Undefeatable – Ch742

Chapter 742 – Too Violent

“Big sister, I want to gouge their eyes out first,” said Yun Yi.

Yun Ling replied: “I have the same thought!”

The gaze from the two pairs of eyes of the Black And White Fiend Duo were like wolves. And the expression they were showing was extremely lecherous. They were just staring at the twin sisters while drooling and rubbing their hands.

“Old Tong, do you think you can penetrate through the barrier around the stage?”

“What are you planning?”

“Those two little punks dare to be so rude to our mistresses. What kind of crappy disciples are we if we don’t kill them? What should we do if master is unhappy and decides not to teach us the secrets of winning Fight the Landlord?”

“That’s true… but this barrier was refined by that old undying bastard Immortal Nan Tian, and has the power of someone at the peak of the Profound God Sovereign realm. Even if I cultivate for ten more lifetimes, there’s no way I can penetrate through it.”

“Damn it, then what are you speaking so much nonsense for?”

“There’s no need to rush. They will have to get off the stage eventually so at that time, we just need to slit their throats then.”

“That makes sense!”

Those two were chatting out loud without any fear.

Jingang and Big Mustache were dumbstruck, staring at those two with large round eyes.

Big Mustache then asked: “Boss, what kind of background do those two have?”

Luo Tian turned around and glanced at the white-clothed scholar before shaking his head: “I don’t know either.”

He truly didn’t know.

How would he know the background of people from over ten thousand years ago?

Which old devil would be simple if Mount Hua’s progenitor had to put a seal on them?

On the stage.

The referee said his customary words before leaving the stage.

The barrier was then activated.

The smile on the Black and White Fiend Duo became even more pronounced. “Elder brother, I want the one on the left. I want to do a live show. I will rip off all her clothes and make passionate love with her! Hahaha…”

“Then I will take the one on the right.”

As their voices faded, the two of them charged forward. Their speed was so fast that ordinary people only saw a blur.

They were biological brothers.

Even though they weren’t twins, the tacit understanding between the two had reached a very high level where the thoughts of one person could be easily read by the other.

Within the Imperial God Immortal Sect, their names were very famous throughout the entire sect. One would wear all black and one would wear all white. During the past immortal sect disciple competitions, they had won first place in the doubles match four times in a row. Their powers were extremely strong.

Most important of all, their tacit cooperation with each other was developed through countless battles.

They had a lot of combat experience under their belts.

On the contrary, the twin sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi relied on their telepathic communication with each other. That ability wasn’t worse than the duo but their combat experience was lacking somewhat.

The Black and White Fiend Duo attacked first.

They said out loud that each one of them would take on one opponent, but they were actually planning on taking down Yun Yi together first.



The two figures shot forward like a bullet coming out of a chamber. They constantly exchanged positions with one another like two powerful piercing swords.

“Not good!”

“They’re going to ruthlessly destroy the twin flowers!”

“That Black and White Fiend Duo deserves to die! Don’t they know the saying of being tender towards the fairer sex? Those two girls are considered superb existences, yet those guys are going to… sigh~ I would’ve gone up if I had known about this. I would at least give the girls some time to prepare.”

Some people in the grandstands couldn’t bear to keep looking.

Such a good pair of twin flowers will end up dying a tragic death. This was such a great pity.

Luo Tian’s mind tightened and the formless aura around him reached its peak. If the danger level of Yun Ling and Yun Yi reaches a critical state, he would rush over regardless of the consequences.

Leng Hanshuang whispered into Luo Tian’s ear, “Don’t worry too much. They will definitely win.”

Leng Hanshuang had watched the twin sisters increase their cultivation like crazy this past month.

Apart from their strength, their ability to read each other’s minds also became extremely strong. It was through this form of special telepathic communication that they were able to increase their powers several times higher than usual.

This is what their advantage lay.

As the barrier closed up, the power coming from Yun Yi and Yun Ling’s bodies instantly changed into one that was unusually violent.

It was as if they had become different people.

It was similar to those valiant women warriors.

They directly summoned out the war hammers that Luo Tian had given them.



A turbulent airflow buffeted the inside of the barrier.

“Yet another top grade divine artifact!”

“How wealthy is Mount Hua Immortal Sect really? Why do they have so many divine artifacts? I’m really envious of them.”

“Envy my ass! So what if they have a lot of divine artifacts? Didn’t you hear the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s leader say that Mount Hua Immortal Sect will be destroyed today?”


On the stage.

Yun Ling shouted: “Little sister, attack!”

Yun Yi transformed into a violent-looking loli and no longer had a cute appearance but a fierce expression. Her war hammer started moving savagely as she roared out: “Combat mode!”



The humming sound of power clashing was heard coming from those two.

The divine strength within them exploded forth.

The bodies became significantly stronger.

The two moved in unison as flames visible to the eye ignited around them.

The moment before those four clashed…

“Little beauty, lie down for me!”

“Imperial God Sword Art…”


The Black and White Fiend Duo suddenly went into a straight line formation and pierced their sword towards Yun Yi’s chest.

Their speed was extremely fast!

Based on the line of sight, those two had suddenly become like one person. Even the spectators gasped on behalf of the twin sisters as they thought to themselves: “She’s going to die at this rate. Those two Black and White Fiend duos are too crafty.”

“They combined their powers to attack one of them.”

“This is the essence of a doubles match. If one of them gets injured, then their group won’t be able to perform anymore.”

With the sudden change in their formation, the expressions of Yun Ling and Yun Yi faintly changed but they didn’t panic. In an instant, those two girls glanced at each other and Yun Ling’s speed increased by a bit. Both of her hands clenched onto the hammer as she shouted: “80 million juns of force!”

“Beat the dog!”


The war hammer was raised up, looking as if it was towering in the air. Pressure descended from the sky as the power within the war hammer rampaged about. A series of crackling sounds were heard as if the hammer was covered in lightning.


The war hammer smashed into the incoming sword strike.


The sword started bending, and then cracked before shattering into pieces on the ground.

Black and White Fiend Duo’s swords were only at the Sky grade so they couldn’t handle Yun Ling’s hammer strike with 80 million juns of force. How fierce was this? Even Jingang was in awe as he commented: “What a powerful force!”

Those two girls were born with innate divine strength!

A hammer strike shattered White Fiend’s sword, and Black Fiend’s figure was seen suddenly charging forward.

“Let’s see what else you can do!”

A sword pierced over with an even more powerful force behind it.

However, Yun Ling sneered coldly without putting up a defense. She looked like she wasn’t treating Black Fiend seriously at all.

Cold sweat appeared on Black Fiend’s forehead as he cried internally: “Oh crap!”

Yun Yi had disappeared.

The moment Yun Ling smashed down with her hammer, she had already disappeared.

After Black Fiend pierced out with his sword, Yun Yi descended from the sky with a shout: “Lie down for me!”



The hammer strike smashed open a huge hole on the stage!

The Black and White Fiend Duo were like dead dogs in the center of the hole.

Those girls didn’t stop even though that duo were in such a state!

“Who told you to spew out so much shit from your mouths?!”


“Who told you to be so arrogant?!”


“Who told you to act so smug?!”


One person one hammer, as if they were taking turns striking iron on a forge. Those Black and White Fiend Duo’s were smashed into meat patties as a result.

Those two twin sisters were simply too violent!

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