Undefeatable – Ch779

Chapter 779 – Kill, Kill, Kill, Explode, Explode, Explode

There wasn’t that much strength behind the punch.

Go down!


“Crack~… crack~…”

The sound of ice cracking was heard coming from the Lava Beast’s body. A blue liquid seeped out of where the Lava Beast’s heart was and an intense power could be sensed coming from it.

Luo Tian frowned before shouting: “Move back!”

He then sent the Lava Beast flying with a powerful kick.

The Lava Beast exploded in the air like a blue firework in the dark night sky. It was a rather magnificent sight to behold, and the brightness instantly lit up a large portion of the flat plains. Many Lava Beasts looked up at the sky due to this.


They all woke up!

All the Lava Beasts woke up with a flash of red light in their eyes. The area of their hearts gave off a blue fluorescent light as well.


All the Lava Beasts started moving.

A single step by them sounded like thunder rumbling through the sky. The Lava Beasts looked like an army of ten thousand strong that were all heading together toward Luo Tian and the others. Their speed slowly increased before it turned to a rumbling charge that echoed into the sky.

“Oh crap!”

“Boss, we’re done for this time.”

“There’s so many of them…”

“Even though we found their hearts are their weakness, there’s no way we can kill all ten thousand of these demonic beasts charging at us.”

“Big brother Luo Tian, what should we do?” Everyone’s expression faintly changed as they came closer to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian looked up at the sky.

The moment the Lava Beast exploded in the air, he was paying attention to that powerful blue liquid. He could sense that it was so strong that it was very similar to a Profound God ranker self-destructing their soul. Upon reaching this thought…

The corner of Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a smile as he muttered: “I knew there would be a weakness. In order to kill so many Lava Beasts within ten days, most likely even a supreme expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm cannot accomplish it. Since the system issued such a quest, there had to be a way to complete it!”

Luo Tian furrowed his brow and said: “Everyone needs to fall behind me and follow in my footsteps. You guys don’t need to do anything and just need to watch what I’m doing.”

Since the Heart of Lava contains such a powerful force, then it would be perfect to utilize such a power to kill the Lava Beasts.

Everyone was stunned in confusion.

But no one spoke up and revealed a steady gaze. They clenched their fists as they looked at Luo Tian’s back.

At this time, Luo Tian’s body leaned forward as he said with a smile: “Let’s start this!”

“Level 9 Berserk!”


“Breaking Moon!”


His Profound God 8th rank powers exploded forth as he merged it with Berserk. He then charged out while holding onto a Heart of Lava. One could easily sense the blue liquid inside it was flowing with a super powerful energy.

Jingang was startled by this.

Eggy had charged forward in order to protect Luo Tian.

Everyone else started charging forward like crazy.



The stomping of the ten thousand demonic beast army was like thunder while Luo Tian only had about ten people on his side!

Ten people versus a ten thousand strong army!


This was the definition of strength disparity that was a hundred thousand miles apart! But Jingang and the others had not an ounce of fear because Luo Tian was present. As long as Luo Tian was around, they had nothing to fear. They would have the same feelings even if they encountered the strongest enemy ever.

“Get ready!”

Luo Tian’s fingers dug directly into the Heart of Lava. The blue liquid started expanding as a crazy amount of power surged out. Profound energy flowed through Luo Tian’s arm as he threw the heart out.




The Heart of Lava exploded on impact.

There was an immediate “ding, ding, ding” sound going off.

They were system alerts sounding off in Luo Tian’s mind!

Luo Tian felt like his eardrums were about to shatter!

“Hahaha… Now that’s the song I like to hear! Now that’s such a good feeling! Once this daddy clears out all the Lava Beasts, here I come Profound God 9th rank!” Luo Tian roared inside his heart as he was only two levels from the Profound God Sovereign realm.

No matter what, he had to make those breakthroughs within these few months. He had to step into the supreme Profound God Sovereign realm!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to save Li Xue’er when he goes to the Shattered Sky City.

Moreover, Murong Wanjian might have made further breakthroughs this month as well. Or maybe he had leveled up his true dragon’s bloodline to the great perfection realm and possessed the true powers of a dragon. At that time, he would truly be peerless in the Tianxuan Continent.

If Luo Tian wanted to trample him to death and to show him what the ending is for someone who tries to snatch his woman, he had to become much stronger than him. Maybe even dozens of times stronger. He had to trample Murong Wanjian deep into the ground right in front of Zi Loulan’s face!


A series of system alerts sounded off and Luo Tian’s spatial ring was filled with Hearts of Lava.

He then threw them out like crazy.



This ten thousand strong army of demonic beasts was blocked by Luo Tian alone.

Murong Bai was scared stiff by this.

It was the same with Jingang as he stood there dumbstruck behind Luo Tian. He watched those Lava Beasts keel over before muttering: “My goodness! This is too powerful! This is even more powerful than when I killed those little animals back in my mountain home.”

Eggy chuckled, “The boss is truly the boss. He will always be this handsome, but he’s still a tiny bit away from my looks. Hahaha…”

Leng Hanshuang’s brows quivered as she watched Luo Tian. She felt a slight pain appear in her heart as she said to herself: “Is this how you’ve fought these past two years? You don’t even cherish your life and doing this all for the young missus. Luo Tian, I feel that being your woman is the most joyous thing that has happened to me in my entire life. If I cannot be your wife, I will still be happy being a servant by your side.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi revealed their cute smile, “Big brother Luo Tian, you are the most powerful in our hearts.”

Black Widow smiled charmingly and said: “Sire, can you be this powerful in bed? This one really wants to know… heh heh…”

Luo Tian kept trying to push forward.

Those Lava Beasts kept trying to crush their group.

The first day.

Luo Tian’s arms were numb and he barely had any strength left in them. Jingang came over several times asking if he could give it a try but how could Luo Tian agree to it? These were all experience points to him! If he allowed Jingang to kill them, he wouldn’t get a single point of experience!

Second day.

Luo Tian continued with his killing.

The amount of Lava Beasts had decreased by about ten percent.

The third day, the fourth day, the fifth day…

All the way up to the eighth day.

Luo Tian kept killing and didn’t rest for a single second.

The entire plain was full of rocks. When those Lava Beasts died, their bodies made of rocks would scatter all over the ground. It was piled up into strange shapes and made this flat plain into a rock forest.

On the ninth day.

Luo Tian was still killing with all he had but there were only a few Lava Beasts left scattered around the area.

“I’m almost done killing!”

“It’s definitely an S grade! It’s going to be a big lottery draw of heavenly flames! What I like the most are big lottery draws! Once I get all 108 heavenly flames, I can instantly kill Murong Wanjian the moment he appears. Just thinking about it is making me excited! Hahaha…” Luo Tian laughed out in joy.

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