Undefeatable – Ch759

Chapter 759 – The Boss Is Enraged

If you say you’re going to f*ck them over, then you have to f*ck them over!

The ten great immortal sects had to be trampled on!

At this time, Luo Tian had no trace of sympathy. He knew this world was a place where the strong preyed on the weak. No one showed him any mercy when he was seriously injured. They all used the most strength they could muster to kill him. For those kinds of people, there was only a single word in his heart – kill!

But the sect leaders of the ten great immortal sects couldn’t sit still.

These immortal sect disciples were their elite disciples!

They were all super disciples with high levels of talent.

They were brought out to this competition so that their names will have some impact amongst all the forces of the world.

If these disciples were to die, the overall power of their immortal sect would greatly weaken. They wouldn’t be able to recover for at least a few thousand years. After all, there were only so many disciples with innate talents in this world. If they were to all die here, there’s no way their immortal sects can groom a new batch of disciples that quickly.

Lin Wushen was the first to shout: “Luo Tian! You dare?!”

Before he could scream any other words, Luo Tian directly picked out a Starsea Immortal Sect disciple and sent out a palm strike. That disciple was instantly killed before he turned around and looked at Lin Wushen coldly. “You can watch and see if I dare to or not. Hahaha…”

“Lin Wushen, weren’t you guys very arrogant at the beginning?”

“Now you’re scared?”

“Weren’t you ten great immortal sects very arrogant? Weren’t you guys manipulating the competition, changing the rules, and controlling the referee? Such an awesome collective of forces like yours should keep acting arrogant in front of this daddy.”

While speaking, another Starsea Immortal Sect disciple was instantly killed by Luo Tian.

It was simply too easy for a Profound God 8th ranker to kill these disciples that were scared to the point of pissing their pants.

Seeing how another Starsea Immortal Sect disciple was killed, the rage inside Lin Wushen erupted all at once. He directly scolded: “Luo Tian, you damn dog thing! This daddy will condemn you to eternal damnation for killing my Starsea Immortal Sect disciples…”



Before he could speak more, Luo Tian’s fists landed and killed two more Starsea Immortal Sect disciples instantly. He then did a little dance before saying with a smile; “I’m going to keep killing. Come down here and bite me if you can!”

“You still dare to act arrogant in front of this daddy at this time?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Is the second strongest immortal sect that great? In my eyes, you are nothing but a pile of… Wait, that’s something this daddy doesn’t step on. You are nothing but a little stink bug that likes to wear women’s clothing. Hahaha…” said Luo Tian in a cocky manner.

He was extremely smug, arrogant, and overbearing.

One needs to be arrogant when it’s time to be arrogant!

Luo Tian will definitely not be stingy when it’s his turn to be arrogant. Seeing how Lin Wushen’s face was turning green, his mood became especially great. “Venerable Wu Nian’s death will all be on the heads of you ten great immortal sects. Not a single one can escape from it.”

When he finished speaking, his figure flashed around.




Luo Tian reaped a series of heads from the mass of disciples. He then flung them into the barrier and the recoil force turned the heads into powder.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

“Luo Tian… Grandpa Luo, please spare this dog’s life of mine! I was wrong! I was wrong! I won’t dare to do this ever again!”

“I’m begging you, please spare me!”

“Father, please save me! Save your son! Luo Tian, what do you want?! My Sky Thunder Immortal Sect has anything you want! As long as you let me go, I can give you anything you want! I’m begging you, spare my life!”

Many disciples kneeled down.

Luo Tian looked at them playfully and scoffed: “Weren’t you guys very arrogant? Every one of you weren’t pulling back any punches and tried to kill me just then. Now you guys are scared to this point?”

“Come, come try killing me again.”

While saying that, Luo Tian’s expression turned fierce, and killed several disciples nearby.

In the eyes of those immortal sect disciples, Luo Tian wasn’t someone who would be soft-hearted!

He wasn’t someone compassionate and definitely won’t spare anyone who has tried to kill him.

Luo Tian has never thought of himself as a good person. It’s fine if you don’t mess with him but whoever does provoke him, he will return it a hundred times to a thousand times. Even if he becomes a God one day, he will still be like that because this was his personality.

The sect leaders of the ten great immortal sects were about to lose their minds.

There were many relatives of theirs amidst the group of disciples, and some were even their sons!

The Sect Leader of Sky Thunder Immortal Sect tried to be calm, “Luo Tian, I will immediately withdraw from the immortal sect disciple competition. I hope you can spare the life of my son. I personally guarantee that I will never touch Mount Hua Immortal Sect ever again.”

“King Sky Thunder, what kind of dog fart words are you saying?!” Lin Wushen directly shouted. “Why are you compromising with Luo Tian?! What kind of shit does he think he is?!”

King Sky Thunder’s expression faintly changed as he said: “Sect Leader Lin, you’re not worried because your son isn’t on the stage but mine is. You don’t care about their deaths but I only have one son. I cannot let anything happen to him.”

“Sect Leader Lin, we only have these elite disciples. If they die, my immortal sect’s fortune might greatly weaken. We might not even have the qualifications to stay on as an immortal sect. It’s different for you because your Starsea Immortal Sect still has the young phoenix.”

“The Imperial God Immortal Sect also has the true dragon Murong Wanjian.”

“We only have them. If they die, our immortal sect will greatly weaken and might not even be comparable to a second-rate immortal sect.”

“Sect Leader Lin; Sect Leader Lie, I’m really sorry but I cannot afford to lose them.”

At the same time, several sect leaders voiced their thoughts.

Everyone knows that the prosperity of an immortal sect was related to the strength of its disciples. Those on the stage were the elites of the elite. If they were to die, then their immortal sect’s fortune would definitely be greatly affected.

It was different for the Imperial God and Starsea Immortal Sects because one had a true dragon and the other a young phoenix. Just those two people were capable of holding up their immortal sect’s fortune.

As for the eight great immortal sects, they simply couldn’t afford to lose!

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression sank as he said to himself: “Goddamnit, this Luo Tian is too hard to deal with.”

He unconsciously looked over at Lin Wushen.

Lin Wushen then said in a serious manner: “Luo Tian, I will give you a way out. Let all the immortal sect disciples go and I will guarantee not to touch a single hair of your Mount Hua Immortal Sect. If you dare to kill another immortal sect disciple, this daddy will…”

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Tian instantly killed another Starsea Immortal Sect disciple at the Profound God 1st rank. He then said: “Still acting arrogant in front of this daddy? This daddy would like to see how long you can act arrogant for.”

“It is possible for me to spare these immortal sect disciples of yours.”

The sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects had stunned expressions on their faces. “Luo Tian, what do you want?”

Luo Tian had a playful smile as he replied: “I don’t want much. I only want Lin Wushen and Daoist Lie Yang to kneel down and kowtow in apology. If they are unwilling, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

In an instant, the sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects all turned to stare at Lin Wushen and Daoist Lie Yang.

The fate of the eight great immortal sects was in the hands of those two.

Just as Luo Tian finished speaking, Lin Wushen’s figure moved and landed on the edge of the stage. He was full of killing intent as he shouted: “Open up the barrier for me!”

He was enraged!

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