Undefeatable – Ch773

Chapter 773 – You Have To Come To Marry Me

“Pak~!” A crisp sound was heard.

Luo Tian’s slap was filled with strength and Zi Loulan’s body was swaying from the impact. She almost fell to the ground because of it and a clear five fingerprint could be seen on her cheek.

A trace of blood appeared in the corner of Zi Loulan’s mouth.

Luo Tian’s face showed no expression as he said: “There’s no particular reason. I just felt like slapping you.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Can you still talk out of your mouth?”

Luo Tian really didn’t have any other reason. It wasn’t because Zi Loulan looked down on him or because she tried to stop him from having a relationship with Xue’er. He simply wanted to give Zi Loulan a good slap. No matter what happens in the future, Luo Tian will not regret this slap.

Zi Loulan stabilized her body while her face was slightly pale. The look of hatred in her eyes turned even more intense.

Her icy-cold eyes stared at Luo Tian.

She just stared at Luo Tian without moving!

Luo Tian stared back at her and said with a smile: “All those things you’ve said to me aren’t a problem to me. I already said that no one can stop me. There isn’t anyone in this world that can stop me from doing what I want. Since I said that I will go snatch the bride, I will definitely go snatch the bride.”

“Even if Xue’er doesn’t like me or maybe even hate me, I will still go snatch the bride.”

Luo Tian enunciated one word at a time but he was grumbling internally: “Shit man, I already used my little brother not rising for the rest of my life when I swore that oath. Who knows if this world has some special thing where someone gets instantly punished if they don’t fulfill their oath? How will I look at Teacher Sola Aoi in the eye ever again?”

“So what if the ten great immortal sects are powerful?”

“So what if the devil sect and the Soul Hall are powerful?”

“So what if Murong Wanjian is a true dragon?”

“A few months later, I will step into Shattered Sky City and announce to the world that Xue’er is my woman. Not to mention you, so what if I am enemies with the entire world for Xue’er? I, Luo Tian, have never been afraid of anything!” Luo Tian said once more.

After saying that, Luo Tian’s countenance turned cold. “I don’t care if you know the reason why the four major forces are allying with each other. Go back and tell your dog’s fart Soul King that if he dares to touch a single hair on Xue’er, I, Luo Tian, swears that I will f*ck up all eighteen generations of his family!”

“This, I swear!”

There’s definitely a huge secret behind the reason the four major forces are working together.

And this secret is definitely related to Li Xue’er.

Lin Long had spoken some words prior to his death.

The words spoken by Lin Wushen before his death also showed there was some huge conspiracy related to the union of the young phoenix and true dragon. It didn’t matter what conspiracy was afoot because Luo Tian will not let anyone hurt Li Xue’er. Absolutely no one!

Zi Loulan’s gaze turned serious.

She didn’t know any conspiracies or secrets.

Hearing Luo Tian’s words, she coldly scoffed and said: “You’re just saying those words to please Li Xue’er and belittle Murong Wanjian. Luo Tian, oh Luo Tian… there’s no need for you to be clever with your words. It’s useless even if Li Xue’er likes you because she ultimately belongs to the true dragon Murong Wanjian.”

“The moment she was born, I already knew that the only man for her would be Murong Wanjian. No one else is worthy or qualified to be her man.”

“Everything I’ve done in my life is for her. Whoever dares to stop her from marrying the true dragon, I will fight them to the end of my life! It doesn’t matter who it is!”

Very determined.

Luo Tian smiled bitterly before saying: “When you speak those words, have you ever asked Xue’er if she’s willing? Will she be happy with that? All you’ve been doing is forcing the things you like on her. Have you ever asked her what she has wanted while growing up? Since you like Murong Wanjian so much, why don’t you marry him instead? Why are you dragging Xue’er into it? Zi Loulan, I’m only being humble to you because I consider you a senior. Even if you look down on me or insult me, I can endure it. I will still endure it if you treat me badly. But if you ever treat Xue’er that way, I will kill you even if you’re her mother. What I, Luo Tian have said, I will definitely do!”

This was his bottom line and his reverse scale.

It didn’t matter who it was, they couldn’t touch it!

Even Xue’er’s mother cannot!

After saying that, Luo Tian no longer stayed and walked away.

Zi Loulan stood there and yelled: “Luo Tian, I will never be grateful to you for sparing me! I will personally take your life the next time we meet! You can forget about getting your hands on my daughter your entire life! Hahaha…”

It was as if she had lost her mind.

Luo Tian clenched his fists under his sleeves as he heard those words. He then said to himself: “Xue’er is my woman and no one can stop us. The woman that I, Luo Tian, wants, no one is capable of stopping!”


Starsea Immortal Sect, Star Platform.

Li Xue’er was crying and smiling at the same time.

She was smiling happily because she was moved by Luo Tian’s words.

There was a man out there desperately making breakthroughs and desperately fighting all for her. This kind of feeling made her really happy.

She was crying because of her mother’s words.

Ever since she was young, she was instilled with the thought that the true dragon Murong Wanjian was the only man in this world that was worthy of her. And she was the only girl worthy of Murong Wanjian. A phoenix and a true dragon was a match made in heaven.

This was the will of the heavens and no one could change it!

But she hated Murong Wanjian.

She hated how his eyes looked down on everyone around him, she hated his haughtiness, and she hated his self-important cockiness. That’s why the days she spent with Luo Tian in Jade Mountain City were the most memorable times in her life.

“Big brother Luo Tian, can I be your bride?”


“Big brother Luo Tian, you’re going to marry me when we grow up, right?”


“You have to come to marry me. You are not allowed to lie to me.”


“Let’s pinky swear!”

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake…”

She remembered the childhood scene very clearly. Li Xue’er had a smile on her face just from recalling her memories. She looked up at the sky full of stars and said with a smile: “Big brother Luo Tian, you have to come to marry me.”

“I will wait for you!”



The talented disciples of the ten great immortal sects were all crushed to death by Luo Tian!

This was the most humiliating incident in all of history for the ten great immortal sects. This was an intolerable shame!

This caused the strength of the ten great immortal sects to greatly decrease. Their karmic fortune all greatly weakened as well.

Those old monsters that hadn’t been seen for ten thousand years all started exiting their seclusion.

They are bound to come out if something bad happens to their immortal sect. Even if they didn’t care about those mundane matters anymore, these were still their disciples and grand disciples. They couldn’t just not do anything about it. Moreover, Cang Tianlong had already sent out invitations to them ten-plus years ago.

An invitation for them to attend the wedding of the true dragon and the young phoenix at Shattered Sky City.

They had to attend.

Something miraculous will appear at that time.

Something miraculous?

What could it be? They all wanted to know!

Within the void.

“How did he cause such a mess in the Tianxuan Continent?”

“This kid cannot be left alive.”

“He has to die. My Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect is not going to spare him.”

“My fellow supremacies, let’s put that little ant Luo Tian aside for now. He won’t be able to cause any waves. In my eyes, he is not even comparable to an ant. What I wanted to speak to you all about is the miracle that’s going to happen.”

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