestablish their glory. This was a promise to Venerable Wu Nian and also a promise I made to the five element old ancestors. Senior sister, don’t worry so much.”

No matter what, Luo Tian would use all his strength to accomplish this.

The decrease in fortune was the work of the heavenly dao.

The reason was that Mount Hua Immortal Sect was about to encounter a great catastrophe. It was one where there was basically no chance for them to turn around, so that’s why their fortune kept declining.

Han Hua wanted to say something but held back. Eventually, she said: “I understand.”

She didn’t want to give Luo Tian too much pressure because there was already too much on his shoulders.

The immortal sect disciple competition was the only chance for them to turn everything around.

Luo Tian was very clear that he would be putting his life on the line for this competition.



Dark like ink.

Luo Tian had concocted a small pile of Divine Burst Pills. He looked at the time and muttered: “The time is up soon. This time, I’m definitely going to kill that divine beast boss!”

Seconds and minutes went by.

A short while later, Luo Tian stroked his Xumi Ring.


“Do you wish to enter the Floodplain World?”


“Divine beast boss, here comes this big brother!”

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