Undefeatable – Ch723

Chapter 723 – I Am The Most Reasonable Person

Completely targeting them!

It’s very clear that this rule was added at the last minute to target Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Luo Tian was the strongest so if he didn’t participate, it was equivalent to breaking a wing off Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

The most important point was that Mount Hua Immortal Sect didn’t have enough people.

The minimum number to participate was ten!

Out of the eighteen groups, one of the groups will be a two-person battle group. That means Yun Ling and Yun Yi will be counted as one person and Eggy will have to join them.

This is barely enough for ten people.

Once the moderator finished saying that, he immediately added: “Apart from the Sect Leader that can’t participate, all animals, demonic beasts, random cats, and dogs cannot participate either. This is an immortal sect disciple competition, not an animal competition.”

This was another new rule.

Upon hearing this, Eggy exploded in rage and roared out.


A dragon’s roar rampage!

The entire venue shook.

Eggy’s eyes were practically spraying out flames as he shouted at the moderator: “Your granny’s cha-cha! Who are you calling random animals?! If you dare to say it one more time, this daddy will kill you on the spot!”

Everyone in the venue was dumbstruck.

The dragon’s might was extremely strong, so everyone felt like a mountain was resting on top of their mind. A lot of people’s faces turned pale and they couldn’t utter a single word.

“Who would’ve imagined his strength had increased once more…”

“In a short one month period, he managed to make another breakthrough. A Dragon God’s descendant is truly a Dragon God’s descendant. His essence blood should have also become stronger as well, heh heh…”

Apart from being shocked, several pairs of greedy eyes were staring at Eggy.

Everyone wanted to absorb a Dragon God’s essence blood.


The moderator’s expression greatly changed as he swallowed his saliva. He didn’t dare to say random animals anymore and turned to Luo Tian: “Sect Leader Luo, please control your people. I am not targeting you since all the other immortal sects will have to adhere to the same rule.”

His tone of voice wasn’t as aggressive as before.

It is very clear that he was frightened quite a bit by Eggy to the point where his legs could be seen trembling.

It is not very comfortable being glared at by a dragon.

Eggy didn’t care what the guy said and roared at the stage. “Roar~! Speak less bullshit with my boss! Your mother, you are clearly targeting us! Not allowing the Sect Leader to participate in the competition and now not allowing me to participate?! What kind of dog’s fart competition is this anyway?!”


The moderator sprayed out a mouthful of blood while his face paled. He was only at the Profound Emperor stage so there was no way he could handle Eggy’s Profound God realm dragon’s might. His internal organs were directly shaken so he sprayed out black colored blood.

Over a thousand disciples from the Imperial God Immortal Sect stood up.

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression turned angry as his body blurred. He appeared on top of the stage and chopped at Eggy with his sword. “Damn animal! You dare to hurt an Elder from my Imperial God Immortal Sect?! Lie down for me!”

Luo Tian’s figure moved.

His Profound God 7th rank exploded out while he shouted: “Level 9 Berserk, Nine Dragons and Elephants, come out for me!”


A fierce humming sound came from Luo Tian’s body before he shouted once more: “Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift!”


He instantly blocked in front of Eggy and shouted once more: “Spectral Eradication!”


Five purple orbs formed by sword qi spun around Luo Tian like crazy.

Daoist Lie Yang’s sword qi smashed over in an instant.



Countless collisions of sword qi in the air broke space apart and entered the void.

Luo Tian immediately retreated as he felt blood roiling in his chest. He then said to himself: “Holy crap, what a powerful strength!”

His expression instantly paled as he felt the pain.

As one neared the peak of the Profound God realm, it was hard to take on people at higher levels.

A Profound God 7th ranker might only be a single level away from the 8th rank, but the gap in power was simply too big. Since Daoist Lie Yang was an old monster who had cultivated for a few thousand years, his control over Profound God powers had surpassed Luo Tian.

Daoist Lie Yang’s arm was a bit numb as he said internally in shock: “He was able to break through all the way to the Profound God 7th rank in one month? Even Murong Wanjian who possesses the true dragon’s bloodline cannot compare!”

“This can’t be allowed!”

“We have to get rid of him today or else…”

Daoist Lie Yang furrowed his brows. When he recalled his master’s plans, he definitely had to get rid of Luo Tian and not let him hinder the wedding. Luo Tian couldn’t be given more time to grow since he had become such a terrifying existence.

The rate of his growth was too horrifying!

If Murong Wanjian wasn’t a few years older, he wouldn’t be Luo Tian’s opponent!

Murong Wanjian has been cultivating his true dragon’s bloodline since he was young and all the resources of the Imperial God Immortal Sect were poured into him. It was due to those things that his breakthroughs were blazingly fast. But even with all those resources, he still needed half a year in order to go from the Profound God 1st rank to the Profound God 7th rank.

Daoist Lie Yang felt more and more that Luo Tian would one day be a major calamity for them.

In an instant, Daoist Lie Yang’s figure blurred as he released a powerful energy from his body.

At the same time, Luo Tian brought Eggy back to their original position and said with a smile: “I completely agree with the moderator with both hands.”

Daoist Lie Yang coldly harrumphed, “Luo Tian, your people injured an Elder from my Imperial God Immortal Sect so you must give me an explanation. Hand over that little animal or else don’t blame this old man for being impolite.”

“Screw your granny!”

“Calling this daddy a little animal?!” Eggy wasn’t afraid of any trouble and didn’t care what cultivation realm Daoist Lie Yang was in. Calling him a little animal was a big no-no. He was the descendant of the Dragon God, the world’s most handsome little dragon!

Luo Tian blocked Eggy and signaled for him to stop acting recklessly. He then said: “Daoist Lie Yang, you say that my brother hurt a person of yours? It can’t be. My brother only harms beasts and not people. Look around the entire venue and you can tell only this guy is injured and not the rest. From this, I can determine that this guy is a beast and not a person.”

Before Daoist Lie Yang could reveal his anger, Luo Tian continued saying: “Since that beast is someone of yours, then I’m really sorry for what happened. In order to show my sincerity, I will let him roar out two times. If you think that is too little, he can roar three times if he wants to. I am a very reasonable person. My brother only roared twice and he spurted out blood. Who knows if he has some underlying sickness or not? But I’ve decided to let him roar three times back at my brother. Where else can you find someone more reasonable than me?”

“Damn it…”

“Why am I so damn fair?”



Many people started laughing.

Daoist Lie Yang was so angry that his face turned red. He almost cracked all his teeth from clenching his jaws and his whole body looked like it was on fire. His eyes staring at Luo Tian looked like it wanted to swallow him whole! Daoist Lie Yang then screamed out: “Luo Tian, you just wait and see! I will definitely kill you with my own hands today!”

Luo Tian revealed a fearful look and said: “Ah! I’m so scared! If you have the guts, come kill me now! Come! Come!”

“Hey! Hey! Don’t run away!”

“Does that beast from your family still want to roar three times at my brother? You should let him roar. I am a very reasonable person!”

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